The frontliners Update Saturday 7 August 2021


The frontliners 7 August 2021: The Episode starts with Sid coming to the hospital. Rishabh taunts Sid. They argue. Sid says you are scared that I may speak up, you are so cheap, how did you get an expensive car. Rishabh says I have bought it by my money. Sid says you chose a tough competition. Sid takes the tea and praises it. He says tea gets upset without the cream bun. Ishani comes to cafe and sees Sid. He says you came to sit with me, truth idol Ishani. She says my wish, I can sit anywhere, you have your food. He asks why are you making me out. She says you are eating vada pau today.

She says its my present and future, I will miss this a lot tomorrow. Ishani says this vada pau is best thing for your job. He says no, that’s my intention, I can use my power to save people’s life, I don’t care if anyone fires me, and then this vada pau and tea. He signs to the man.Ishani looks at him. Sid asks her to eat vada pau. She says I m from Chandigarh. He jokes and asks her to have it by hands. She asks are you my friend. He feeds it by his hand. She likes it. Vardaan says we are ready to start, ethics…. if any doctor goes against ethics, he should be punished. Juhi gets Shashank there. Shashank says I agree with Vardaan, but I believe that just doctors can’t be held responsible. Vardaan says I agree, the matter is of doctors, we would have managed without you. Juhi says Shashank is fit and fine to manage CEO post.

Vardaan says Sid has gone against the rules. He shows the video. He asks Ishani to tell them about the video. She thinks of everyone’s words. She says I m sorry, its my mistake, not of Dr. Sid. Vardaan asks what.She says this video is wrong, I have done this to take revenge on Sid, sorry. Vardaan says you will get the punishment. Juhi says I agree, I want to decide her punishment, we will not suspend her, we can teach her a lesson, Ishani knows our work is team work, she should team up with her boss Dr. Sid.Shashank says absolutely, team up, lets settle, meeting is over, Sid I m sorry on her behalf. They leave. Ishani sees Sania. Sid says she will be fine. Ishani says she won’t get fine, such wounds always pain. She cries. He says I was thinking to take Kaka on date, you changed your statement by having his vada pau. She says you will be gone one day, I did that for Shashank and others, why people love you, I won’t support your lies, I won’t support you next time. Sid says rules stop us from saving lives of such patients.

Ishani says its easy to say. Sid says I believe in doing it, thanks for saving me. He hugs her. She gets shocked and runs. Sid smiles. Nurse says congrats, your patient got a donor. He says you found a donor for Neeti, thanks, when can we do the surgery.She says today itself. He says thanks, I will call Neeti. Sanju gets Neeti there. Sid takes her and says we found a donor, we will have the liver transplant surgery today. A man flirts with Ishani. She scolds him. She says you are dying by jaundice and you are flirting. Rishabh comes and says how are you Abhay Sir, my staff doesn’t know you. He asks Ishani to prepare the ward, its Abhay’s liver transplant surgery. Abhay says I want her in OT. The boys look for Neeti. Sid promises Neeti that she will get fine. The boys come there. Neeti asks why did you come here. Sid says they love you a lot. Sid asks Sanju to take kids out. Asha says I m assigned in other surgery. Sid says show me Neeti’s scans, I will go and check donor liver. He calls.

The man says sorry, Abhay’s name is first, your patient has to wait. Sid thinks how can this happen, Neeti won’t survive without liver transplant.Sid coming to Vardaan. Vardaan says I have imp work. Sid says Neeti has been waiting for donor since ten months, her name got down in the list today. Vardaan says talk to organ bank, why me. Sid says the name which replaced my patient is Abhay Malhotra, the son of your billionaire golf buddy Vivek Malhotra. Rishabh shows the ward to Abhay. Abhay says a hospital will be a hospital after all, do my surgery and let me go. He sees Ishani and says get me a sponge bath by any hot doctor. Ishani says I felt its s*xual harassment, I can sue him for this. Rishabh says it was a joke, go and find about the organ donor, inform me when the liver is available.

