The inseparables update Friday 28 August 2020

The inseparables 28 August 2020: Viren tells Jeevika that they will reveal the truth to the family at the right time when Daddu says that THIS is the right time. Viren-Jeevika shocked to see Daddu at the door.

He enters the room, and begins to counsel them about their so called rift, and tells them to sort it out ASAP. He then asks Viren about a file, who goes off to get it. It is now evident that Daddu hasn’t heard about Jeevika’s health concern. While Viren goes to get the file, he lands up giving the required file as well as Jeevika medical report file to Daddu. Daddu leaves while asking them to come out for dinner. Viren-Jeevika hug, while Jeevika cries.

Daddu is about to peruse the files when he gets a call and gets occupied with it. Maanvi comes to drop something in Daddu’s room when she spots Jeevika’s file. Daddu has his back turned to Maanvi and the files so he doesn’t see what’s transpiring. Maanvi decides to take away the file and hide it before Daddu can spot it.

Swamini is worried and wondering to herself as to what may be going on between Viren-Jeevika, and decides to ask Maanvi if she knows anything. As she walks down the stairs, she spots Maanvi stealthily walking and hiding something. Swamini gets suspicious and decides to confront Maanvi.

Maanvi is in the garden, about to tear off Jeevika’s medical reports when Swamini comes in and confronts her as to what is she doing. Maanvi is shell shocked and hides Jeevika’s file behind her, but Swamini forces Maanvi to hand over the file to her. She then compels Maanvi to tell Swamini and the Vadheras the truth.

Scene shifts to the Vadhera living room where it is clear that everyone has seen Jeevika’s medical reports. Maanvi asks the Vadheras not to react and confront Jeevika-Viren about Jeevika’s condition as they hid the truth because they needed time to come to terms with the truth themselves. She then goes on about how she is the root cause of Jeevika’s current condition. Daddu cuts her monologue and asks Inder to call Viren-Jeevika to come down.

When Jeevika-Viren come down, the family confronts them about hiding the truth from the Vadheras. Daddu and Swamini reassure them that they would always support everyone in the family, regardless of whether they’re in good times or bad times. Swamini then asks Jeevika as to what made her think that the Vadheras would be mad at them if Jeevika can’t conceive. Vanshika reassures Viren-Jeevika that they all would always support Viren-Jeevika, and all they need to do is keep trying. Swamini then goes on about how she can undergo the right treatment and her complications will be solved. Jeevika and Viren are now relieved at the family’s acceptance, and Swamini-Jeevika embrace each other, and soon Maanvi comes and hugs Jeevika too.

By this point, Jeevika has stopped crying but Maanvi is weepy, and Vanshika cracks a joke about how when one sister stops crying, the other starts. Maanvi replies that she is emotional and overwhelmed by all the emotions and what just transpired and hugs Jeevika again, while the others laugh. Virat cracks another joke on Maanvi, while Jeevika thanks Viren for coming into her life, as its cause of him that she has such a loving family.

Jeevika-Maanvi in Jeevika’s room, where the two sisters are grateful and happy about their sheer luck that they have gotten such a wonderful family. Jeevika then admonishes her about worrying about her medical condition, and that her condition is NOT Maanvi’s fault. Jeevika goes on about how everyone’s fate is decided, and everyone reaps the fruit of their karma. Maanvi then smiles and replies how she must have had some awesome karma in her last life to have gotten an Ek Hazaaron Mein Behna like Jeevika, and begins to sing praises about how awesome Jeevika is. Jeevika cuts her and asks her about Virat, to which she replies that yeah, Virat exists too.

Bythis time, the Vadhera bros are at the door and are eavesdropping on their wives’ conversation, and Virat makes a face at Maanvi’s declaration. Maanvi gets emotional and goes on about how no one can take Jeevika’s place in her life; cause what Jeevika has done for her, no one else could have ever done. Virat nods his head sarcastically on listening to this, while Viren smiles slightly. She then adds that she will never be able to repay back Jeevika for what she’s done, when Jeevika shuts her up by calling her a nautanki and dramebaaz.

