The inseparables update Monday 4 November 2019


DD says there is a special programme for Virat and Manvi’s engagement and it will be a drama. He says this is Virat and Manvi love story in their words. Pinky Chachi and Chachu start the story saying that there was a beauty from Hrishikesh and a Deewana from Chandigarh. Chachi says their story was never easy and they had to go through many storms to reach the love.

FlashBacks of Virat and Manvi meeting and fighting and becoming friends. Chachi says finally one falls in love with the other, Again FlashBacks of Manvi saying she has cancer and all that Virat and Manvi went through because of this.

Full FlashBacks of Virat and Manvi’s whole story. Manvi and Virat smiling and recollecting everything. Chacha, Chachi and Daboo telling the full story with Big smile.

They say after marriage Virat and Manvi’s story has just started. Enter Viren and Jeevika. They are Virat and Manvi just married. Viren asks for his dumbells. Jeevika comes dressed just like Manvi. Viren asks dedh footiya where are you. Everybody starts laughing in the audience. Jeevika says that don’t call her that.

Viren says why can’t you change now. We are married now and you need to be more wifely now. Jeevika says wifely. He says look at Bhabhi and how she looks after Viren. He says can’t you be more like her. Jeevika says WHAT. He tells her to get tea for him. Jeevika comes in with turkish tea. Virat and Manvi recollects their turkish tea scene. Viren says you will always be akdoo, fighting and so on.

Jeevika says and you will always be a chep,akdoo. But finally they have a romantic hug singing hua kya hua and Viren busy playing the guitar. Virat and Manvi having smiles on their faces seeing this.

Then Chachu comes and says that after 25 years, their love story will be like this- Viren and Jeevika come as an elderly couple and start acting like old Virat and Manvi and seeing this Manvi and Virat feel that they are watching their future. Old Virat is coughing and old Manvi comes in.

They start their bickering and Manvi asks him if he did all his work and ironed her clother and got her slippers repaired?. Virat says yes. He says she is a fraud. She does not have even 10 percent of Jeevika in her, Manvi says so where is he like Viren. He too is a fraud and they again call each other names. Manvi asks for her tea and Virat gives her turkish tea. She says in all these years you never got out of this habit.

Virat says she is his life partner and Manvi says the same and say I Love You to each other. They again try to do the romantic pose while singing Hua Kya Hua but their creaking bones don’t allow them and they start groaning in pain. Scene cuts back to Viren and Jeevika pretending to be old Virat and Manvi and they groan in pain singing together and fall to the ground. Curtains fall and everybody claps and have enjoyed the skit. Manvi and Virat a little shocked by this look into their future.

Inder Chachu says no party is complete without Bhangra and everybody one by one starts dancing. Manvi and Jeevika also join in and Jeevika starts feeling faint. Finally, Manvi notices this and catches her as she falls, everybody gets worried.

Jeevika telling everyone that she is fine now. But Manvi scolds her for not taking care of herself and her pregnancy because of her (Manvi) engagement.

Dadaji tells Manvi that she is responsible for Jeevika’s condition so she will have to stay with Jeevika until Jeevika recovered.

Swamini Bua is upset with Manvi’s staying at the house. The servant mistakenly put Manvi’s cancer report with gifts.
Manvi feels happy to see the gifts and starts to cough. Manvi is shocked to see blood from her mouth and Virat is shocked too by seeing the cancer report in her hand.

Manvi is hurt to know that she will die in less than 2 years. Manvi asks Virat that when he knew about her condition then why he accepts the engagement with her. Virat tells Manvi that he loves her very much and he will stay with her until her last breath. Manvi breaks down and says Virat that she does not want to die and wants to see their wedding and wants to enjoy the whole life.

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