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Mannu gets a call and comes out of the room. Chandar tells the girls that Mannu is his bride. He says the girls have come to apply me haldi, be ready. Raj looks on. Mannu hides and goes to meet pandit. She asks her to chant fake mantras in marriage, its not right to marry a devil like Chandar. He agrees to her. She thanks him. Rohan says Raj, go and talk to Simran.

Mohini pushes Raj out and says you can’t do anything to make Simran recover memory, you can’t prove I killed Raman, go and see Preet as the bride, you will feel good. Chandar gets haldi applied. The girl says this haldi is for bride now. Mannu worries. Rohan, Simran, Amba look on. Raj throws the haldi away. Chandar smiles and says I will see who stops me.

Raj aims a gun at him and says I will not let you succeed. Mannu says we have no relation between us, go from here. Raj says none can stop me today. Simran looks on. Rohan asks her to recall someone pointing gun like this. Mannu asks Raj why is he doing this. Raj asks her to stop there. Simran comes there and stops Raj.

She says I can’t see anyone dying like Raman. Raj asks her to say who has killed Raman. Simran says Mohini has killed Raman. They all get shocked. Simran shouts Mohini has killed Raman. Amba holds her. Mohini says she has gone mad. Chandar smiles. Amba asks Simran to open eyes. Raj says Simran has told us you have shot Raman, you thought we will not reach here if you don’t let me meet Simran. Mohini denies.

Raj provokes her by reminding what she has done. He shows a shawl and revolver. She laughs and says I didn’t shoot by this pistol, I have killed Raman by sniper. Everyone gets shocked. Raj says you have accepted the truth yourself. Mohini gets tensed and picks the gun. She aims the gun at Raj and tries to shoot. Raj shows the bullets and says guns don’t work without bullets.

Mannu slaps Mohini. Raj asks inspector to come now. Police comes and arrests Mohini for Raman’s murder. Mannu hugs Simran. Chandar looks on. Raj asks Preet to break marriage now. Chandar shows the medicines and calls Simran to him. Simran takes medicines from him. They all get shocked. Chandar asks did you had fun. Chandar laughs and says this drama can fool Mohini, not me, I knew its all a drama, I m the real player.

Amba shows a knife and threatening Chandar. Mannu looks on. Chandar says I do everything perfectly. He calls his goons. Raj gets the gun and points at Chandar. He asks them not to take any step towards Mannu. Chandar asks where is Simran. They all look on. Chandar asks Simran where is she. Simran says I m here and comes. She has a real gun in hand. Amba worries. Simran aims gun at her head. They all get shocked. Simran says I will shoot. Chandar says I have filled many bullets in gun.

Mannu reminds the papers he has signed. He reads the papers and says Chandar is ready to marry mad Simran, so Mannu will also marry Chandar to take care of Simran. Chandar says I m ready to marry you, come. He threatens Mannu and asks them to stop this, no haldi will happen, it will be just marriage. He sends both of his brides. Chandar goes to Mannu. She asks him to send Raj to make her ready, they will realize they are not husband and wife. He agrees. She gets a hope. Chandar asks Raj to make Preet ready.

Raj makes Preet ready. Hamesha tumko chaha….plays… they see each other. Raj says I will not leave you and go. She says I will keep Chandar busy, you go for the sake of our friendship. He goes. The girl comes to Mannu and tells about obeying Chandar. Amba says I will try to save my daughters. Mannu says I think someone has shot Chandar. She sends the girls. She takes Simran. The girls see Chandar fine. Mannu makes Simran run away from window.

Chandar comes and thinks why is this window open. Raj asks Rohan to take Simran and leave, he will not stay without Preet. Mannu says you have won, none can fail you. She asks him to stop till marriage. She gets relieved when he goes. Raj comes. She asks him to go. He says Simran is with Rohan, but Preet needs Raj. She thinks situation changed, now none can stop this marriage.

Chandar asks his man to kill Rohan. Amba thinks to find Simran and save her. Raj asks Mannu to come fast. She asks him to go, Rohan needs him. Rohan and Simran hide and run away. He sees a temple and recalls Amba’s words. Mannu says Chandar can kill Rohan, we can’t lose him, go to him. She sends Raj. Raj goes and thinks Mannu shall wait for his return. She thinks Raj shall come before marriage.

Rohan sees Simran and holds her hand. He proposes her. Simran agrees and hugs him, saying he is her friend. Amba looks for Simran. Mannu comes for marriage and gets shocked seeing some other pandit. Chandar asks what happened, did your pandit not come. He holds Mannu’s hand and asks her where is Simran. He scolds her. Mannu gets tensed.

Amba comes to the temple and shouts Simran. Raj also comes there and sees Amba. Rohan and Simran sit to get married. Raj comes in between. Amba aims gun at him and says I want my daughter back. Raj says no, you shoot me, don’t stop this marriage, I will see who stops this. Amba says history will repeat itself, you fooled my daughter and married her, I will write history today, last time Bajwas lost their young son, this time I will shoot you, you used my daughter for enmity, today my daughter will not get sacrificed.

Raj asks her to see there is no way to save Simran. She says I will not leave anyone today. He says I will see who stops this marriage. Mannu recalls having a poison knife with her. She thinks if Raj doesn’t come, I will not give myself to Chandar. Raj asks Amba to take Simran and leave Rohan. Rohan asks what are you saying.

Amba falls down. Raj fights with the goons. Mannu worries thinking Raj didn’t come till now, will Simran be fine. Chandar gets news from his men that they got Simran, and asks pandit to hurry up. Mannu thinks I will kill Chandar and myself.

Amba fights with Chandar’s men. Rohan and Simran take the wedding rounds, till Amba and Raj get busy in fight. Mannu and Chandar also take wedding rounds. Pandit asks them to take vows. Rohan and Simran’s marriage gets completed. Simran gets glad. Raj asks the men to see marriage has happened, there is no use to fight now. Amba hits on Raj’s head. Raj falls down.

Raj, Rohan and Simran come home. Raj asks Mannu to see, Simran and Rohan got completed, now she is free from Chandar forever. Mannu smiles. She breaks her ghatbandhan. She hugs Simran and thanks Lord. Raj asks Amrit to get aarti. He sees Amrit gone and worries. Raj sees Chandar gone too. He says did Chandar kidnap mummy?

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