Viren and Virat enter the room, and Viren mentions how they’ve become artists’ in the sisters’ lives cause whatever happens, the sisters get all the footage and they have to remain in a corner. Maanvi-Jeevika go up to the brothers and mention how all this isn’t easy, and it took a lot for them to belofy so many papads. Jeevika adds that since they can’t even hold a belan, they won’t be able to do all this! Virat grumpily retorts back saying that all the sisters’ keep doing is teasing the poor brothers, who have no time to breathe. Viren then asks Virat to open his laptop, clearly to show something to the sisters.

Viren then tells the sisters that Virat has done a lot of research on IVF. Maanvi asks Viren as to what is IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation), to which Viren launches into a brief explanation about the procedure. Maanvi goes over to peer at Virat’s laptop, and he mentions that he’s downloaded and saved all information related to IVF. Maanvi does a little jig and yells out happily about how her husband is not all that naalayak. She then goes and hugs Jeevika and rejoices over the fact that she will soon become a maasi.

Jeevika asks her not to be so happy soon, and they should wait before confirming anything till its all done. Maanvi replies that all her wishes have always come true, and this wish will come true as well. Virat then jumps up and says that whatever happens, the kid should be nothing like his/her adiyal maasi. Maanvi goes up to him in annoyance and says that if she is adiyal, then he is sadiyal, and he looks like a sada hua aam. He then calls her the sade hue aam ki gutli, and Jeevika interrupts the WWIII between the duo. She says that the kid will come when it has to, but they can’t forget that Maanvi is her first kid, to which the two sisters embrace.

In the middle of the night, Virat is sitting up in bed while Maanvi is fast asleep. He calls out to her, and asks her to wake up as it is urgent. She wakes up blearily and asks him what is the matter, to which he replies that she needs to stop fooling around. Maanvi’s confused, and he asks her that why didn’t she tell Jeevika how important he is to her. Maanvi chuckles and asks him whether he still needs reassurance as to whether or not she loves him, to which he grumpily replies that he does. She hugs him slightly and replies that she will take out all the dhols and scream out to the world how much she loves him, which pacifies Virat. She then asks him to sleep and let her sleep as she herself is half asleep.

Viren-Jeevika are unable to sleep as their anxious about their appointment the next day. Viren reassures Jeevika that all will happen for the best, and asks her to sleep.

The next morning, Virat is woken up by the sun rays falling on his face. He sees Maanvi (with her head covered with a ghoonghat) walking to him, who wishes him a very good morning, and hands him his coffee and the newspaper. He’s stumped for words and overwhelmed by this action of hers and asks her as to what’s going on, to which she replies that she is his dutiful wife, and as a dutiful and loving wife, it is her duty to make her husband’s mornings special. He is staring at her in awe when he is jerked out of his reverie by Tarun/Sundar’s voice. He realises that it is Tarun/Sundar standing in front of him with the coffee and newspaper, while Maanvi is grooming herself in front of the dresser. He realises that its a dream and asks Tarun/Sundar to keep the stuff and go off. He calls out to Maanvi, who turns, but he has nothing to say. She shrugs and walks off, presumably to take a shower, while Virat shakes his head in exasperation.

His phone rings, and it turns out to be a friend called Nitin. Nitin calls him and tells him that he is going out for a 2 day business trip with his secretary, but he’s told his wife that he’s staying over with Virat for some work so he asks Virat to cover for him, as if his wife found out the truth, he’d be single. Virat agrees to cover, but also asks him to stop hiding small things from his wife as it is not good for their relationship. Nitin then tells Virat that he’s sure that his wife must be checking his phone or sniffing him when he gets back from work to ensure that he’s not cheating on her, to which Virat replies that Maanvi does nothing of the sort. Nitin smartly retorts that it means that Virat’s wife doesn’t love him enough. Virat is visibly annoyed and says that his wife loves him a lot, to which Nitin counters and asks him as to why doesn’t she suspect him? Wives are known to suspect husbands, and when they do so, it means they love their husbands. Nitin then keeps the call and tells Virat the fake story he’s told his wife.

