The frontliners Update Saturday 28 August 2021

The frontliners 28 August 2021: The Episode starts with Sid running to see Ishani. He gets shocked seeing Ishani lying inside the ambulance. He asks driver to drive fast. Ishani opens her eyes. She gets up. He says stop the van. She says we need to talk, van won’t stop, I did the same thing as you, listen to me, sit, can’t we talk like adults. He says you aren’t doing this right, this drama, you have an idea how you feel when you get someone’s accident news. She asks are you talking about someone dear, you got worried hearing about my accident, I know I m not just a junior for you, we will have a solution.

The frontliners 27 August 2021

He asks what’s wrong, isn’t this your dream to become a doctor, you got interested in a guy and forgot your dreams, have you lost your mind. She asks is this drama over. He says you should be ashamed to waste time in all this. She asks him to stop this acting. He thinks sorry, I have to do this. He asks don’t you want to make your own name, you want people to call you Arora’s daughter. The van stops. Ishani looks at Sid and gets down the van. He comes to her. She says this wasn’t right, I don’t want you to fall so low to hurt me, I know this is not true, there is a big reason behind this, my IQ isn’t zero, I m not dumb, that I will cry hearing this and go from here, you are a doctor, not an actor, your tension about me, it proves what I m for you, I m not the girl who forgets her duty, or the girl who lets her heart break, you can run away, I will cure you, I promise, I will make you say I love you to me in 7 days. He imagines Malvika. He thinks sorry, I have to do something that you hate me.

Anjali hears Vardaan’s name. Nurse says what, you aren’t coming. Anjali gets angry and thinks why is Vardaan not coming, I hope he is fine. She goes. Vardaan does Shraddh puja. He says I will take revenge of your death, Didi, from the great Shashank, I will ruin him. Shashank asks Juhi how is the coffee. Juhi says its good. He says my decision, so you liked it, why did you go like that yesterday. She says I don’t understand few things. He says or you don’t want to understand, its better if few things are unspoken, if we get all answers, there is fear of breaking hope, we will talk professional things, there is no pressure, someone was asking me last week.

He asks what happened, do you want to answer. Juhi smiles and says your fragrance reaches the general ward. Shashank says it means you also know when I come. She asks him to update his perfume, its about patients’ health. They smile. Ishani sees the tubelight flickering. She says tubelight understood me but not that bulb Sid. Aman asks what happened. Ishani says I have given him an open challenge, love confession in 7 days. Asha asks are you mad. Aman and Neil joke. Ishani says our thinking should be scientific, help me or do the operation. Asha says you need help, let your inner Sheela come out. They ask who. Asha says one who enchants by her youth. They say nice. Ishani says I had asked you to help, you want to make me sick, stop it. Asha says there is love between you two. Ishani says I can’t do this, you do it. Asha jokes. Neil says boys love this, do it. Aman jokes. Asha says you come up with your own plan. Ishani says I want to go. Sid comes. Ishani falls over him. They smile. Ishani says life got you to me. Sid asks Rishabh to tell them. He says I have decided Asha, she will work with me, Ishani will work under Rishabh. Asha thinks he has turned the tables.

Sid goes. Ishani looks on.
Sid slipping on the wet floor. Ishani says you have fallen in my love, so you aren’t letting me stay close, you have put me in Rishabh’s team. She holds his hand. Ankhon se padke….plays… She asks him to please talk to her. Sid says you used to threaten me about complains, I will complain and you will be out. She asks what will you complain that I m harassing you, why are you spoiling my professional life for your personal issues, problem is you love me, the day my heart comes between my duty, I will file my own complaint, its just the start. Sid thinks she is stubborn.Shashank asks why is patient in OT till now. Juhi says we are shifting him, I have to ask you something, when did you fall in love with me. He says I answered you, lets move the patient out

and you lie down here in OT. The patient laughs and says sorry. Shashank says shift him to recovery. The patient says its okay, people do this in love. Nurse Philo comes to Shashank. He asks is Jessica fine. Jessica says Juhi should know why she was removed from Sanjivani years ago. He says no. She says please, I was there, I know everything, your promise has stopped me, you have shown the wrong pic, please. He says its an old thing, let the past stay in past. He goes. Juhi looks on.
She asks what’s the matter, why did Shashank get upset, all okay. Philo says yes, I was talking about sending money to Jessica. Juhi says fine. Rishabh says Ishani, I m happy that we are working together again. Ishani sees Sid. Rishabh discusses the case. Ishani says Sheela ki jawani… Rishabh asks what.

Ishani says that patient isn’t young, we can’t take risk of surgery. Vardaan gets Anjali’s call. She asks are you fine. He says yes, why. She says you never take off, so… He says I had personal work at home, I m a single parent, are you feeling lonely and sad there. Anjali says we should end this. He asks what. She says whatever is happening between us. He asks why. She says this isn’t right, I m behaving strange like a school girl. He says come on, don’t give me break up lines so soon. She says it was momentary, its better to end this. He says listen, we will meet and talk, how can you do this, whatever. He disconnects.He says no, I should have not disconnected the call, I can’t let Anjali go away. He smiles reading her sorry message. He says sorry, I m helpless to use you. He eats sweets and promises his Didi to take revenge. Sid asks Asha about her diagnosis. She asks which patient, sorry, I got files today. Sid says you are a doctor, do your work well. Juhi comes there. She says I will assist Sid today, I assisted Shashank many years.

She diagnoses the reports. Sid calls her Ishani. He says I mean Dr. Juhi. She smiles. She says sorry to get personal, everyone is noticing, your and Ishani’s tension, follow your heart. She goes.Sid sees someone stealing and shouts stop. He runs after the man and comes to the storeroom. Lights get on. Sid sees the decorations. Ishani thinks I didn’t know I would be doing this to convince Sid. Sid asks what’s all this Ishani. She asks what shall I do, we have to be professional in hospital, this is non operating wing. She says we are just Sid and Ishani here. He asks what nonsense. She thinks to just do it. She comes to him, wearing a red saree. She asks how do I look. She hugs him. She dances. Zara zara touch me….plays….Sid holds her and gets close.

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