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Dayan shouts and says take him and feed to the tiger. The men catch Mannu. Raj says leave him. They push Raj. They throw Mannu to the tiger. Raj shouts no. Mannu sees the place. Dayan laughs.

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Inspector says we got call from neighbor village about a girl. Simran worries did they get Mannu, did they know Mannu is a girl. Swaroop consoles Amrit. Raman sees Simran worried. Bebe asks Simran to come, are you fine. Simran nods. She thinks she can’t tell anyone Mannu’s truth. The men come to Mannu and say once anyone comes here, do not go back. Mannu asks what do you do with kids.

They say we sell them. Mannu says you can sell me if you catch me. He makes them fall and runs. Simran thinks if Amba was here, this would have not happened. Mannu runs back to the kids. Everyone get shocked seeing him.

Mannu says this tiger is fake, I m alive, don’t get scared, there is a room behind the pic, the kids are sold, no need to be scared of this dayan, she is not a dayan. Dayan comes and laughs. The kids get scared. She throws fire on Mannu. He gets saved. Raj says no. Mannu runs. Dayan throws fire on Raj. Mannu gets saved and pours on the stick. The stick does not work.

Mannu says now nothing will come out of it. She asks why, and tries again. Mannu says Raj, I told you this is not dayan, the fire comes from stick by a button, it got damaged by water, they are just three, we are many, she can’t do anything to us, they are fraud. She shouts her men. Mannu asks the kids to run.

The kids run and beat the men. Dayan gets Mannu and says I will not leave you now. Mannu pushes her and breaks the stick. She says you ruined everything and falls down. She shouts to her men. Mannu asks shall I help you. She says yes. He pulls out her gloves and runs. She says I told he is clever.

Amba thinks of lady’s words. Sushila meets her and asks where did you go. Amba lies. Sushila confronts her and asks what are you hiding. Mannu throws the wooden log on the dayan. She screams and gets under it. Mannu says you scared all of us, did you get fine now, I will see your men now. The kids tie up the men and run. Mannu gets the stairs and tears the tiger pic. The kids run from that way. Raj and Yuvraaj also go. Mannu also goes after them. He shows the exit to kids. The kids run out. Mannu gets hit on his head and faints.

Simran cries and worries for Mannu. She prays. Raman says I spoke to inspector, we will get news of Raj and Mannu. She says I could not take care of my sister. Raman says your sister is fine, Raj and Mannu will come home safe, don’t worry, I will drop you home.

The kids come out and are glad to get free and go home, meet their parents. Raj says where is Mannu. Yuvraaj gets Mannu outside. He says the man has hit Mannu, I was there and pulled Mannu, else don’t know what would have happened, we should go home, else dayan will come. Raj asks them to run. Simran comes home crying. Bebe asks where is Mannu, what did police say. Simran says we could not find him, inspector said we can know something till tomorrow. Bebe worries and prays for him. Yuvraaj gets Mannu home and shouts to them. Bebe, Simran and Gunjan get shocked seeing Mannu.

Bebe asks what happened, get up Mannu. They all cry. Later, Mannu gets conscious. He sees everyone. Bebe hugs him. Bebe asks where did you go, we were so worried, you got so hurt. Yuvraaj says your Mannu is really tiger, he has saved our lives, he saved many kids, he did big thing, he saved me. He tells them everything about dumroo dayan. He says Mannu is very brave.

Bebe gets glad and says yes, Mannu is brave. Yuvraaj greets Bebe and says I will leave now. She asks where is your house. He says don’t know, I have no home, I have no one. Bebe asks Simran to take Mannu to room and get haldi milk. Raavi looks on and says Mannu has come back again, Jagan’s plans are such, does he know this or not, I have to tell Jagan. She goes.

Bebe stops Yuvraaj and says you saved this house’s Waaris, our Shah, you can stay here till you want. He says no. She says I can be your Bebe also. He says yes, but how can I stay here, I will find a place for myself. She says fine, but stay here till you find a place. He agrees and smiles.

The Episode starts with Raavi talking to Jagan. Jagan thinks how did Mannu come back. Raavi says he disconnected the call. Yuvraaj sees her and smiles. She asks who are you, you are the one who saved our Shah ji. He nods. He goes after her.

She gets worried and goes. Gunjan cries seeing Mannu. Bebe does his aid and says I will do the aid, go and tell Simran to cook food for him, I will change his clothes. Gunjan goes to Simran and says Bebe is with Mannu, she is changing his clothes, she asked you to change his clothes. Simran gets shocked and runs to Mannu.

Bebe asks what happened. Simran says I will change his clothes. Bebe says I m free, let me do. Simran holds her hand and stops her. Bebe says leave my hand, what happened, Mannu is wounded, can’t I do aid to his wounds. Simran says yes, I was asking you to make kada, Mannu will get fine. Bebe says fine, I will make it, don’t misbehave next time. She goes. Simran gets relieved.

Raj comes home. Amrit, Raman and Swaroop get relieved seeing him. They hug Raj. Harjeet sees Raj and says you came back, maybe he went to have fun, everyone worried as if he died. Amrit cries.

Bebe gets kada. She sees Simran changed Mannu’s clothes. She says you made kada already, why did you ask me to make kada. Simran says this kada is not good, so I told you. Gunjan says mummy came. Amba gives her bag to Gunjan. Gunjan says Mannu came just now. He was missing since two days. Amba gets shocked and runs to Mannu. She asks what happened to Mannu, can’t you take care of him Simran. Bebe says what are you doing. Amba greets her.