Virat is visibly disturbed by Nitin’s comments and brushes them off, as he says that love is based on trust and not suspicion. At the same time, Maanvi comes out and yells at him for squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle and not from the end, and without giving him a chance to respond, she goes back into the washroom. Virat then thinks to himself as to what is up with Maanvi that she keeps yelling him all day. He remembers Nitin’s words, and wonders whether or not Maanvi loves him. He decides to check

Manvi looks around and say there are many ppl wid same problem as jeevika. Foursome are at hospital. Jeevika says Viren looks to tensed. Manvi goes to Virat and asks what they are talking. She asks to leave Viren with Jeevika and Virat says ok. Nurse come out and give Viren a bottle and asks him to go to washroom and give his sample. He feels awkward. Jeevika says we’ll leave if he has a problem. But he replies it’s ok and leave. Nurse takes Jeevika for some checkup. Virman go out. Virat says Viren loves Jeevika so much. Manvi says there is true love between them.

Virat asks about them. Manvi says it’s obvious. They are also a couple right. Virat says ‘m talking about your love. Not mine. Manvi says he’s mad. Their love is the same. Virat says guy’s and girl’s love are different. Virat start questioning Manvi about her love. He asks her to doubt on him a lil bit. She’s confused and asks whether she should not trust him? He says he’s handsome. So he can have an affair with some girl. She finds it funny and asks Virat to go and have some setting with any nurse around. Virat is miffed. Manvi says he doesn’t like nurse right then go with some models. Keep 3 4 galfrnds for passtime. Manvi says he’s mad and leaves.

Doctor tells Virika that treatment‘ll take time. Don’t lose hope. Your dream will be true. Nurse comes and calls doctor and she leaves. Jeevika tells Viren they are gonna be 3 from 2.Viren holds Jeevika’s hand and come close to her and says now he will be a dad.

Virat is walking through the corridor. He thinks to himself. Manvi doesn’t value him. He’ll make her understand his value. When a third girl comes in between us she’ll learn.

Vanshika and Swamini bua are waiting for Virman and Virika. They are all excited about the baby. Dadaji also joins them. Servant comes and says they returned. But they decide to behave normal so that they don’t stress Jeevika. They act like they didn’t see them. And the four wonders what happened. Swamini bua is on phone. Dadaji is reading sth. Finally when they call out. And Vanshika greets them. Dadaji talks to Viren abt some case. Jeevika understands they are just acting as they don’t want to stress her. But she tells them everyone is waiting for the baby. So they can ask anything. And start shooting questions at her. Manvi says she’ll give answers and start telling them. Virat feels Manvi cares for all others but not him.

Virika are having a romantic time at the balcony. He’s hugging her from back and they are talking. Viren shows a shooting star to Jeevika and she wishes for a baby soon in their home. Viren asks what she asked for. But she doesn’t say. But he replies he already knows it.

Virat calls his friend Nithin and says Manvi is a different type of wife. She doesn’t doubt even a bit. But this plan will work. He asks him to help. He says ok. When Manvi comes inside, he starts acting like it’s a gal and starts to talk. He calls him sweetheart. And says they’ll keep in touch. He then goes to Manvi and asks whether she’s jealous. She says she doesn’t listen to others private talks and goto sleep.

Virat feels she’ll check his phone l8r but she’s sleeping blissfully. Virat goes to drink water. Viren is there too. Both think the other is a thief and is about to attack. But they see each other. Viren is tensed about Jeevika. He feels like he should spend a lot of time with her. Virat says their couple is awesome. But his life is boring. There is no romance. Viren says Virat is responsible and he should do sth. Virat decides to do sth to bring back romance in his life.


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