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Amrit does tilak to girls. Amrit sees Mannu and says I have seen you somewhere. Ganga comes and compliments Amrit’s house. Amrit says thanks, we decorate temple every year by love, Mata Rani bless us. Mannu worries. He stops the lady from applying Alta. Ganga says maybe she gets tickles. Ganga asks Mannu to do main work, this color will fade with time. Komal sees Mannu’s wig coming out and rushes to help her. Harjeet asks is everything fine. Komal says yes, kids can’t manage lahenga. Amrit says all little girls are Mata’s avatar. Komal signs Ganga. Mannu starts acting of stomach ache. Ganga says take her inside. Amrit says I will give medicine and takes Mannu. Mannu smiles and signs Ganga. Harjeet doubts and goes to see.

Ganga signals Komal. Komal acts to fall over the chair. Harjeet stops and comes back. He asks what happened. Komal says nothing, I fell down. Amrit says I will give medicine and your pain will go, there is no water, I will get it. Mannu stops Amrit and removes wig and dupatta. Amrit gets shocked and says Mannu. She shuts door and window. She asks what are you doing here, what does this mean by coming here like this. He says I want my mummy to get justice, save my mummy, else my Bebe will make Amba leave house, help me.

Amrit says I can’t help you, if Raj’s Papa knows, you don’t know what will happen. Mannu begs her for help. He says you know complete truth, please save my mum, else we have to leave this village, I will never trouble you, please save Amba, if you tell Bebe the truth, everything will be fine. Amrit cries and recalls Raj and Raman’s words. Harjeet comes inside the room. Amrit and Mannu get shocked seeing him.

Amba packs the bags. Simran says where did Mannu go. Amba says its good he does not come home, else don’t know, what will happen, come we shall leave. She asks them to come. Raavi taunts Amba and says its good you are leaving, give address if you get any house. Jagan smiles. Amba cries and goes to take Bebe’s blessings. Bebe moves her feet away and says don’t come back to show your face. Raavi smiles.

Amba says I m leaving my mum’s house, I m very unlucky. Amba gets her bag. Mannu comes and opens the door. They all get shocked seeing Mannu dressed as a girl. Bebe asks Mannu what did you wear, anyways, if Amba is staying separately, she can stay as she likes. Mannu says we are not going anywhere, look there. Bebe and everyone see Amrit at the door. They all get shocked.

Mannu asks Bebe to see Amrit. They all get shocked. Amrit recalls how Harjeet came inside room and Mannu has worn dupatta. Amrit takes Harjeet’s permission to drop the girl to her house, as girl is unwell. FB ends. Jagan asks what is Amrit doing here. Mannu says she has come to say truth. Bebe asks what truth. Amrit says I have come to say Amba’s truth, there is no relation between Harjeet and Amba, Amba is pure like Ganga. Bebe asks what do you mean.

Amrit says the Kalgi reached Harjeet’s Pagdi by Dhobi, not Amba. Amba smiles. Amrit says this enmity is such, Harjeet knows truth and does not want to tell you truth, as he is glad seeing you all in pain, but its strange that Pavaniya does not need any external enemy, what can be reason that Jagan did not think before spoiling Amba’s respect. Jagan shouts. Amba asks Jagan to stop it, its Navratri’s days, if you raise hand on woman, then your state will be worse. Bebe asks Jagan. Jagan says Amrit is lying, she is Harjeet’s wife, she is saying this to save Harjeet, don’t know what did Amba do this time. Mannu stops Jagan and says I got Amrit here.

Jagan asks Amba to stop it, you can’t hide your sins, proof is needed, such stories can’t help. Bebe asks Amrit can you prove whatever you said. Raavi smiles. Mannu says we had proof, a video in which Jagan and the Dhobi were talking, but Harjeet has that video. Jagan asks Bebe to see stories. He says Amba can’t get saved now by this story, you cheated Charan’s soul. Amrit plays the video and shows Bebe. Jagan gets worried. Bebe and everyone get shocked.

