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The Episode starts with Bebe thinking of Amba and Harjeet. She asks Amba to come home if her work is over. Raavi recalls Dhaniya’s words and thinks did Dhaniya’s work got over or not, how to stop Amba. She says we came so far, we will hear song and go. Amba says no, we will go home, Mannu and Sukhi are alone, they are kids, I will go, I will manage them, Raavi and Bebe can stay if they want. She goes. Raavi thinks Amba should start packing her bags now.

Amba reaches home. Suraiyya comes and asks where is Mannu. Amba says he is inside. Suraiyya says Bheeru told me what Dhaniya did, and I heard she is going to get some kid in our kinner group. Amba gets shocked and rushes to see. They see the lock broken and Mannu gone. Amba worries and says my Mannu…. Suraiyya says my doubt was right,

Dhaniya would have taken him, our group is leaving village, we have to rush, it will be tough to find Mannu, everyone will know Mannu’s truth if he joins the group. Amba says no. Suraiyya says I told you to tell Mannu his truth.

Amba says take me to Mannu, he will be worried between them. Suraiyya says come with me. Dhaniya gets Mannu to her place. Champa sees Mannu with Dhaniya. She asks his name. She asks Dhaniya did she ask his parents. Dhaniya says yes and lies. She says his name is Mannu, he has become my good friend. Champa asks did your parents send you. Dhaniya asks Mannu to say, everyone is good here, no one will trouble you. Champa says be quiet, let kid say. Mannu signs no. Dhaniya gets worried.

Mannu says my Papa is not alive, I have just mummy. Dhaniya says you were doubting on me. Champa says a new member will join us, his name is Mannu, bus will come in one hour, hurry up and pack your bags. Dhaniya tells Mannu that they will be free of all limits, we will go far, you can get new friends and you will play with them, it will be fun.

Amba and Suraiyya run. Suraiyya asks Amba to come fast, group will leave soon. Gajri goes to pack tiffin. Mannu tells Dhaniya that he is afraid and feels strange. Dhaniya asks why, everyone is good, did anyone scold you, don’t get scared, go and play with the kids, I m here only. Champa asks Dhaniya to get Mannu’s new clothes and make him ready. Dhaniya says our Guru jiji is very good, she will love you, I will just come, I will not leave you. She goes. Champa smiles seeing Mannu.

Suraiyya says this is the place, don’t go, women can’t go inside, we have to get Mannu, I told you I will always protect Mannu, hide here, I will just come. Suraiyya goes inside and sees Mannu with Champa. She says thank Lord Mannu is fine, I will tell truth to Champa. Dhaniya hits on her head. Suraiyya faints. Dhaniya says no Suraiyya, I will not let you fail my plan. Amba says my Mannu will be alone inside, I have to go to him, he will be scared. Dhaniya gets clothes for Mannu. Champa asks him to go and wear it. Mannu says this is girls’ clothes, I m not a girl, I m a boy. Champa says I know, but this kurta is not of girl or boy, its just colorful kurta, go and wear it. Mannu likes the kurta design and smiles. Amba hides her face and gets inside the place.

She sees Mannu inside some room and dancing with dupatta. She says no, if Mannu knows, he will not understand, he thinks I m his enemy, and Dhaniya is his friend. She sees switchbox and switches down the power. Champa asks them to check. Dhaniya thinks Mannu will be alone, he would get scared, I will go and see him. Mannu says how did power go. Dhaniya sees Amba and does not recognize her. Dhaniya asks her to take that kid and bring him, he would be scared in darkness. Amba goes to Mannu, and takes him.

Mannu asks who are you, your hand looks like my mummy. Amba says I m your mummy, come home. Mannu shouts no, I won’t go back to that jail, I can’t do anything there, I don’t want to talk to you, go from here. Amba cries. She shuts his mouth and takes him. He refuses to go. She asks him to come and runs with him. She hides seeing Champa. The light comes. Dhaniya says someone has taken the kid, he is not in room. They all look for Mannu. Dhaniya says Suraiyya has taken the kid, find her. Amba says I will explain everything, come with me. Mannu says I won’t go with you, I want to be with Dhaniya, just she understands me, no one understands me, Bheeru, Simran and you, you have lied to me. He shouts Dhaniya Didi.

Dhaniya hears him and tells the group to look there. Amba asks Mannu to come. Mannu refuses. She takes him. Dhaniya and her group stop her. Dhaniya says he won’t go, give Mannu to us Amba. Amba takes firetorch from Dhaniya and asks her to come ahead now, I will burn everyone. Champa says I know he is your child, you want to take him back where there is no place of us, we are kinner, we don’t want him to face problems, if your love is true, then let him come to us, his real place is with us. Champa asks Mannu to come. Amba says don’t dare to touch my son, she is my daughter. Mannu and everyone get shocked. Champa and Dhaniya ask daughter? Amba cries and says no one will make my daughter away from me, she is my daughter, not a kinner like you all. Mannu cries.

