The Evil Eye update Friday 28 May 2021

The evil eye 28 May 2021: Piya looks at Pari’s shoes. She opens the box and cries. Ansh says what happened Piya? She says I got these shoes for Pari. When I made hear I got to know her feet are inverted. Ansh hugs her.

The snakes come inside the house from windows. The snakes’ queen scares people in the lift. Doorbell rings. Ansh looks out. No one is there.

Naman is tied. He says what are you doing Dilruba? Dilruba screams. Dilruba is making a tree. Naman says what is she doing? I have to get out of here first. He cuts the ropes. Ansh looks at the lift. He sees snakes in the hall. Everyone wakes up and comes to the hall. They’re all scared. The snakes’ queen asks where is Mohana? Ansh says how would I know that? She says she is your mother. Ansh says only you can look for her. She says I would have but you distracted us. Tell us where is she?

Mohana says Dilruba asked me not to step on anything. Ansh hits the snakes. They all surround Ansh. Everyone picks Trishuls. Ansh shoves them. Vedeshree and everyone stop the snakes with Trishuls. Their queen grasps Ansh. Piya wakes up and comes downstairs. She runs towards Ansh. Piya hits a trishul at the queen. She says you’re an idiot to think you can fight with us. She grasps Ansh and says tell me where is Mohana? Ansh says you’re wasting your time. She says you’re a liar like your mother.

Mohana comes outside. She says what is this snake doing here? I have to be careful and not step on anything. Vedeshree sees Mohana. She looks at Pari. Vedeshree says Mohana, why are you here now? Mohana says to take my granddaughter. Vedeshree says shame on you. You could never be a mother. You have done this to Pari. Mohana says don’t you get tired of these lectures? Vedeshree says don’t even dare to touch my Pari. Mohana takes out the ring from her finger and says it was my mistake that I trusted you all. You became an enemy of my happiness. Thank you for breaking my trust. Vedeshree says I won’t let you take Pari. Mohana shoves Vedeshree in the wall. She faints.

Ansh says trust me we don’t know where is Mohana? She says I can’t believe a witch’s son. Tell us where is she. Why would we follow you? Piya says we have no idea. She is our enemy as well. She says stop lying. Piya sees blood. Piya says Ansh, blood. Ansh gets up and runs sindei. Mohana disappears. They see Vedeshree injured. Piya says where is our Pari? Piya throttles the snake queen and says where is our Pari? Your snakes kidnapped her. She says there’s nothing like that. Ansh says you took our Pari. she says we have nothing to do with your Pari. Piya says you’re with Mohana. The snake says we are her enemy. Ansh says where is Pari? Vedeshree opens eyes and says Mohana took Pari. Ansh is shocked.

Mohana comes to a dark place and says I will get what I want. Naman stops Dilruba. She says what are you doing? Naman says I know the deal you made with Mohana. You locked me there. You have to cancel this deal. You did that deal for the bangle. Dilruba says you won’t understand. I have to go. Naman says you won’t go anywhere. The bats come there. They surround Naman. Naman says what are they doing. Ask them to stop.

The snake queen ask why did Mohana take Pari? Ansh tells them everything. She says so we are together. Our enemy is the same. Naman is tied in the jungle. The snake queen says we can’t find her. I don’t know how. Ansh says I can’t find her either. Piya says there’s a way.Naman says savi asked me not to marry this witch. Naman cuts the rope and says I have to tell Nishant everything.

Piya says if I sleep Pari would come to my dream and give me a hint about Mohana. Piya sleeps. Vedeshree and everyone wait. Shekhar says we don’t have a lot of time. Piya says I can’t sleep. I keep thinking that Mohana has Pari. We have to take her back I can’t sleep. The snake queen says if I bite her she will be asleep. Chetali says that’s called dying. Avi says you will give her your venom? She says only a little bit. I will only make her sleepy. Piya says I am ready. Ansh says no we can’t take this risk. Piya says we have to. I am ready. Ansh says if anything happens to her I will kill you all. The snake queen says Piya is the only way for me to get to Mohana. I won’t let anything happen to her. She bites Piya. Piya faints.

Piya sees a dream.

Pari is there. Pari is playing with a bike. It falls down. Piya says I was running after Pari. Pari was playing with a toy bike. She was in the clouds. Shekhar says Poneyma is tonight. Ansh says what else did you see? Piya says all I saw were clouds. Ansh says she might be giving you some hints. Piya says there was grass on the ground. It was yellow. Avi says it must be some mountain. Piya says a mountain’s name and says she took Mohana there.

Scene 2
Mohana says no one can stop me now. Everything will change now. You too Pari. Your family will change forever as well. I will start my magic soon. Ansh and Piya come to the jungle. Piya says Ansh, we can’t waste time.

Shekhar says I hope they come back and bring Pari home too. Vedeshree says how will they face Mohana? Chetali says they are each other’s power. Vedeshree says their powers aren’t working either. Mohana is burning with revenge.

Nishant says Savi, this rings looks familiar. Savi says I have seen this before. Nishant says Mohana gave this ring to Vedeshree. This is a witch ring.

Ansh and Piya look for the witch ring. Mohana says someone is coming. Piya says it’s the same place. Let’s go in that direction. Mohana looks around. Nishant calls Ved and says Mohana gave you that ring. It’s witch ring. Ansh and Piya will need it to fight her. Ved says she took that ring from me. Nishant says don’t worry we will find another way.

Ansh says where did all go? Piya says Mohana must know we are coming here. What will we do now? Dilruba comes to Mohana. Mohana says what are you doing here? This all became possible because of you. Mohana says you said no one can find me. How did you? She says I said snakes and Rivawanshi won’t be able to find you. But I can. Mohana says what are you here for? She says to ruin your plan.

Scene 3
Naman comes to Nishant and says I have to tell you something about the life jar.
Ansh says we can’t give up Piya. The snake queen says are you sure she came here? We can’t see her footsteps. Piya says we can’t find anything. We don’t have a lot of time. Where will we find her. Ansh hugs her.

Nishant tells them everything. Savi says your wife is responsible for all this. Nishant says I feel like she is planning something else. Savi says she did this for power. Naman says she sneezes. She does weird things. She eats spicy and sour. Nishant says she might be pregnant.
Mohana says are you crazy? you can’t break your promise. Dilruba says I already broke it. I will end this magic now. Mohana falls down. The snake queen sees her footsteps and says she is around. She stepped on the ground. Ansh says let’s go there.

Mohana says I can kill you right now. Dilruba says I couldn’t fight you that day. I was pregnant. I couldn’t hurt my child. So my child is born now and I can fight you. Mohana says so you came here to die? Dilruba says you want to die now? Dilruba says I don’t want my husband to be ashamed. Mohana takes her bangle and breaks it. She throttles Dilruba.

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