Bebe says I understand you, Mannu is Charan’s son, our heir, you sit with Mannu, you came after long journey, take rets, have food. She goes with Gunjan. Amba checks Mannu and cries. She recalls Bebe’s words. She cries her pain. Simran says I understand, but you know what happened today, Bebe wanted to change Mannu’s clothes, I managed everything, calm down now. Bebe asks Amba what happened, is everything fine.

Amba says yes. Bebe says Mannu is fine, he came back home, don’t worry, did you have food. Amba says this happened in my absence. Bebe says yes, we can’t keep kids tied to us. Yuvraaj comes. Bebe says he is Yuvraaj, he is also brave, he got our Mannu safely back home, he has no one in this world, so I told him to stay here. Amba says you did big favor by saving my Mannu, bless you. Yuvraaj says I m also like your son, don’t cry.

Sushila asks Jagan are you done by breaking things. He says I m angry, Mannu came back again. Sushila says what, you can’t do anything, I got Aladin’s lamp, see what I do.

Mannu gets conscious. Amba hugs him and apologizes. He tells everything what happened. He says I will become Shah like Charan. Amba says no, I will not make my daughter a Shah, my daughter lived a lie, why, this dream has no value, its all a cheat. Simran asks what are you saying. Amba says I m saying truth, Charan lied and cheated all of us. Gunjan comes and hears her. Amba says Charan has another family, another son. Gunjan drops the food plate and says no, you are lying, Charan just loved us, not anyone else. Simran shuts the door. She says this can’t happen. Amba cries and says I have seen it by my eyes, that house, pics, we got cheated.

Mannu consoles her. Bebe asks them to come and have food. Simran and Gunjan go. Mannu pacifies Amba and says I can’t believe that Charan can cheat us, forget everything. He hugs her and says you said I can stay as your daughter for one day every month, its that day tomorrow, we will not think of anything and celebrate.

Its morning, Bebe asks Amba why are you taking Mannu out. Mannu says I m fine. Amba says I want to thank Lord, we will go gurudwara. Bebe says fine, go. Amba and Mannu leave. Bebe thinks why is Mannu worried, did Jagan do anything that they are hiding from me.

Raavi says Sushila sleeps for long hours, she waits for Sushila. Sushila thinks I came to become queen and became maid. Raavi sees Yuvraaj and asks what is it. He jokes. She scolds him. He says I will help you in calling someone. She taunts him and goes. Mannu comes and asks Yuvraaj how did he get him here. Yuvraaj says I tied the goons and got you home safely. Mannu asks about his family.

Yuvraaj says my mum died, I did not see my dad, I was very young when he left us. Mannu says even I did not see my dad, he died before my birth, what was your mum’s name. Yuvraaj says her name was….. Amba calls Mannu. Mannu goes. Yuvraaj says Gauri….

Jagan says Mannu has good fate, he got that boy along. Sushila asks him not to get angry and goes. Sukhi comes and asks for money. Jagan scolds him. Sukhi asks him not to beat. Jagan asks him to make Yuvraaj his assistant, then I will give you double money. Sukhi agrees.

Simran asks Gunjan to let Amba and Mannu go, Amba is worried because of Charan’s matter. Gunjan asks can’t I share her pain, you all always share things and don’t tell me, mummy does not love me like she loves you and Mannu. Simran says Amba is worried, no one should know it, if you get annoyed, everyone will ask you. Gunjan gets angry and argues. Simran explains her. Bebe hears them and thinks Amba is hiding something.

Bebe tells Gunjan to give new dress to Simran. Gunjan asks for me. Bebe says wear Simran’s old dress. Gunjan says this is wrong, I also want new dress. Bebe says this is Simran’s prize, she tells me about Amba and Mannu. Gunjan says I will also tell you. Bebe says fine, tell me where are Amba and Mannu going, this is our secret, none should know, promise. Gunjan promises. Bebe thinks I m doing this for my children’s good. Sukhi goes to Yuvraaj. He says Mannu tells me all secrets, he obeys me, I m his elder brother.

Yuvraaj slaps him and says I just hit the mosquito. He makes excuses and beats Sukhi. Sukhi goes. Amba looks on. She says you did not do right with Sukhi. Yuvraaj says yes, but he was troubling me. She says I have seen, but its not good to trouble others, I did not teach this even to my kids, you saved Mannu, that’s why I m telling you also. He says you talk like my mum, I promise you will not get my complaint. She holds his hands and says you are a nice boy.

Gunjan hears Mannu and Simran talking. Gunjan tells the place to Bebe. Bebe thinks. Gunjan asks will you get new dress for me. Bebe gives her dress and sends her. Gunjan happily goes. Bebe says Amba lied to me.

Harjeet comes home. Everyone look on. Harjeet asks a man to cook for him only for him, and not others. He instructs his servants. Amrit tells Swaroop that money is ending in our hands. Harjeet’s heart is not melting for us. Swaroop says he did not change, he will not agree like this.

Raman says we will find some way, we will not take his help, this is only way to teach him the lesson. Amba and Mannu are leaving. Bebe sneezes and stops them. She asks where are you going in hurry. Amba lies. She says when anyone sneezes, one should not hurry to leave from home. Amba says we have to come back home early and leaves. Bebe thinks I think you are lying Amba, I will find out the truth.

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