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The crossroads 20 May 2020: Yash say you and my secret will be leaving this world. Bilal comes and shoots at Yash’s hand. Yash’s gun falls. Arvind and Yash have a fight. Arvind beats Yash striking his head on his jeep, and flees with Bilal. Yash holds his head and falls down. Adarsh comes home and recalls Suhasini and Swadheenta’s words.

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Swadheenta reaches Yash and says I did not know your headquarter is here, in this village, how did you get worried…. Why did you let Major Ifetkaar leave, why did you not stop him. He asks who Iftekaar. She says don’t you know your friend’s name, Arvind Gupta, this is about my brother’s innocent, if I take your truth to court, what will the world think, you were there at the site that night, you knew Asad was not the third terrorist, you lied, you don’t deserve to be called an army officer, you don’t care for your country, when this truth comes out, you can’t meet anyone’s eyes, I will find Arvind any how. She goes.

Suhasini goes to Adarsh. He says Swadheenta crossed the limits. She says she has always been full of surprised, about the blames on Manohar… he says it will be proved wrong when Arvind is caught, all truth will be out. She says we have to prove Manohar innocent of all the blames, I asked Manohar to give me reports, he said he will get that tomorrow. He says yes, all things will get cleared, Gilanis will be proved terrorists, and it will be proved that dad did not ask Allan to give that statement, I told Suraj to get the reports till morning, he was part of internal enquiry. She says lets see. Manohar hears them and worries.
Its morning, Swadheenta is outside somewhere and sees her family contacts. She thinks I m away from you all, you all are annoyed with me and have complains but….. She checks Simmi’s whatsapp status, about Simmi and Aman/baby missing Abhay. She recalls Mamu saying he wanted to name Asad as Aman, but Mami chose Aman. She calls Simmi. Simmi asks her why is she bothering her. Swadheenta asks her who kept Aman’s name, you or Abhay. Simmi says Abhay chose this baby on 1st June night, Abhay messaged me that our baby name will be Aman Sinha. Swadheenta asks the time. Simmi asks why are you asking.

Swadheenta says please, its imp. Simmi says 8.30. Swadheenta thanks her and says Mamu wanted to name Asad as Aman, that’s why Abhay messaged you that name, maybe Abhay and Asad were together. Simmi ends the call angrily.
Adarsh asks how did Suraj get transfer suddenly, I asked for that file, I will ask someone else. Manohar and Jaidev come. Manohar asks Adarsh why are you worried. Adarsh tells about Suraj’s sudden transfer. Manohar says its govt. office, transfers happen. Adarsh says there was no notification, anyways I will get reports. Manohar says there is no need to go out, I have it, Jaidev give a copy to Adarsh and Suhasini too. Adarsh thanks him and goes. Manohar asks Jaidev not to worry, Adarsh will get reports which I want him to see, Adarsh and Suhasini should not get real reports. He goes. Jaidev goes to room. Jaya asks him shall I get tea, what happened, I m finding you worried since few days, I understand your silence. She says I will call you at office, you can tell me anytime you want.
Jaidev says your love changed me, also my nature and life, I can’t lie to anyone, especially you. She asks whats the need to lie. He says I have lied to myself that I m a true and honest IAS officer, but unfortunately the truth is I m a fraud and bad IAS officer, but now I can’t do wrong and can’t think to do wrong. She says you thought this, its really good, you told all this honestly, this is enough for me that you realized your mistake, this is big thing, whats the matter which is troubling you, its okay if you don’t want to tell me, do what gives peace to your heart. She holds his hand and says truth path is tough, but walking on it is tougher, I m glad that you chose the right path, if you took this decision, then don’t turn your face away from this decision. She kisses on his forehead. He gets teary eyed..
Bilal goes to Dhaba and orders the food for two people. The man asks will you have all this alone. Bilal asks him to pack the food. The man says you sit here, I will just get your order. Bilal gets shocked seeing Swadheenta there and goes away. He calls Arvind and says Swadheenta reached here. Arvind asks is police there with her.

Bilal says no, she is alone, I came to Dhaba to get food, I will leave from here. Arvind asks why are you worried, she does not know you, you have knife right. Bilal says yes, why. Arvind asks him to make the danger away, else danger makes you away from life, take the knife, go to Swadheenta and then you know the rest, snatch her bag before stabbing. Bilal asks why. Arvind says so that police thinks a thief did this, police will make theft and murder case and our case will end, keep your phone on, I have to hear Swadheenta’s scream. Bilal sees Swadheenta gone from the dhaba and says she went. Arvind says if she goes today, then think you are gone. Bilal says I will see. He looks for Swadheenta. The man runs after Bilal to give the food order.
Adarsh meets Suraj and says I wanted to meet you before you leave, why this sudden transfer. Suraj says I don’t know. Adarsh says I will talk to minister. Suraj says its fine with me. Adarsh gets the report and asks peon to get two coffee. He checks the reports, and says this report is very negative. He shows Suraj the internal enquiry report. Suraj checks the reports and is shocked. Bilal sees Swadheenta and says she is going alone. Arvind says this is the chance, kill her, her death should become big headline in new tomorrow. Bilal stops her and stabs her. She screams. Arvind smiles. The dhaba man sees Bilal and asks what are you doing. Bilal gets tensed and escapes in his car. The man calls for help. Swadheenta sees Bilal’s car number.

