The Good son update Tuesday 7 September 2021


The good son 7 September 2021:Sanju tells that Rahul’s HIV positive report is ready. Rahul asks him to say in low tune and asks him to show the people. Sanju says I can do this, talk to me with manners. He says I will get the photo copy. Rahul asks what Pankhu will do with the photo copy?

Sanju says she is Pankhu for me and not for you. Rahul says I don’t have to have a scene with her, says she is very dangerous and Purva is innocent. Sanju says you are getting Purva back due to my dangerous Pankhudi.

In the hospital, Vedant tells Pankhudi that they will not tell anything to Purva right now. Pankhudi says ok and says whenever you think is the right time then tell her. Vedant says one shall not see the dreams so that when one gets happiness then shall be happy and when they get pain then they shall not feel bad. Pankhudi says few things are not in our hands sometimes. Vedant says my pulse reading made me failed today. He says I thought reports will be normal. She says what we will do now.

She says I think we have to get Di’s HIV test done. Vedant is shocked. He says this can’t happen, my baby is not HIV positive. He says he will get the test done again. Pankhudi says we don’t have this test facility so I got this test done in Dr. Rima’s hospital. Vedant says he don’t agree. She says she took Dr. Malik’s opinion also.

Vedant says this is not possible as this baby is not HIV positive. Pankhudi says I will get Di’s ELISA test to make sure she is fine. Vedant says Purva is not HIV positive and says not even him and this baby. Pankhudi says this baby is not yours. Vedant says I don’t want you and your probabilities and asks her to get out. She makes a crying face and leaves. She goes out and smirks happily. She says anything can happen and walks proudly at her plan. Vedant checks the files and searches on net. He gets Purva’s call and doesn’t answer.

Ramesh tells Dadi that this time Sanju will pass. Dadi says when he pass the exam then she will be very happy and says if he don’t pass then accept. Ramesh says Sanju will pass then you will handover hospital in his hand. Purva tells Dadi that Vedant is not picking her calls. She gets worried for him and says he is in problem. Ramesh smiles.

Vedant checks the files and gets upset. Purva waits for him in the house and gets worried for Vedant. She calls him and finds his phone switched off. She thinks if he is fine. Pankhudi is having icecream in the hospital. Purva calls her and asks do you know where is Vedant? Pankhudi says she don’t know and lies that she is at home. Purva ends the call. Pankhudi says you gave all my destiny to me and says you didn’t know that you gave a big share to me. She says I will see what my internet astrology say. She says Pankhudi will be very happy and Purva will drown in her tears. Purva is worried and knocks on Dadi, also at Manjula and Ramesh’s room.

They come out of room. Dadi asks what happened. Purva worriedly tells that Vedant haven’t returned till now. Sumiti says if he met with an accident. Narendra asks Sanju to go to hospital. He refuses. Ramesh sends him to hospital. Manjula asks Purva not to cry. Sanju comes to Pankhudi and asks where is Vedant? She says I know Purva will be crying and woke up everyone.

She says I was waiting for you here and tells that Vedant is in the cabin. Sanju laughs and says oh, says ofcourse you might have planned something. He says I will just and comes closer her. She threatens him holding knife. She asks him to concentrate on studies and pushes him asking him to take Vedant to Sanjeevani Sadan. once he goes, she says mad fellow.

Sanju brings Vedant home. Purva hugs him. Vedant is in shock still. Dadi asks where was you? you took so much time. Ramesh asks where was he? Sanju says he was in his cabin in the hospital. Manjula says why your phone was off. He goes without answering them. Sumiti says he didn’t answer. Narendra says he seems to be stressed out. Vedant goes to the bathroom and stands under the shower. He then sits down. ghutta hai dam dam dam dam plays……Purva is worried and comes to room. She comes inside the bathroom. She switches off the tap and asks what happened, I know something serious has happened.

