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They all stand crying while pandit tells them about last rites. Harjeet comes and says its tough situation for them to think who will light the funeral pyre. He pities Bebe. Jagan gets angry and asks Harjeet to leave, I will bury you here. Harjeet says we did not kill her, you lost mother because of your sins.

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Jagan angrily asks him to leave and warns.
Amba asks Jagan not to do anything today, else Bebe’s soul will not get peace. Amba requests Harjeet to leave, its day of sorrow for us. Harjeet leaves. Raman and Raj touch the funeral to pay respect. Jagan looks on. Bajwas leave. Pandit asks Yuvraaj to come and light the funeral pyre. Jagan gets shocked and stops Yuvraaj. He says Yuvraaj will not touch the funeral. Pandit says its grandson’s right. Jagan says he is not grandson. Sushila stops Jagan and says so what, Jagan has right to give fire to funeral. She covers up.

Jagan lights the funeral. Everyone cry. Jagan asks Sushila to explain Yuvraaj not to tell about rights. Its night, Amba and Mannu cry at home. Amba sees Bebe’s pic. Mannu says I have seen someone with Yuvraaj, I heard Jagan getting angry today. Amba says Sushila followed me when I went to Barnala. Mannu says Sushila laid a big trap, I have to find truth, from where this story started. She asks Barnala? He says yes, I will go there. She says I will also come. He says no, I lost Bebe because of some people, they can’t get saved easily, we both can’t do, else they will doubt, don’t worry, Bebe has accepted me, I will find the culprits. Mannu hugs Amba.

Its morning, Amba and Mannu argue. Mannu says I will become Shah. Jagan scolds them and asks them to wait till Choutha. Mannu asks what do you care, I care, I will not stand quiet. Amba angrily slaps Mannu. She scolds Mannu and asks him to agree to accept Bebe’s decision, Yuvraaj is Shah, else you can leave from here. Mannu gets angry and says I will not stay here. Jagan says how did they fight, they got mad. Mannu leaves. Amba asks Simran not to stop Mannu, he will get senses in few days. Yuvraaj goes out and meets a boy. The boy gives him letter. Mannu writes letter for Yuvraaj, asking him to meet him in garden. Yuvraaj goes to meet Mannu. He says I m the Shah, you can’t do anything, find roof for yourself.

He laughs on Mannu and asks him to do what he wants. The Bajwas men catch them. Mannu says wait, we were walking and came here, we will go. The man says if Pavaniyas have come here, we will not leave you, you go and tell family to save Mannu, else forget him, if you don’t come in 10mins, we will beat him a lot. Mannu asks Yuvraaj not to go. Yuvraaj runs. The men laugh.

Sushila asks Yuvraaj why is he telling this, did he come running to tell about Mannu, we will not tell anyone, let Mannu get beaten up, he talks a lot. Raman tells his men that they did good. The man says Harjeet should not know, we did this on Swaroop’s saying. They leave. Mannu thanks Raj and Raman. Mannu says Yuvraaj should think I m with Bajwas. Raman says you have less time. Mannu says 24 hours are enough for me to find Yuvraaj’s truth.

Amba worries for Mannu. Simran asks her not to worry, Mannu is brave, he planned all this. Amba prays for Mannu. Simran says Yuvraaj is coming, you have to show its really happening. Amba thinks I lost Bebe, I will find out who did this, so that culprit gets punished. She stops Yuvraaj. She says I have to respect Bebe’s decision, I accept you as Shah. Yuvraaj says don’t worry, Mannu will come back soon, he won’t be annoyed for long, I m here. She nods.

Yuvraaj goes out singing. He collides with Rohan and argues. He says Mannu is with your men, they caught him, beat him more from my side. Rohan gets thinking. Mannu reaches the house and meets old lady. She asks who are you. Mannu says I m Amba’s son Manpreet, Amba came to find out about Gauri. The old lady says yes, I told Amba that Gauri died two years ago. Mannu asks for Yuvraaj. The lady says I don’t know where he went. He thinks how to find out. The lady says Gauri was nice, her husband left her. Mannu sees another lady inside the house. The lady tells about Gauri’s husband Charan. She goes to get water. Mannu runs inside to see that other lady.

He hides and sees the lady leaving. He gets inside the house by window and finds the lady. He asks are you Gauri’s mum, do you know Charan. The lady says yes. Mannu says it means Yuvraaj is my brother, Charan’s son. The lady says no, Yuvraaj was not Charan’s son, Charan was Gauri’s childhood friend, so he always helped Gauri. When Yuvraaj’s father made Gauri out of house, Charan took care of her expenses, he did friend’s duty. Mannu smiles and says it means Yuvraaj is not my brother, my Papa did not cheat my mummy, you stay here, I will come inside.

