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Bebe pushes Amba on the ground. She kicks out Amba from the house. Amba says this is a lie. Simran and Gunjan come and worry for Amba. Bebe says don’t dare, I will throw everyone out of here. She asks Jagan to kick out Amba. Mannu comes there and asks them not to dare doing this. He says if anyone touches my mummy, I will not leave them, this is command of Pavaniya’s Shah. Amba gets shocked. Mannu holds her.

Mannu says if anyone touches my mummy, none will be worse than me. Raavi says now we had to see this, Amba has ruined our respect and now Mannu has come, your mum has stained our family. Bebe says Mannu, I will tell you, you don’t know anything. Mannu says no one will say anything about my mummy. Amba, Simran and Gunjan cry and look on.

Mannu says no one will say anything against my mummy. Jagan tells Bebe that Amba is not Charan’s wife, don’t know since when is this going happen, we have seen her true face today, I m getting question in heart that is Mannu Charan’s child or of Bajwa. Mannu shouts Chacha ji, I m Shah, I explain justice like my Papa ji, till the blame on my mummy is proved, till then she is innocent.

He promises Bebe that he will prove his mummy innocent. Bebe looks on. Mannu asks Bebe to agree to Jagan or him, think well and decide, remember Jagan is same Chacha, who fixed my sister’s marriage with a bad man, and I proved that Chandar is not suitable for my sister. Amba happily cries.

Mannu says the most important thing, I am son of the eldest son of this house. Jagan gets shocked. Mannu says you can lose your heir by these talks. Bebe looks at him. Jagan says Bebe, now will we hear this little kid, we won’t hear Mannu, we got all proof. Bebe stops Jagan. She says Mannu has spoken like Charan today, fine I will let Amba stay in this house on one condition, she will stay here as a maid till she is proved innocent. Mannu says decisions are not done half, she is Shah’s mum, she will not stay as maid.

Bebe says but her character has stain. Mannu says I m Pavaniya’s Shah, I swear to prove my mummy innocent in ten days. Jagan laughs and asks what if you don’t get proof in 10 days, do you promise you and your family will leave from this village and never come back. Mannu says I agree, and what if I succeed then….. condition is not one sided Chacha ji… if I don’t do this, I will leave with everyone, I will leave from this village, but if I do this, then you will have to forget thing that you will become Shah.

Jagan fumes. Mannu stares at him and asks Jagan to say, does he agree. Jagan says I agree. Bebe looks at Mannu.
Mannu goes to Amba. He asks Simran not to worry, your brother won’t let wrong happen with anyone. He holds Simran and Amba’s face. He takes Amba, Simran and Gunjan inside home. Jagan and Raavi get upset.

Amba talks to Lord and asks what did this happen, such a big blame on me, question is raised on Mannu’s existence. She tells Charan that she has never seen anyone, I still love you, you are infront of my eyes even today. Mannu consoles her and makes her drink water. He asks Amba not to be scared, your Mannu has come back, I will make everything fine. Amba says no, you don’t need to get into this, I lost my husband in these things, I have bear everything and never complained.

Mannu says you have always told me that I m Pavaniya’s tiger, I m your son, I m Shah, then why are you asking me to become weak, you took decision for me to make me heir of this house. Amba, Simran and Gunjan cry. Mannu says now I will fulfil your decision, I know what you have hidden, but its imp for me that I prove you right, but what Chacha ji said, I did not understand meaning, what happened.

Amba says your Papa’s Kalgi is with Harjeet. She tells everything. Mannu and everyone hug Amba.

Jagan asks Bebe whats happening. Amba’s character is bad. Bebe says she is my eldest bahu, Mannu said till blame is proved, she can’t be called a culprit, my grandson has said a big thing. Bebe is drunk. He says but I have seen Amba with Harjeet. She says I just gave 10 days to Amba.

Jagan says Amba should not have right to sign, if she changes then… Bebe says she had 7 years to change, would she not change if she wanted, I have seen everything, but my heart says Amba can’t do this, Mannu will prove Amba innocent, anything else…. Jagan leaves.