Vardaan says maybe Abhay needs this liver transplant. Sid says he is an alcoholic, organ bank rejects such people. Vardaan says if you know, then prove it, maybe Ishani helps you, Neeti is also imp as others, go and find a donor for her, hurry up, I don’t want her to die. Abhay says Ishani is a hot and spicy, you are lucky. He gets his blazer. He drinks. Rishabh says you can’t drink before surgery. Abhay says I have to give a farewell to my liver. Rishabh says I had to hide your reports from Ishani.Ishani signs the paper and takes the box. Nurse says if this liver is misplaced, its your responsibility. Aman asks is the donor liver here. She says yes, there was an icebox here. Sid runs with the box. Ishani goes after him and asks him to give the box. Sid says it belongs to my patient. She says its for my patient. They fight for the box. They have an eyelock. Ishani says Aman, take the box. Sid stops Aman. He asks Asha to show the list to Ishani. Ishani says its fake, I don’t believe you. Sid asks her to check donor list.

Asha shows the list. Ishani says fine, my patient is in need of liver transplant, I don’t like him personally. Sid says its all Vardaan’s trick. Sid hears announcement call for him. Vardaan is on call. He ends the call and goes to sit in the car. He says until I get the complete amount, nobody can call me a partner. Rahul says I know your principles very well, I can’t wait, I need my personal space in Sanjivani soon. Vardaan says I don’t go against my commitments, don’t worry, your personal space will be ready soon. Rahul says I can’t wait for long. Vardaan says just keep some patience. Sid treats Neeti. She loses breath and gets serious. Neil assists Sid.

Sid says I won’t let anything happen to you, you trust me right. Asha says we have no time. Sid says thanks for reminding, the transplant will happen now. Asha says we don’t have donor liver. Sid says I will arrange it, take her to OT. Vardaan says I have won the international CFO award for five years, trust me Dr. Rahul. Juhi comes. Rahul stops Vardaan and shows Juhi outside. Juhi asks driver to park the car somewhere else. Driver says Sir is having a meeting inside, talk to him. She says really, inform your boss to park the car in the parking area and then have a meeting. She knocks on the window. She tries to look inside. Ambulance comes. Juhi asks driver to move the car. Vardana says you got saved by tinted glasses, there will be a lot in your life to hide and save. Rahul wishes him good luck.

Neil says Sid is going to do a crime. Asha says we are getting a chance to do this big surgery, just this matters. Rishabh asks Abhay to remove the chain, its not allowed. Abhay refuses. Aman asks shall we check the test reports. Ishani thinks of Sid’s words. Sid consoles the kids and says Neeti will get fine, nothing will happen to her. Rishabh asks Ishani is all okay, she has the liver right. She says yes, I will check once. She checks and finds a smiley ball inside the icebox. Rishabh asks what happened. Ishani says he swapped the boxes. She runs to Sid and asks him to stop. She says I trusted you once and you broke the trust. He says its imp to save Neeti, she is just 19 years old, she earns for her two little brothers, she isn’t like Abhay who spoilt his liver by drinking wine, she has a bad fate. She says fine, but he can’t die because od this, how can you think of this. He says fine, I m a cheater, its not about me. She says but we aren’t Lord to decide who will live and who will die.

He says Neeti will die if we don’t operate her. She says Abhay’s name is on the top, give the liver to me. He gives the box. She says we will find another way for Neeti. He asks really, there is no time, your patient will be going for surgery in three hours, Neeti won’t survive till then. Rishabh records them. He says the way you ran from there, I understood there is something, this liver is for Abhay, if you do anything wrong, you will be in jail. Sid says you did this theft with Vardaan. Rishabh says you are responsible for your future, Ishani I m disappointed with you, you won’t assist me, you both play now. Sid and Ishani argue. Sid says I don’t believe in following rules. Ishani says you are habituated to stealing. Sid asks the way to save Neeti. He says I will operate Neeti, even if i have to steal again. She says I will find a way to save Neeti. He says fine, you have only three hours, find and show me.

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