The Good Son update Monday 7 June 2021

The Good Son 7 June 2021:  the marriage decorators come to Vedant’s house. Ramesh scolds them and says this is my house. Decorator asks if Vedant is your son. Ramesh says no. Dadi tells that their house is run by Vedant’s money and you got the money.

Ramesh says Vedant is not my son and he has to pay as they brought them up. Vedant reaches hospital and checks a patient. He tells that she will have a normal delivery. Urmi comes to Shanti’s house. Shanti says if Ranesh has any objection. Urmi asks her not to worry. Purva says she wants to set all sarees. Dadi asks her to think about her tomorrow. Vedant asks him to take extra money, but marriage will happen there. Ramesh says I need 30000 extra. Vedant says you will get it from Dadi and ends the call.

Vedant looks at the bay after the delivery and recalls his troubled childhood. He promises to Dadaji’s pic that he will keep his family united. Dadi calls him and tells the riddle. Vedant asks her not to have icecream. Vedant asks her to give 30000 to Bau ji. Nani argues. Vedant asks her to give. Vedant meets his patients. Dadi gives 30000 to Ramesh and says I wouldn’t have given if Vedant haven’t asked me. Purva tells Pankhudi that her life is so perfect. Pankhudu tells her that she wants her happiness. Vedant meets the patients. A goon comes thee and tells that he has his Mrs comes there. Goon asks Vedant to treat his wife and threatens Vedant. Vedant asks Dr. Rashmi to do her tests,

Sumithi tells what she will wear during the marriage. Manjula says we will not wear new clothes. Ramesh asks them to wear new clothes and asks them to tell Vedant. Radhika introduces herself to purva. She asks who will perform. Dadi asls Nani not to be hesitant. Radhika tells that Vedant will dance if Dadi insists. Purva checks the dress and tells that it is not hers.

Vedant is in the OT. Purva calls him and tells that wrong dress came after alteration. Goon threatens him to deliver the baby and he can’t go before that. Purva calls him again. Vedant says delivery will happen in sometime. He calls designer and asks him to deliver Puva’s dress. He tells Rashmi that he will go out and tells her something. She comes out and asks Goon bahubali’s goons to break the coconut. They can’t break it. Vedant is finding chance and leaving, but Bahubali tells that his baby shall be born at 5:55 am so that he becomes CM. Vedant asks him to trust him.

Pankhudi and Radhika dance on the song nachde ke……Pankhudi says she needs some male member at home so that they can rehearse. Vedant comes there and asks Dadi to give him Purva’s dress. Purva brings water and gives to him. She thanks him and says sorry. Vedant asks her to say both later. She says you are showing attitude. Dadi asks them not to fight before marriage. Vedant says don’t know how Rahul will bear her. Dadi gives him dress. Radhika asks him to promise and dance during sangeet ceremony. Vedant says he can’t. He calls Rashmi while he is on the way and talks to Dr. Rashmi. She tells that labor pain started. Vedant says I will do the work. Bahubali threatens Dr. Rashmi and says if Vedant don’t do his wife’s delivery then..he calls and threatens to kill him.

Police stops his bike and asks him to go from the other way. Purva calls him and asks about the dress. Vedant says he is bringing. Purva is happy. Rahul comes to meet Purva. Purva asks about his parents. Rahul says they will agree after marriage. Pankhudi and Nani get emotional thinking about Purva, nani cries. Pankhudi says how we will live after di leaves. Purva comes and says I will be still same after marriage. Pankhudi hugs her.

Vedant meets with an accident. The boy threatens him taking bablu bahubali’s name. Vedant gets angry. Other boys come there and is about to hit him, but a man saves him. A boy picks Purva’s dress and gives to Vedant. He comes home and gives dress to Purva. Purva cries as the dress is soiled. Vedant tells that he will bring other dress. Purva says her sentiments is related to the dress. Vedant tells about Bahubali attacking his hospital and wanting him to deliver his wife’s baby. Purva says sorry.

Dadi thinks Vedant is the real Raja Beta of the house. Rashmi calls Vedant while she is on gunpoint and tells him that they are not letting her do delivery and the lady’s BP is high. Bahubali says delivery can’t happen before the mahurat. Vedant says I am on the way. Rashmi asks bahubali’s wife to understand that the baby’s life will be in danger if she don’t deliver and wait for mahurat. Bahubali is about to shoot Rashmi when Vedant comes and saves her. he pushes Bahubali out and takes his wife to OT. Bahubali aims gun at Vedant. Vedant says my work is to save lives. Bahubali still stick to his words. His goons let Vedant take bahubali’s wife to OT. Bahubali gets angry and checks the time outside OT.

Rashmi and Vedant are about to deliver the baby. Bahubali sticks to the mahurat and says it aloud. Baby is born 2 mins prior the mahurat. Bahubali aims gun at Vedant and threatens to kill him. Vedant congrats him and says your daughter is born. Bahubali says I want a son and not daughter. Vedant says a daughter loves her father more than a son and she changes the destiny. He says I have done my duty and gives baby in bahubali’s hand. He says she is your daughter, make her well educated and one day she will become CM. Bahubali nods and drops his gun holding his baby.

He kisses his baby. Vedant walks to his cabin and keeps another toy in his showcase. He gets happy thinking about baby. Dadi calls Vedant and asks about Bahubali and his wife. Vedant says a daughter is born to him, he is happy. He asks about Purva. Dadi says she is worried about her clothes and says you will not understand. Vedant thinks of purva’s words. Pankhudi and Radhika dance in sangeet function. Radhika tells that she can’t dance as a guy.

Pankhudi says sorry to Purva and says she wanted to make the evening special for her. Just then electricity goes, Vedant comes and starts dancing tere liye hi toh signal….song. Pankhudi dances with him. Vedant goes from there and brings Purva dress. He makes a special announcement and shows purva’s cleaned dress and says even I understand that the things related to the bride is very special to her. Purva is happy. Vedant takes Purva to dance. He gets happy seeing everyone happy.

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