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The heir August 2019 teasers. This month, grandma is killed by Sushilla, Amba loses her memory and doesn’t recognize Mannu while Jaggan tries to get her married off…

Thursday 1 August 2019
Episode 54

Manu gets a doctor to find out what medicine Grandma Deena has been given on a daily basis. Manu hurts herself while escaping from the balcony. Amba and her kids get saved by a very unexpected person.

Friday 2 August 2019
Episode 55

The doctor gives Manu a solution to make Deena regain consciousness. Harjeet finds out that his been played by everyone. Manu tries to instigate Jagan against Harjeet to save her mom.

Saturday 3 August 2019
Episode 56

Jagan sneaks into Deena’s room to inject her but finds a surprise awaiting him. Jagan gets thrown out of the house.

Sunday 4 August 2019
Episode 57

Jagan plants further doubts in Deena’s mind about Manu being a boy. Amba reads a letter that comes from Charan to someone she doesn’t know.

Monday 5 August 2019
Episode 58

Manu and Raj wake up in a dark house filled with creepy statues. Amba finds the photos which confirms Charan did indeed have another family.

Tuesday 6 August 2019
Episode 59

The police reveal that a girl has been found and it leaves Simran to think, that it could be Manu. Meanwhile Manu exposes Damru and convinces the other boys that all this is fake. Deena comes close to finding out the truth about Manu.

Wednesday 7 August 2019
Episode 60

Deena realises that Amba is definitely hiding something from her, so she decides to target Gunjan for information. Amba travels with Manu to a remote location just to let her dress up as a girl, little did she know that Deena was following them.

Thursday 8 August 2019
Episode 61

The story takes a strange twist as it is revealed that Charan’s other son might be Yuvraj. Manu goes against Amba and goes to search for Charan’s son, unfortunately so does Jagan.

Friday 9 August 2019
Episode 62

An unlikely enemy comes to save both Manu and Yuvraj. Harjeet makes sure that Deena is not only humiliated at the market, but also tells her who Yuvraj really is. Amba tells Manu that she will still be the head no matter what.

Saturday 10 August 2019
Episode 63

Jagan comes back to the Pawania house thinking he would manipulate Deena’s mind. Raj tries to warn Manu about Yuvraj, unfortunately things don’t go according to his plan. How will Raj expose Yuvraj now?

Sunday 11 August 2019
Episode 64

Jagan attempts to set up Yuvraj in order to make Deena change her mind about him. Turns out that Sushila is the master mind behind Yuvraj’s success. Manu finally realises that Yuvraj isn’t a good person.

Monday 12 August 2019
Episode 65

Manu is determined to find more evidence against Yuvraj in order to expose him. Deena states that if Manu somehow wins the annual village competition, then she will be the head. Can Manu defeat the odds and win the competition?

Tuesday 13 August 2019
Episode 66

Manu wins the first round of the competition. Harjeet Bajwa creates a new stipulation for the second round, making it harder for Manu. Despite Manu’s efforts, Deena still crowns Yuvraj as the head

Wednesday 14 August 2019
Episode 67

Deena overhears that Yuvraj isn’t even related to Charan, it was all a lie/set up. Sushila spots her and decides to go after her before the plan is ruined. Will Sushila and Yuvraj’s plan finally get exposed?

Thursday 15 August 2019
Episode 68

Manu fakes being captured by the Bajwa’s in search of evidence against Yuvraj. Rohan informs his father that Raj and Raman are still helping the Pawanias. Sushila gets ready to implement the final part of the plan.

Friday 16 August 2019
Episode 69

Manu is announced as the actual head of the Pawanias by the village council right after he exposes Yuvraj. Manu is determined to find out who murdered Deena. Simi finds out that Raman is leaving the village.

Saturday 17 August 2019
Episode 70

Manu gets taken into police custody thanks to Sandeep’s fake confession. Amba runs after the police van , when suddenly she gets hit on the head by Sushila. Manu manages to escape but the same can’t be said for Amba.

Sunday 18 August 2019
Episode 71

Seems like the same guy Manu met at the samoosa stall, is actually a con-man. Jagan makes plans to marry Amba off and send her far away. Raavi finds out that she’s pregnant with a girl.

Monday 19 August 2019
Episode 72

Manu realises that the only way to help Amba, is to help her regain her memory. Thanks to Manu’s plan he gets Jay kicked out of the Bajwa house. Now Jay and Manu join forces to take down Sushila. Will they be able to defeat her?

Tuesday 20 August 2019
Episode 73

Raavi finds out that Sushila is responsible for Deena’s death. Amba gives Jay his first test and its an almost impossible one. Jay starts to put the pieces together and discovers who Preet really is.

Wednesday 21 August 2019
Episode 74

Manu attempts to safe Raavi and her unborn baby. Sushila figures out that Jay isn’t the man Mr. Chautala sent. Meanwhile Jay finds the evidence CD that could possibly ruin Sushila’s life. Is this the beginning of the end for Sushila?

Thursday 22 August 2019
Episode 75

Jagan attempts to sell off Amba to a man named Lala, not knowing Manu was following him. Sushila’s happy mood soon gets spoilt when she gets exposed, but she has one more surprise up her sleeve.

Friday 23 August 2019
Episode 76

Jay tries to leave before Mohini interferes, unlucky for him Mohini already made her way into the house. Amba agrees to marry Jay. Meanwhile Manu and Raj plan to find out where Gunjan and Simi are being kept.

Saturday 24 August 2019
Episode 77

Mohini sees that Jay is in love with Amba. Jay tells Manu who Mohini really is and together they both work together to help Amba to regain her memory before it’s too late, question is what can they do to help her?

Sunday 25 August 2019
Episode 78

Manu, Gunjan and Simran decide that they want Jay to really marry Amba. Raman secretly comes to see Simi, only thing is that his badly injured. Mohini ends Veeru’s life, thus creating a rift between her and Jay.

Monday 26 August 2019
Episode 79

Jay threatens to punish Mohini and she follows up with a threat of her own. Simran hides Raman in the store room and now Gunjan gets suspicious of her behaviour. Thanks to Mohini, Jagan finds out that Raavi never terminated her pregnancy.

Tuesday 27 August 2019
Episode 80

Manu exposes Mohini’s intentions right before the ceremony starts. Amba and Manu get Mohini arrested. Manu convinces Amba to hear Jay’s side of the story and just when it looked like everything is going back to normal, Jay gets arrested.

Wednesday 28 August 2019
Episode 81

Amba throws Mohini out the village, not knowing what was about to happen. Simran openly admits to Manu that she’s in love with Raman. Mohini turns her attention to Harjeet and she tells him where Raman is, question is will he believe her?

Thursday 29 August 2019
Episode 82

Jagan takes a sharp Object to poke the sacks in the store room as he suspects Raman is in one of them. Amba issues a challenge to Raman to prove his love by telling his father the truth.

Friday 30 August 2019
Episode 83

Looks like Amba is against Simran and Raman’s relationship. Manu, Raavi and Simran hear news that could possibly make or break the two families. Harjeet accepts Raman and Simran’s marriage idea, but is he really being sincere about it?

Saturday 31 August 2019
Episode 84

Harjeet with the help of Swaroop and Mohini, somehow humiliates the Pawanias. All this fuels the inner hate inside Amba and causes her to change completely.

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