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Harjeet sees Rohan drunk and slaps him. He scolds him. Mohini says I was waiting for this day. Nihaal argues with Rohan. Harjeet says Nihaal is my son, he will become Bajwas Shah. Mohini and Nihaal smile.

Rohan says great, I have drunk wine and Harjeet looks drunk, you came from jail four days back and Harjeet wants to make you Shah. He says I m Harjeet’s son. He asks Harjeet how can he do this getting in their words. Harjeet asks men to throw Rohan out of home. Rohan says you are doing big mistake. Men take Rohan. Harjeet goes. Mohini smiles.

Nihaal asks Rohan to come home. Rohan says leave me. Raj and Mannu pass by and stop seeing them. Rohan says its my home. Nihaal says wait for 2 days, let me become Sahh, then I will see you. He raises hand on Rohan. Raj stops Nihaal. Nihaal asks him to leave. He says Rohan is m brother, even when he is not my own brother, we have a relation, many times, own blood relations are not together, who is Rohan to you, is he your brother that you are interfering. Mannu asks does Nihaal know Raj’s truth. Raj pushes him away.

Nihaal takes a stick to beat. Raj stops him and takes the stick. Nihaal gets away. Raj talks to Rohan. Nihaal says he started walking and flying now. Raj takes care of Rohan. Nihaal goes. Mannu goes to Raj and asks did you hear what Nihaal said, he knows you are Raj Bajwa, I had doubt before, but now I m sure, he said Harjeet will make him Shah in 2 days, go and tell everything to Harjeet. Raj says you think of yourself, like you want to fight your own war.

Mannu says its your house, your dad, your rights, enmity will increase if Mohini and Nihaal get everything. Raj says you go and tell Amba your truth, then I will tell Harjeet my truth. He asks Rohan to come.

Mannu writes a letter to Harjeet that Raj is your son, he is not handicapped, just look around, you will find him. Postman comes home. He says I came to bless Gunjan and handsover some posts. Mannu gives the wedding cards and asks him to come in marriage. Amba goes. Mannu keeps letter in between cards. Amba asks Mannu to sit. She says don’t forget why you got punished. She reads the well wisher’s letter, that Mannu’s truth that she is a girl is known to me, are you worried that secret will come out, you can’t hide this truth, Mannu will tell truth to the world herself. Amba recalls Mannu and gets shocked.

Mannu sees Raj. She thinks to tell Raj about letter, maybe Harjeet understands after reading the letter. She goes to Raj and says I need to talk. Gunjan asks Raj to go fast. Amba asks someone to come. Everyone get shocked seeing some people. Amba asks them to come inside. She says this is Sharma ji, his wife and daughter. She introduces her family. Jagan asks who are they, whose Samdhi are they becoming.

Amba asks him not to murder, they are our would be Samdhi, I decided to fix their daughter’s relation with Mannu. They get shocked. Jagan says come for a second. Amba goes with him. Jagan says they look poor, Mannu is Shah, he will get any relation. She says trust me, I m doing this for good, come. Amba says Mannu does not even talk in front of me, will you get such guy anywhere. She says I called pandit to get mahurat. Mannu and Raj get worried. Raj goes.

Harjeet gets the letter. Servant gets files. Harjeet keeps letter back. Mohini comes and sees letter for him. She checks it. He asks her to give letter, She says its Nihaal’s college letter. He says fine. She tells Nihaal that Raj chose this way to enter home, its good I read this letter before Harjeet. Nihaal says I will go and see him. She says not this way, you have to become hero in Harjeet’s eyes, we have to make Raj fall in Harjeet’s eyes, so that Harjeet never accepts him.

Pandit tells about the kundlis matching. He tells the mahurat for marriage. Raavi gives sweets to everyone. Mannu and Raj worry. Raavi talks to them. Mannu thinks what’s Amba doing, how can this marriage happen. Mannu talks to the girl. The girl says I feel myself lucky to get a husband like you. Raj gets snacks for them and asks them to have it. He says everyone does not get such a husband, and taunts Mannu. He says our Shah ji is a girl, not guy. The girl looks on. Raj laughs and says I was joking. Mannu leaves.

Raj goes after Mannu and asks don’t you understand, leave all this and come with me, marry me, we will go somewhere far from this dirt, its not time to be quiet, three lives are at stake, because your mum has to keep her fake prestige, maybe you like to serve her, none has right to ruin that girl’s life, are you listening, marry me, we will go far, we will be happy. Mannu goes. Gunjan looks on and goes to Mannu. She asks what did you think. Mannu asks about what. Gunjan says I don’t think he said right, I want to know your decision.

Mannu says I don’t know, I m not able to think anything. Gunjan says you have to think as Preet, you have to decide, you have seen mummy, she has fixed your marriage today, I did not say yes for marriage till I saw my happiness, think, it will be very late. Mannu says this is not a game to toss coin and decide. Gunjan says your life is a game, Amba used to decide till now, now this coin will decide, your wish was never included, if heads come, you will live as a girl, if its tails, you will live a lie. Mannu gets shocked. Gunjan tosses the coin. Mannu wishes heads to come.

Gunjan tosses the coin and ask Mannu what life she wants to live. Mannu says heads. Gunjan smiles. She throws the coin. Mannu says you did not see the outcome. Gunjan says it does not care you, you chose heads, you decided for your life, you can decide for yourself now, I m very happy, you will live life as you want, I got my sister. Mannu cries and hugs her.

Amba gets a note again. She reads…. you played a good game by acting of marriage, anything can happen in one month, maybe Mannu accepts truth in front of everyone, maybe she falls in love with a guy. Amba says no, Mannu can’t do this, how are the letters coming here. She reads… don’t try to find about me, focus on your daughter, truth will come out in front of everyone. She worries.

She goes out and shouts Jagan. Mannu says I need to talk. Jagan comes. Amba says Jagan. Mannu’s marriage will happen today itself, along with Gunjan’s marriage, engagement will happen right now. They all get shocked. Jagan asks will we do his marriage like this, without any arrangements. Amba asks what arrangements, family is here. Raj comes and looks on. Amba says just one more mandap is to be made, start preparations. Raj angrily goes.

Raj asks did you see Amba’s truth, she can go to any extent to prove herself right, I did all this to show truth, I wrote all this to show you. Amba comes there. Raj hides the notepad. She asks him to come with her to market, they have to do arrangements. Mannu stops Amba to talk. Amba says we will talk later, go and do arrangements for marriage. She gets a call. Raj asks Mannu to see Amba’s truth, do something, don’t spoil three lives. Raj and Amba leave.

A man looks on and informs someone about Raj. Mohini sees Raj and Amba and stops them. She asks why did you change way seeing me. Amba says I m busy, move away. Mohini holds her hand. Amba pushes her. Nihaal holds Mohini. He says how did you push my mum. He pushes Amba. Raj holds Amba. Mohini thinks where is Harjeet.

Raj asks Nihaal to apologize to Amba. Nihaal says I won’t. Raj raises hand. Amba stops him. Harjeet comes there. Mohini starts drama and says you fight with us always. Amba says I have no time for all this. Raj leaves with Amba.

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