The Evil Eye Starlife update Sunday 9 June 2024

The evil eye 9 June 2024: Nishant asks Piya and Ansh if they are ready to donate their powers then put them in the fire. Ansh pulls off his wings. Piya takes out her magic knife. They put them in fire and are without powers now. Their powers are taken my fairies. Ansh tells Piya that I have no regrets, we are together now.Chitali says we can have a good life now, all witches are gone.

Piya tells Ansh that Nishant is right Adi is young so we cant ask him to shed his powers, what if we are doing injustice to Adi? Ansh says we are doing this for him. He tries to hammer a nail in wall but gets hurt, he tries to use his powers to remove wound but says I forgot I dont have powers now. Piya wipes his wound. Adi is walking on a wall. All ask him to come down.Guru Maa tells Naman that chudail is sleeping and we dont know when she will wake up. Naman says my love will bring her back.

Avi uses a ladder to bring Adi down. Adi starts crying. Piya tries to console him but Adi looks at Ansh. Piya says Adi wants to see his wings but we dont have powers anymore. Avi asys I have an idea. Avi and Shekhar become joker and start dancing infront of Adi. All family members dance around Adi, naye khuwab bunle plays. Adi start laughing. Avi jokes that Shekhar is getting older.

Saanvi asks Nishant if this is important? Adi is a kid. Nishant says we have to end all this, if Adi doesnt shed his powers then Ansh and Piya wont be able to handle him. He makes a bangle for Adi and says we need witch ash to protect Adi from any evil power. Saanvi says how will we get that ash? Naman says I will do it.Naman comes to Sanam’s casket and says I am sorry but I have to take your bangle, your bangle is broken which is not good for a bride, when you wake up, I will bring new bangles for you.

Saanvi says to Nishant that I dont trust Sanam. Nishant says she helped us win that war, maybe you are wrong about her. Naman comes there and says she gave her life and you are still doubting her? He gives Sanam’s broken bangle to Nishant. Nishant thanks him and makes ash from it, he pours it on bangle and says this bangle will catch Adi’s powers.

Nishant brings bangle to Piya and Ansh. He says we have to make Adi wear that bangle, once its out of box we wont have much time so we have to make Adi wear it fast. They come in Adi’s room to see him walking near balcony. Adi jumps from balcony. Ansh rushes behind him and falls from balcony. He is about to fall down but Piya’s braid grows and catches Ansh, she brings him back. Ansh says we gave away our powers then this? Vedsheree says how your powers didnt go? Piya says I dont understand, I gave away all powers. Nishant says we can do a test. Ansh says no, Piya gave away her powers infront of all. Nishant says lets do what I am for, we have to use this bangle to capture Adi’s powers, we have to make him wear it before it stops from glowing. Ansh takes Adi. Nishant gives bangle to Piya.

Nishant tells that once bangle is in Adi’s wrist then he wont be able to use his powers. Piya says Adi you might not understand it today but you will when you grow up. She makes Adi wear the bangle. Nishant says now you people will live a normal life.Piya recalls using her powers and says how could I do it? She tries to use her powers again but cant. Ansh comes there. Piya sees fire starting and says what? I tried a few minutes back but now my powers are working.

Ansh tells Nishant that I dont doubt Piya but its better to do that test. Nishant says maybe some external factors are making us believe that Piya have powers, we have to find reason behind all this. He shows a serum and says it will help us in finding if she has powers or not. Piya looks on. Nishant mixes and

makes a potion, he says if Piya doesnt powers then diya will light up itself. He brings diya up and it start burning. Ansh says it means she doesnt have powers. Nishant says no wait.. he brings diya near Piya and it blows off. Piya says how can this happen? Nishant says you might not have done the ritual from heart which is why you have powers still. Piya says no I gave away all my powers. Vedsheree says we can do that ritual again. Nishant says no only devik and davansh together can give up their powers. Vedsheree says there might a way to take away powers from Piya. Ansh says we will find it.

Naman recalls his marriage to Sanam. Saanvi comes there and says I am sorry for hurting you. Naman says its okay. Saanvi says I want to tell you something. She says I wanted to help you revive Sanam, I got to know that chudal can revive 7 times and did a test using her anklet from foot to find out how many times Sanam had been revived. Naman sees 7 circles in air and says it means she has a chance to comeback? Saanvi says she had been revived for 7 times so she cant comeback now, she did a lot for us and deserves for last rituals to happen with respect. Naman starts crying.

Scene 2Piya is sleeping but imagines building about to fall on Adi and Mohana taking him away. She wakes up and hears Ansh rushing to Adi as roof is about to fall down.

Saanvi asks Naman to do last rituals for Sanam. Naman recalls flashback how he bought an anklet for Sanam and she said that she cant wear it in foot as then she will start dancing.

Piya says to family that Mohana was here. Ansh says she didnt come here, Piya says you are injured Ansh. Ansh says leave it, you didnt give up your powers and stil using it.

Naman says to Saanvi that you are lying, you said you did a test using Sanam’s anklet but she doesnt wear anklet in her foot. I made her wear in her hands, it means she can comeback. Saanvi says you are right, she is an evil power so its better that she dies. Naman says how will you finish her? Saanvi shows fire to Naman.

Piya says to Ansh that I dont know why I still have those powers as I gave up that with my heart. Ansh says if you had done it then Adi wouldnt be in danger today. Piya says I know you think that I am danger to this family as I have powers and evil powers can follow me, I will go to my father’s house. Ansh looks on.

Nishant says to Piya that we can ask fairy that took your powers about what happened. Piya says even Ansh doesnt trust me. Piya comes to a place to meet her fairy, she says I want to know which fairy took my powers. She tells a makshika fairy that you took my powers. Fairy attacks her. Piya says what are you doing? I am not here to hurt you.

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