Amrit says I came to your house 7 years before to ask for Swaroop’s happiness, but Jagan misbehaved with me, and today he spoiled Amba’s respect, my husband has many bad things, but he did not spoil Amba’s respect, he did not touch Amba. Jagan says enough of nonsense. Bebe stops Jagan and slaps him. Bebe says I trusted Amba a lot, you broke my trust, did you do this, you were little when she got married and came in this house, she loved you as a mother, how did you ruin her respect, how will I show face to Charan when I die, you made me a sinner, forgive me Amba.

Bebe cries. Amba says no need to apologize, you are my mum. Jagan angrily leaves. Mannu touches Amrit’s feet and hugs her. Amrit goes to Bebe and says I will leave now, I m glad that I could help Amba, your son showed me the right path. She tells Bebe that she did what she could, and requests them not to tell this to Harjeet. Amrit wishes every mum gets a son like Mannu. Mannu asks Bebe is Amba a maid now. Bebe says no, she is elder bahu, Shah’s mum, let Jagan come, I will declare his decision. Raavi worries. Mannu smiles.

Amrit comes home. Harjeet asks from where are you coming. Amrit says I told you, I went to drop the girl. He asks whose girl was she. Amrit says her mum got worried and I got late to pacify her. He says fine, I m going out, I will come late. He leaves. Raj and Raman come and ask Amrit did you help them. Amrit says truth won, their respect got saved. They get glad. Rahul hears them. Amrit asks Raj not to tell anyone.

Mannu tells Amba that your daughter did this, not a son. Amba asks Charan to see, my daughter did this, she is my heir. Mannu hugs Amba. Simran and Gunjan come and ask Amba to make something for them. Amba asks them to arrange the things back in cupboard.

Mannu sees the alta marks on his feet and says I can stay as boy always, but can I just live my way like a girl, one day in a year. Amba hugs him and says I will fulfil your wish, but Gunjan should not know, don’t tell her, I don’t want anyone to know. Mannu says I won’t let anyone know, this is my promise to you. Amba dances with Mannu and hugs him.

Jagan is on the way and thinks Bebe slapped me because of Amba and Mannu, I will not leave them. Harjeet comes in the way. Jagan asks Harjeet to manage his woman. Harjeet says your house women are defamed. Jagan says I know you have done this trick, you don’t control your wife, she has come to my house to save Amba’s names, the woman who does not regard her husband anything, that house gets ruined. Harjeet recalls Amrit’s words. Harjeet goes. Jagan shouts go and hide in your wife’s pallu.

Harjeet comes home and asks Rahul where is Amrit. Rahul says she is with Raj, mummy said she saved someone’s house respect, Raman, Raj and mummy were happy as if they won some war, Raman went out. Harjeet gets angry and goes to Amrit. Amrit asks Raj is he happy. Harjeet scolds Amrit for lying to him and takes her. Raj worries and goes after them to stop Harjeet. Harjeet takes Amrit to room and beats her. Raj falls on the way and cries.

Amba makes Mannu dress like a girl and they play in the garden. She makes Mannu enjoy the swings. They smile. Raj hears Amrit’s screams and crawls to the room. Amrit cries. Harjeet opens the room door and leaves. Raj sees Amrit beaten up and asks her not to cry. He reaches Amrit and consoles her. He says I don’t like when you cry and hugs her.

The Episode starts with Bebe stopping Jagan. She says this is not Dharamshala. Raavi cries. Jagan asks what do you mean to say. Bebe says its clear, you blamed Amba and asked her to leave the house, blame was proved wrong, so you should be punished now. Jagan says Mannu asked me to leave dream to become Shah, I left my dream. She asks will you follow a kid now, after doing so many crimes, there is no place for you in this house. Jagan asks how will women run home without me.

Bebe asks are you man, you cheater, you went to defame Amba for your greed, you are a creep, so I m making you leave, I have a man in my house, my grandson, my heir. Waaris……plays………… Bebe says I have this pind Shah in my house. Jagan says you are doing big mistake. Bebe says I was doing mistake by believing you, by not listening to Amba, but now I m doing right, get out of my house.