Mannu says how did Harjeet get Charan’s Kalgi. Amba says yes, they blamed me that I gave Kalgi to Harjeet. Mannu asks can’t we go to Harjeet and ask. Amba says no, they blamed such bad thing, it won’t get clear if Kalgi comes back, this is women’s fate, man does not need to give any proof, and woman shouts and says she did not do anything, even then she is unheard, this is woman’s bad state, they took me back in this house, as you said, you are a son, their house’s heir, if you said you will prove this, they will believe you, if Simran and Gunjan said this, Bebe would have kicked me out.

Mannu says I will go to Bajwas. Amba says no, you don’t know their deep enmity, if Bajwas and Pavaniyas are in same room, they kill each other. She recalls Jagan’s words. She says Jagan gave me phone to talk, and said doctor called me at hospital, it means Jagan has done all this.

Jagan gets angry as Mannu spoiled things. Raavi asks why did you hurry for sign. Jagan says its necessary to get sign power, I have to go to Amba to get her sign, I know she won’t sign, as that work will stop water in 50 fields, but if I don’t get this work, I will not get anything, if I get this work, I will get everything and also Shah post.

He asks if Mannu proves Amba innocent… Jagan says he can’t, he does not know where are my men, he is just 7 year old, mother-son Jodi will become strong, Raavi we have to break them. Raavi says don’t worry, I will not leave Amba, she will sign where you say.

Mannu says it means someone in hospital is supporting Jagan. Amba says I will go hospital now. Bebe asks them where are they going. Mannu says my mummy is not wrong, I m going to get proof. Bebe says great, you are in hurry, Amba has ruined respect, you prove her innocent alone, Mannu you can go alone, your mum can’t go.

The Episode starts with Mannu going to Amba. He asks her not to worry, I will go to hospital tomorrow and find out who is helping Jagan. Amba cries and says Mannu, my daughter, come to me. Mannu runs to her and hugs. Amba says I was eager to hug you like a daughter, when I went to fair, I used to buy green bangles and earrings for Simran and Gunjan, when I saw you, I used to think if my Mannu wears this, she will look beautiful, I used to gets scared to think so, as you had to become Waaris, but today you are infront of me.

She says you are so lovely Manpreet, I can live with this stain forever, but if anything happens to you, I can’t forgive myself. Mannu says you saved me for 7 years from the world, they all know I m your son, I will stay as a son, everyone say a son can do anything, I will become your son, you were my shield, now its my turn to become your shield, the Shah whom you gave birth. Amba hugs him and apologizes.

He gets his bag and says you did not wish me to play with the dolls, so I used to hide this and play, now I don’t need dolls, I m not a girl, I m a boy, throw this. Amba cries and hides dolls. Mannu says now you see I will become such boy which you wanted. She cries and says my Ladli, my Rajkumari…. Simran and Gunjan come there, and they all hug.

Its morning, Raavi tells Amba that she will manage cooking. She sends Amba to fill water. Raavi thinks to make Amba slip. She makes the wooden stick come between. Amba falls and Mannu comes to hold her. Raavi looks on. Mannu says whatever you do, my mummy will never fall, not on floor and not in everyone’s sight. Bebe comes and asks what happened. Amba signs Mannu not to say. She says nothing Bebe, I slipped. Simran comes to clean floor.

Bebe says you are eldest and understanding, this matter should not go out, if I hear anything outside, I will break your legs, no talk of home should become gossip outside. Raavi says I will make parathas for you Bebe. She goes.

Mannu tells Simran that he will go to hospital. They are on the way. He says we will meet here later. Sukhi tries to her them. Simran asks him to take care. Sukhi runs. Simran wonders what happened to him. Sukhi comes home running. Jagan asks what happened to you, drink water.

Sukhi drinks water and says you asked me to inform you if Mannu does something, he did not go to school. He asks where did you go. Sukhi says I came here running to inform you, I don’t know where did he go, give me lollypop, I got news for you. Jagan says I will beat you, you go and ask your mum. Sukhi says I have to climb stairs now, and goes. Jagan says he got half news, where did Mannu go.

