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The priest does puja. He asks Raj to take rest and then marriage rituals will begin, then you can’t get up. Mohini says we will start rituals right away. Raj gets up and asks did you find out about Preet, she will not come. She says I don’t trust that girl. He says no, Preet lost, I will marry Sakshi, I will sit in mandap after some time. Mannu comes and says you have to keep the promise you made. Amrit smiles. Raj gets shocked. Mannu recalls saving Amba from goons. She says you got my mummy kidnapped. Amrit gets shocked.

Mannu scolds him and says I will not marry you now, you forgot I have seen Shah for 18 years, you marry Sakshi, its your fate that you will get a wife like Sakshi, not me, I will see your marriage and wedding rounds, I don’t want anything else, congrats.

Mohini asks Raj to come and sit in mandap. Rohan asks Simran to wait here, he will just come. Simran asks if anyone catches me then. He says Amrit is my mummy, she will not catch you. She tells about Amba. He smiles and asks her to hide.
Harjeet makes Raj go to mandap.

Raj gets in mandap. Harjeet asks pandit to start marriage rituals. Mannu cries. Mohini smiles and thinks Mannu is crying today, I told her I will kick her out of here. Mohini asks Mannu how did she lose so soon, see the marriage happening, where is Amrit, I m throwing you out, I will throw Amrit out too.

She says why is Mannu not saying anything. She sees some other girl in Mannu’s clothes and asks who are you. The girl says I m a maid, I was sitting here and crying, as Preet gave me money to sit here and cry. Mohini shouts Raj. Raj goes to bride and scolds her for playing such dirty games to win. They get shocked seeing Sakshi. Sakshi asks why do you see Preet everywhere, its me Sakshi.

Raj gets angry and says she is playing a game with me. Mohini says I said because… Harjeet says she can’t do anything, does Raj not think anything else, why did he leave mandap when pandit stopped. He scolds Raj and Mohini. He asks Mohini to get Sakshi in mandap directly, we will see how that girl fails us in our house alone. Mohini stays with Sakshi.

Rohan goes to get food for Simran. Nihaal stops him and gives him wine, asking him to live his life. Rohan does not listen. Nihaal asks you are willing to have food than wine today, none of the guests had food, did you not get food outside, have patience, drink this. Rohan says wives have patience, if you like to keep patience, then keep it. He goes. Nihaal says how did he refuse to wine, he is cooking something. He follows Rohan. Rohan sees Nihaal following and acts to have food. Nihaal goes.

Mohini asks Sakshi to keep ghunghat now and come. She asks Pammi what happened to her. Pammi does itching and jumps. Mohini makes the bride sit in mandap. Pammi does ghatbandhan. They take rounds. Raj sees Amrit and says first round succeeded, where is your bahu, call her, I like to see her lost face.

Raj and Mannu take rounds. Rohan gets food for Simran. He does not find her and gets worried. He runs out. Simran goes downstairs and sees the food. Mannu goes ahead in rounds. Raj asks Amrit to call Mannu and show her, I want to see her lost face. Pandit says seven rounds got completed. Raj says this marriage completed.

Raj says I promise I will keep all the seven vows. He asks Amrit to bless him, as he is her son, and now she is your bahu. Harjeet smiles. Raj says Preet is a bad dream now, its just we here, Preet could not stay in front of me.

Nihaal takes guests to the food stall. Rohan pulls Simran away and asks her why did she come here. She cries and says I thought you forgot to get food, I was hungry. He takes her. Amrit cries. Mohini asks Amrit to give the mangalsutra for bahu. Amrit gives the mangalsutra. Raj makes Mannu wear the mangalsutra. He asks Sakshi not to worry, they both are together, none can come between us.

He asks Amrit to call Preet, I want to show her that I have Bajwas blood, I m doing what I said. He calls out Preet and says I m going to fill sindoor in my bride’s maang, then our relation will get over.
Raj asks Mannu to see him filling sindoor in his bride’s maang. Mannu says I will not miss the chance, I m here. She lifts the ghunghat. Everyone gets shocked. Amrit smiles.

Mannu recalls making Sakshi unconscious and taking her place. Mannu says I told you, real bride will reach mandap, now seven rounds happened, I got mangalsutra, just sindoor is left, fill in my maang. Raj says this marriage will be incomplete, your dream will just be dream. He shows the sindoor and drops in the havan kund. Amrit gets shocked. Harjeet angrily goes.

Mannu says you told me before that I dream a lot, I explained you person should see dreams to fulfill it. She gets a sindoor box and gives Raj. Raj asks why do you think I can’t throw this box. Mannu says I will just count till 3, then you will understand. She counts down.

Police comes there to attend marriage. Mannu says you came on right time, groom was filling sindoor in bride’s maang. Inspector says I did not know you will make me brother and invite me here, my blessings are with you. Raj says its imp for Bajwas respect. Raj fills Mannu’s maang. Amrit smiles.

Raj applies sindoor to Mannu. It falls on her nose. Pandit says sindoor fell from forehead to nose, it means she has good fate. Mannu says we took 14 rounds, you played game before and now I played game, you did that in hatred and I did this in love. Pandit says wedding got completed, you both take blessings from parents. Amrit blesses them.

She says my son does not know differentiating between love and enmity. Mannu asks Raj not to do anything, else inspector will know. Raj holds her hand and asks Harjeet to bless them, inspector is seeing them.

Mannu asks inspector to stay back in evening, they will be glad. Inspector agrees. Raj asks where is Sakshi.

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