starts with Adarsh thanking Jaidev. He says this report made our case strong, I have sent a copy to mom too, this will be strong evidence, we will see who saves Haider, Swadheenta believed her Mamu and Asad are not terrorists, mom will prove her wrong, I m sure dad will get clean chit, Swadheenta did wrong, so I took a decision. Jaidev asks what. Adarsh says that there is no place for Swadheenta in my life, after this case’s decision, I m going to give her divorce. Jaidev gets shocked.
Jaidev worries and gets teary eyed. He hugs Adarsh and cries. Adarsh asks what happened, you can’t say the truth right, I knew you can’t go against dad, then how did you think I will stand against Swadheenta.


Jaidev gets shocked….. Adarsh says I knew it well that this report is false, you are forgetting that people know me as Govt. Robin hood, I took 15mins to know the report truth, I came here to see what do you want to say. Jaidev says I always supported truth, but not now, I already lost a brother, I can’t lose my other brother, I m with you.
Manohar is on call. Adarsh goes to him. Manohar says if person falls on ground, he can get up, if person falls on money, its hard to get up. Adarsh repeats his lines and asks if personal falls in eyes then…. I regarded you as my idol, my Guru. Manohar asks whats the matter. Adarsh says I read the real enquiry report. Suhasini asks real report. Adarsh says what report I have sent you was false, it was manipulated by dad. Manohar says see him, he is Robin hood, he is talking like his wife, he is saying lie. Adarsh says I m saying truth. Suhasini says you are regarding your dad a lie.

Adarsh says because he lied to me and you. She slaps him and asks him to support his wife, but not dare to say a word against Manohar, he never lied to me till now, he will never lie. Adarsh says I can prove everything now if I want, but I have to go, like your husband needs you, my wife needs me too. He leaves.
Jaidev goes to Jaya and cries. She asks what happened to you, and wipes his tears. He hugs her. She asks is everything okay. He thanks her for showing him right path. I did exactly like you told me, trust me, it feels so good, thanks for becoming a part of my life, and walking on this path with me, I love you. She says love you too and smiles. They hug. Adarsh calls Swadheenta. The number is unreachable. He calls the investigation officer. He asks about Swadheenta. Inspector says madam was with me, we got to know Arvind is in Rajasthan, I think she went there. Adarsh says fine. He then calls Paddy. He asks about Swadheenta, do you know where is she. She says don’t worry, I will find out. He says I m leaving for Rajasthan. She says I got to know Swadheenta went there to find Arvind, I m also leaving with my team to meet her, we will trace Arvind.
Arvind says poor Swadheenta would be in some hospital. He sees the door open and says Bilal comes and leaves 100 times. He goes out to see Bilal. He does not see anyone and asks who is there. He gets shocked seeing wounded Swadheenta there. She thanks him for attacking on her and making her reach here, did you think I won’t be able to reach you, I was sure just you can show me the way, I was roaming around in hope that I may see you or you may see me, look now, I m standing infront of you, you felt I will die so easily, till I don’t get justice for my brother, I won’t die, this is a little wound.

He smiles and says Swadheenta Ramakrishnan, I have to praise you and your bravery, you got stabbed and reached me, that too alone.
She says who told you I came alone here, many policemen will come here to take you, let me see your face, I hate you call you human. Police is on the way. She says I don’t know from which country are you, I will remind you where are you, you are in India, where people stay with love and peace, you tried to plant hatred, I will not forgive you, you cheated Asad, who regarded you a brother. Police reaches there. He acts to call Bilal. She turns. He hits on her head with a rod and drags her inside. He opens a passage door and hears policemen coming.
Arvind takes Swadheenta and comes out of the passage. He looks around and drinks water. He sprinkles some water on her. She gets conscious and looks around. He holds her wound and says sorry, our talk was left incomplete, how are we here…. I will give all answers, but before that, I wanted to ask what were you saying.
Paddy and Adarsh are on the way. Paddy talks on phone and asks what are you saying, Swadheenta reached Arvind and disappeared, how did you let her go alone. Adarsh takes the phone and asks inspector what do you mean you are finding her, tell your name, if you don’t find her, then I will surprise you. Arvind says you were saying about your and my country, you were calling policemen, how did we come here, there is door on the ground too where I hide, this is called a tunnel which just I know, none of your 100 policemen can reach here. She says if I can reach you, the policemen can reach you too, I m in my country even if I m captive, you can’t be saved from me till I m alive. He says you said right, but why are you alive.

He hurts her wound and suffocates her neck. She screams. Paddy tells Adarsh that I can trace Swadheenta, its 900m away, take a right. Arvind says you would have died if I hurt you more, but I have to answer your questions before you die, when I went to any mission, I used to make return path first and then came back, I thought the same this time, you came in my way. She says you did not meet such sister before, who can do anything, I promised Asad that I won’t let his culprit get away free. He says shut up, you can’t do anything, your country can’t do anything too.

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