Raavi cries and asks where will Jagan go at night, forgive him Bebe. Bebe throws Jagan outside the door. Amba stops Bebe and says don’t do this, else our house will break. Raavi goes and hugs Mannu. Bebe says he insulted Charan and you. Amba says yes, but this would have not happened if Charan was alive, he is my culprit, I have forgiven him, no family goes ahead without all members, I know you will be hurt doing this, I request you to forgive Jagan.

Bebe asks Jagan to see, Amba is asking me to forgive you, you can stay here on her pity, I value justice, my justice did not get over, I told you just one man will stay here, that’s my Shah, but we need a servant in this house, you can stay here as a servant. Jagan and Raavi get shocked. Mannu laughs. Bebe asks Amba to respect her, else I will think you did not forgive me. Amba gets quiet.

Bebe says Jagan, your job starts today. Raavi cries and holds Bebe’s feet. Bebe says leave me, fine, you do his entire work, you are his wife. Raavi says I m pregnant, how can I do work. Bebe tells Jagan that every woman is not Amba, who can stand on her husband’s ethics after his death, Jagan you have to bear your sins burden alone, so its decided that Jagan will do all the work, I have spared Raavi as she is pregnant. Jagan fumes.

Raman comes and meets Amrit. He sees the wounds and asks how did this happen. She says I collided with cupboard while arranging clothes. Raj says no, mummy is lying. Amrit asks Raj to be quiet. Raman says Papa did this right. Amrit, Raj and Raman cry. Raj says we told mummy that we are her sons and will support her, but we could not do this. Raman gets angry and goes to Harjeet. Harjeet is drinking and asks what happened, why did you come. Raman asks did you beat my mummy.

Harjeet asks him to be in his limits, else…. Raman asks what will you do. Harjeet says did you see your mum, I will beat you too. Raman says don’t raise hand on her again. Harjeet slaps Raman and Raman falls on the bed. Harjeet scolds him and says now your mum is sending you, she is my foot shoe, I will crush her and her sons. He asks Raman to leave. Raman stares at him. Harjeet holds his collar and asks what are you staring, I will beat you. Raman angrily defends and slaps Harjeet. Harjeet falls on the couch and gets shocked. Swaroop comes and takes Raman along. Harjeet says I will not leave him.

Mannu asks Amba is she not happy. Amba says I m not happy, I m worried that Jagan will get more revengeful. Mannu says it happened right, is time for Jagan to cry, as he made you cry, Bebe did right. She asks him not to do anything. He says don’t worry, I won’t do anything.

Its morning, Amba says I have to give tea to Bebe. Mannu says today Bebe wants tea by someone else and asks her to sleep. She hugs him. Bebe throws water on Jagan, Raavi and Sukhi. They wake up and get shocked. She asks where is my tea, get up. Raavi and Sukhi rest. Jagan says I had to see this day, when fate has got bad, no plan works. Raavi asks Jagan to get tea for her also. Jagan goes to kitchen and blames Amba for all this. Mannu looks on and tells Gunjan that we will trouble Jagan now, as he troubled Amba and Simran.

Gunjan says mummy should not know it. They make plans. Mannu puts fan and increases Jagan’s works when Jagan is cleaning the floor. Mannu fans air and messes the floor again. Bebe comes and asks whats all this, clean it fast. Jagan holds his head and sits. Mannu and Gunjan look on and smile.

Jagan sits washing the clothes. Mannu troubles him and keeps undergarments. Bebe asks whats this. Sukhi asks Jagan to wash his undergarmens too. Jagan goes to bath. Manni and Gunjan try to switch off the tap. Simran sees them and laughs. She helps them. They stop the water supply and dance. Sukhi asks Jagan to come out, he has to go to loo. Jagan says water got over, get water. Jagan shouts to Sukhi to get water. Mannu adds color in the water. Jagan pours the color water on himself. Sukhi laughs seeing him. Jagan gets angry on him. Mannu, Gunjan and Simran laugh and hide.

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