Amba is crying and saying Mannu is my daughter. Dhaniya says you are acting, what do you mean Mannu is your daughter, whats this new drama. Suraiyya comes and says Amba is saying true, Mannu is not like us, but he is not a boy, he is a girl, I know the truth, Amba has raised her daughter as a boy. Dhaniya says you both are lying, Mannu is kinner, not a boy or girl. Suraiyya says I will beat you, did Amba tell you Mannu is kinner and take him to group, we don’t kidnap children, Champa never told such thing, we get those kids whose parents think they can’t manage kinner kids, you cheated the kid and kidnapped him. Amba and Mannu cry.

Champa gets angry and slaps Dhaniya. Dhaniya falls down. Champa says our community face insult because of you, you give love to kinner kids, Lord will not forgive you, you are not related to our group now. Dhaniya apologizes to her and cries. Champa holds Amba and apologizes. Amba asks Champa for the favor, for hiding Mannu’s truth from everyone, else Mannu and our lives will fall in danger. Champa says don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone, this is kinner’s promise. All kinners including Dhaniya promises of not telling this secret to anyone. Suraiyya smiles.

Champa and everyone leave. Mannu cries and looks at Amba. Amba says this was the truth Mannu, which I have hidden, I was very helpless, I lied to save everyone’s lives. She cries and recalls why she lied. Amba cries.

Mannu says I am not your son, I am your daughter, you said girls are weak, I m weak, I lost in race, I can’t become Shah ever, I m a girl. He runs from there. Waaris……plays……….. Amba sits crying. Suraiyya cries seeing her. Amba says Lord how many tests will you take, I m tired. She thinks of Mannu. She hugs Suraiyya and says what did I do, my daughter will never forgive me, Lord made me helpless. Suraiyya asks her to go and manage Mannu. She runs. Suraiyya prays for Amba.

Amba and Mannu come home. He angrily goes upstairs. Amba cries. Simran asks her what happened, why are you crying. Amba says Mannu got to know the secret. She tells what happened. Simran gets shocked. Amba says Mannu is hurt, if I did not lie, everyone would have died. Simran says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Bebe and Raavi come. Bebe asks not to worry for what thing. Amba and Simran get conscious. Bebe asks Amba what happened, what did Amba do that both of you are crying.

Simran says Mannu was playing with kids in lane, so mummy got him back, he got annoyed. Bebe asks Amba is there anything you want to tell me. Amba says no. Bebe asks are you not hiding anything from me. Amba thinks is Bebe asking about Mannu, no how can this happen. Amba says its nothing like that. Bebe leaves. Raavi asks Amba to think again. Sukhi comes to Raavi. Simran tells Amba that I will talk to Mannu.

Raavi asks Sukhi did Dhaniya come. He asks who Dhaniya….. I slept, I don’t know. Raavi calls him useless. Simran asks Mannu to open the door, I need to talk. Mannu opens the door. She sees Mannu in shock and hugs him. Amba comes there and asks Mannu to talk to her. She says I know you are angry as I scodled you, you beat me, but talk to me.

Bebe comes and asks whats happening. Amba says Mannu got hurt, I m handling him. Bebe says I got laddoo for Mannu from dargah. She says your mum had no sense, don’t know in what work was she busy, don’t cry, you say that man does not get hurt. Amba worries. Bebe asks him to eat laddoos and leaves. Mannu recalls Amba’s words and throws laddoos, shouting I m not a man. Bebe gets shocked.

Amba asks Mannu what are you saying and holds him. She says Bebe, he is annoyed with me and saying such. Bebe asks her to focus on her son than anywhere else, he is becoming ill mannered. Mannu asks Amba to leave him. Bebe goes. Amba asks Simran to shut the door.

Simran shuts the door. Amba says you don’t know why I lied. Mannu says I don’t want to know, you will lie again, you always lied to me, you say lying is bad, you are such a big liar. Amba, Simran and Mannu lie.

Mannu says you heard what Bebe said, man does not get hurt. but I m not a man, I m a weak girl. Amba says no, you are not weak, you are my Shah son. Mannu shouts stop it, you did not let me do what I wanted, you were always wrong, I will tell Biji and entire village that I m a girl.

Amba stops him and holds his hand, asking him to hear the truth, for which I lied such big thing, then take the decision. She says I m wrong and faints. Mannu stops. Simran worries for Amba and scolds Mannu. Simran rubs Amba’s hands. Mannu looks on shocked.

Jagan asks the tailor man does he want to drink wine or not, I want the work done. He gives Charan’s kalgi. The man asks will I get trapped in this. Jagan says no, this Kalgi should get on Harjeet’s Pagdi, someone else will get trapped, hurry up. The tailor stitches the Kalgi to Harjeet’s pagdi. Jagan smiles and thinks Amba show me by getting saved from my plan.

Mannu looks at himself in the mirror and recalls everything. Waaris……plays……………. Amba gets conscious. She holds his hand and he gets away.

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