Simran sees Raman and recalls Jagan’s words. Raman apologizes to her. She asks him not to talk to her again. He asks why is she angry. She goes. Mannu reaches hospital and says I have to find that man now. Jagan is there at hospital and thinks Mannu did not go school, he would have come here to find out.

Mannu hides and thinks I will know who is supporting Jagan. Jagan misses to see him. He thinks I should not meet clerk, else he will know clerk is with me, there is no reason to meet now. He goes. Mannu says Jagan did not meet anyone and went, what shall I do now.

He thinks I have to prove my mummy’s innocence, I need to play a trick now. He gives the note and asks him to help. The ward boy asks the staff does anyone have to take this letter from Jagan Pavaniya. The clerk comes and says Jagan Pavaniya has sent this, it will be mine. Mannu says no, I don’t think so, Jagan said that man did big work, I can’t give this to wrong man.

The clerk says you don’t know me, I did big things for Jagan. Mannu asks his name. Clerk says Nehal. Mannu says no, Jagan said some other name, you are not that. He smiles and runs from there, as he found out clerk’s name. He says now Jagan will see how I get my mummy out of this.

Mannu goes to shade and thinks what did Nehal do for Jagan. Raj comes there. Mannu starts leaving. Raj asks are you annoyed that I asked you to leave, if anyone knew, we could have never met in life, everyone was there. Mannu says I understand, I don’t have time, I need to do big work. Raj sees board and asks how is this related to my Papa. Mannu says you won’t understand. Raj says try once, I trust our friendship, maybe you don’t. Mannu says your Papa has my Papa’s Kalgi on his Padgi, and then…. He tells everything what happened at home.

Raj says but how did my Papa’s pagdi got that Kalgi. Mannu says just your dad can tell us, will they help. Raj says I don’t think so. Mannu says I will take Nehal infront of Bebe and make him say truth, I know he told your Papa about tender, then the blame on my mummy will be cleared. Raj says you are talking like men, we have to make plan and do this, we will be together in this, you are not along, Suraiyya said our strength get double if we are together and none can fail us. They shake hands and smile.

Jagan asks Mannu from where are you coming, you missed school, I know. Mannu looks at Sukhi. Jagan says if you can’t study, help me in work, give that tyre to me. Mannu thinks if I can’t lift tyre, Jagan will doubt that I m girl. Amba was stepping out of house and stops by recalling Bebe’s words. Jagan asks Mannu does he have no power, come on give tyre, its not your mistake, your mum has given birth to two girls and you are born weak, you don’t have brother, Amba knows to raise just girls, I will make you a man, come on, get tyre. Sukhi signs Mannu. Amba thinks Mannu can get angry and do mistake. Mannu says so Chacha ji you want to see what can a Shah do, we will see who makes this tyre reach that wall, me or Sukhi.

Jagan says fine, you want to compete, come on Sukhi, get up tiger, get that tyre. Sukhi says I went to school also, why should I do this. Jagan says just do what I said, don’t talk nonsense. Amba looks on. Jagan counts down and says come on Sukhi.
Sukhi fails to get tyre and falls down. Mannu smiles. He goes to lift tyre. Mannu lifts tyre and takes it to the wall by rotating it. Mannu says a Shah’s biggest strength is his mind, and my mummy has always taught me to use my mind, when I become Shah, I will teach Sukhi also. Waaris…..plays……….. Amba smiles with tearful eyes. Mannu asks Sukhi did you get hurt, take rest.

Amba takes Mannu inside the room. She asks why did you lift big tyre, you would be hurt, He says I m fine, I know my truth, I will try to win everything by my mind. She kisses him. He says I found out who is helping Jagan in hospital, I will make him admit everything. She says no, I will come along. He says trust me, I will manage, if you go out, Bebe can doubt, we can’t break rules. She hugs him.

Jagan scolds Sukhi and makes him exercise. Raavi comes and asks what are you doing, beating Sukhi, what did he do. Jagan gets angry and says he lost to Mannu. Raavi scolds Sukhi and sends him to eat samosas. She tells Jagan that she is not taking Sukhi’s side, we should focus on Mannu’s win, not Sukhi’s failure, he is getting smart day by day, how. He says yes, we have to keep an eye on him, I have to cut his feathers before he learns to fly.

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