Raman asks Simran not to cry, I know time is tough, but everything will be fine. She says when Bebe left, we felt like the connecting link went, but Mannu is young, what will he do. Raman says don’t think Mannu is alone, I promise I will help you and Mannu, I will not leave you both alone. She says we are from enemies families, even then you helped a lot. I don’t know how to thank you. He forwards hand and stops. He says your mummy got alone, you have to be strong, you should go home. She leaves.

People come and get sorrowful for Bebe’s death. Sushila smiles. The lady tells Mannu that a woman from your village came to us and asked us to take Charan’s name and get money. Mannu thinks its Sushila. The lady says I can’t lie about Charan, my sister in law who just went took money and locked me in this house. Mannu asks her not to cry. He asks her to help him. She looks for something. She gives the proof that Yuvraaj is Sunil’s son, Sunil is rich man and could not understand my daughter’s worth. Mannu thanks the lady and promises to come back soon and make her free. She blesses him. Mannu rushes. He gets shocked seeing the lady.

The other lady stops Mannu. She says I knew that Mannu you will come here, you got proof also, so I went to call men to stop you. The men catch Mannu.

The lady burns the letters and leaves Mannu. Mannu gets shocked and sad. He says Yuvraaj is not my brother, Papa did not cheat anyone, how to prove him. He recalls the lady’s words about Sunil. He says yes, I have to meet Sunil and get proof, I will expose him.

Simran and Raman buy flowers and meet. They talk about their grandparents. He says if our families were friends, I would have helped Mannu. She says Manni and Raj are smart. He asks and me? I mean Raj is like me, Rohan obeys Harjeet, he does not want our friendship. Rohan asks men to tell about Mannu. The man says Raman took Mannu, Raj is with Raman. Rohan says it means

they are making some plan. He goes and tells Yuvraaj that Mannu, Raman and Raj fooled you, Mannu is not with us. Yuvraaj says what game is Mannu playing.
Mannu tries to take lift. Sushila slaps Yuvraaj and says Mannu is finding about you. Jagan asks what will we do. Sushila says I have to go Barnala, he would have gone there. Mannu thinks to expose Yuvraaj’s truth soon. Sushila comes to meet lady. Lady tells everything and asks for prize. Sushila smiles.

Mannu takes lift and reaches Amritsar. He goes to Sunil’s home and asks guard to make him meet Sunil. Guard scolds him and asks him to go. Mannu thinks to climb wall.

Its night, Harjeet says it means Raj and Raman are helping Mannu, I will teach them a lesson. He calls Raman and asks when will he start working, you will go city and learn work, you will come back and help me in work. Raman says my studies is going on. Harjeet says I know, I arranged school in city, go and pack bags. Raman worries.

Amba wonders where is Mannu. Simran says we will find him. Sushila tells Jagan that Mannu is smart, he reached Barnala, he will not sit quiet, we should play last game. Call panchayat tomorrow, Yuvraaj will say he is young and wants to study, he wants to make you Shah, then Mannu can’t do anything, we will send Yuvraaj away. Jagan smiles. Guard makes Mannu leave. Mannu thinks how to expose truth. He prays. Simran asks Amba not to worry. Sushila comes and asks Amba did Mannu come home, he is smart and knows to take care, don’t worry, I forgot to say, Yuvraaj called panchayat in morning, he said he will give Shah post to Jagan, he said he is young and wants to study in city, he will give business to Jagan, its good he realized he is not suitable. Amba gets shocked. Sushila goes. Amba says Sushila is making Yuvraaj do this. She goes to talk to Yuvraaj.

She asks him to see the pictures of ancestors, everyone had other way to work, but they wanted peace in village, Jagan does not believe this, I have no right on you to give you advice, but its my duty to explain you, you are doing big mistake to make Jagan Shah, when he gets money and power, don’t know what will he do, you are smart to understand.

Its morning, Simran asks Amba do you think Yuvraaj will agree, panchayat has come. Amba says don’t know, Mannu did not return, if Yuvraaj does not agree, we will leave, I can’t take risk, Yuvraaj is Charan’s cheat, even then his dream matters to me, I tried hard, we will see what Yuvraaj decides now.

Yuvraaj tells Sushila and Jagan that he wants more 5 lakhs to make Jagan Shah. Sushila says we can give 10 lakhs, how to get more 5 lakhs. Yuvraaj asks her to do anything and threatens her about Bebe. Jagan asks what do you know, tell me. Sushila says he is saying Bebe gave him power, I will give him 5 lakhs, don’t worry. She gives him money. They go out. Yuvraaj tells panchayat that he has taken a decision, I m young to manage business, I want someone elder to manage this till I complete study, I want Jagan to manage this.

Everyone clap. Yuvraaj says I want to study, I don’t think anyone else can take this responsibility, no one has threatened me to say this, I m doing this by my wish. Amba gets shocked. Panchayat says Yuvraaj wants to give responsibility to Jagan, so we respect his decision, Jagan will manage business.

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