Vedant recalling promising Purva as a father and husband and doing her abortion. He calls receptionist and asks him to cancel all his appointments. Sanju tells Ramesh that he is feeling scared today. Pankhudi says I will call and make your fear turn into happiness. She calls Nurse and asks if Vedant came out from OT. Nurse says he don’t have any operations today. Pankhudi asks about the OT.


Nurse says it was not opened since morning. Pankhudi tells Sanju, Rahul and Ramesh that the work is done. They rejoice and dance. Pankhudi thinks I thought he will do operation after I left, but he didn’t do and thinks how? She calls Dr. Patel and asks about today’s operation. He asks which operation? Pankhudi says you was with Dr. Vedant in the OT. Dr. Patel says there was no operation today.

Purva gains consciousness and asks Nurse about Vedant. Nurse says he will come. Purva says I can’t feel my baby and asks her to call him. She says I want my husband right now. Other nurse comes. Head nurse says we have to give her injection. She gives her injection. Purva faints taking Vedant’s name. Vedant is in his cabin and is sad. Nurse comes and tells Purva gained consciousness, but was not in control so I gave injection. She said that she couldn’t feel the baby. She asks her not to worry and says whatever happened in OT today.

Dr. Patel comes and says nobody will know. He says I deleted all the records, you didn’t tell me but I did. He says you taught me and you are my God for me. Nurse says you have made many lives better and there is a reason for whatever happened today. She says we trust you and asks him to meet Purva. Vedant is teary eyes.

Ramesh asks Sanju and Rahul to stop and picks Dadi’s call. Dadi tells that Vedant and Purva went out, but haven’t come. She says she has kept puja for baby, but inauspicious thing happened. Ramesh says I will send Sanju to hospital. Dadi asks him to send Sanju. Ramesh informs them about abshagun and Purva and Vedant not returning home. Rahul happily celebrates. Pankhudi says what Dr. Vedant is doing?

Vedant comes to Purva and holds her hand to check her pulse. She is unconscious. Vedant says you are fine Purva. Purva opens her eyes and says you have come. She says something is wrong, we can’t feel our baby. She says you gave me anaesthesia and says baby might be sleeping and she can’t feel him. Vedant hugs her. She pushes him and asks why are you hugging him, answer me. Vedant asks Dr. Patel, head nurse and other nurse to go out. Purva asks what happened? Vedant says our baby is…Purva asks what? Vedant says our baby is no more now and cries. Purva is shocked and says this can’t happen. She says no Vedant and shouts.

Head nurse is standing out and hears them. Dr. Saxena comes and asks what is happening? Who is shouting. Head nurse says Dr. Vedant will handle the patient. Purva shouts and asks how did this happen? Ward boy comes there hearing her shouting, but head nurse stops him. Purva says I have kept the baby safely and asks how did this happen. She asks what did happen after anaesthesia. Vedant says I killed our baby with my hand after anaesthesia. Purva is shocked. Vedant says I am sorry Purva. He says I have killed him with my hand. Purva cries and says you have done with your hands. She cries.

Sanju says Vedant has done his life ruined. Ramesh says he did because of Pankhudi. Pankhudi thinks how to tell them that may be Vedant didn’t do. Sanju says he will be the owner and she will be the co-owner. Rahul asks her to introduce his entry. Pankhudi says I think we shall wait. Sanju says Vedant did a crime with his hands. Ramesh asks are you cooking something. Pankhudi says I want him to tell the truth to Dadi. Ramesh says it will be enjoyable. Sanju says we shall go home. Pankhudi says yes and asks Rahul to wait here. She thinks she will know after reaching there. Purva tells him that when she asked him to do abortion, he refused and when the baby became important part of her life, he snatched him. Vedant says I have kept him far from me also and says even I loved the baby. He says I have killed my dream with my hands and says there is a reason. Purva says I want to know and asks him to tell. Vedant says I can’t tell now. Purva says tell me why you have killed our….and then says my child. She says why did you kill my baby. Vedant says he was our baby. Purva says just mine and says if the baby would have been yours then you wouldn’t have killed him. Vedant says baby was unwell and can’t be treated. He says if he would have born then his life would be more worse than death.



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