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The crossroads 14 May 2020:starts with Swadheenta asking college’s principal in witness box. She asks Mr. Das about Haider, did any student complain against him, any police complain for corruption, violence or anything.

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Das says no, Haider is a good professor, the college got a deep shock by whatever happened. Prosecutor says the country is shocked too, by such a man, the professor who teaches students did such horrible thing. Swadheenta says college is in shock as they don’t believe Haider can do this. She calls three students from that college, in the witness box. She asks them to tell something about Haider. The students say Haider can’t do this, they can’t believe Professor Gilani is a terrorist, no way. Swadheenta asks them to leave.

Prosecutor asks do you want to call anyone to prove how many medals Haider got, how good his students think of him, he was caught red handed with the live bomb. Swadheenta says there were many people present there, even I was there, if Haider came there to plant bomb in marriage, why did he stay there, he would have gone with his wife. Prosecutor says this was his plan to stay there by planting bomb and leave before the blasts, but he got caught, when Haider was leaving with his wife. ACP Tyagi stopped Haider and his wife, police got to know about bomb planted in marriage. Swadheenta says Tyagi stopped them at 9.02pm when he was leaving from venue, but Haider reached there at the venue at 7pm, he won’t need to stay there for two hours, police did not get alert at 7pm, he was there to attend daughter’s marriage, not planting a bomb.
Prosecutor says how can any man leave a daughter’s marriage midway, do you have any answer. Swadheenta says yes, I have an answer, Haider was going as he was worried for his son. Prosecutor says his son was busy in doing blast. Swadheenta says let me finish, Haider got Asad and a man told him that he got Asad’s phone at blast site, he deposited the phone at police station, how would a dad react knowing his son’s phone was found at blast site, Haider was leaving to see his son and then Tyagi stopped him.

Prosecutor says I don’t know what stories Ms. Ramakrishnan is saying, sorry she is Mrs. Sinha now, she is showing her point of view towards Haider, she forgot court wants evidence, she did not present any evidence to proof Haider is not a terrorist, its not her mistake, she has no evidence, Haider is caught with live bomb, Asad was caught at blast site, the guys Ravi and Rajesh were Asad’s best friends and stayed at Haider’s flat, all this can’t be coincidence, it’s a solid proof. Everyone clap.
Judge says Mr. Ramakrishnan, what principal and students think about Haider don’t present any evidence, do you have any proof. She says yes, I have solid proof, Asad had three best friends, Ravi, Rajesh and Arvind. Everything is right in this story, a link is missing, which created all the misunderstanding, this file has statements of the college students, Arvind is also Asad’s friend, he is missing after the blasts, he is the missing link, Arvind Gupta, we don’t know his real name, I want to appeal to court to ask police to find Arvind Gupta, only then case will go ahead. Judge asks Prosecutor any objection. Prosecutor says students have testified about third guy, but no one has seen Arvind there, its wrong to say Arvind is terrorist.
Judge asks Swadheenta how can she say Arvind is terrorist. She says I want to call Adarsh Sinha in witness box. Sinha family looks on. Adarsh goes in witness box and looks at her. She says blast day was your marriage day, right? He says yes. She says you had webcam chat with your fiancée, do you remember the gift your fiancée has shown you. He says I remember, maybe she does not remember. He asks what did she say about the gift. Adarsh says she said Arvind got the gift, as Ravi, Rajesh and Arvind could not attend marriage, they had to go to Agra. She says that’s all, I m witness too, and Adarsh testified it. Adarsh says I want defense lawyer to ask another question, maybe she forgot or did not wish to ask, I want her to ask her, the night my brother…. He cries and says I m sorry, I want to say, when a person is in last moment of his life, he never lies, Abhay named Asad, not Arvind Gupta.

Adarsh says police reports clearly state that Asad has shot 11 bullets to Abhay, my brother has told this to me, Jaidev and the world. Prosecutor says that’s all, I don’t want Arvind’s link to be included in this case, police did not get Arvind’s pic anywhere. Swadheenta says if we don’t have pic, it does not mean Arvind is not involved, Arvind exists for sure, we have to find Arvind, I agree that Abhay named Asad in his final time, its not definite that he was saying Asad is his murderer, he can mean to say anything else too, I appeal the court to find Arvind soon. Judge asks police to find Arvind Gupta soon, next hearing will be after 10 days, court is adjourned.
Paddy gives the newsbyte, and tells about Arvind Gupta. She says defense lawyer Swadheenta has much to say about this case, Public prosecutor has to work hard against her, Swadheenta has filed a PIL against police, she is claiming that Asad is not a terrorist, Asad was Swadheenta’s brother, the country is waiting to see this case’s result. Suhasini looks on and goes. Swadheenta takes Mami with her.
Suhasini, Manohar and rest of the family reach Sinha house. Manohar says I can’t bear this, Swadheenta will stay here and fight case for those who killed our Abhay, say something, how can you bear her. Suhasini says we can’t forget she is our bahu. He says then she should stay as bahu, she should leave case or stay here. She says you think I m getting peace, I have some ethics, I can’t make any bahu leave, I can’t break them, Swadheenta will stay in this house, we won’t ask her to leave. They see Swadheenta at the door. Swadheenta asks may I come in.
Suhasini asks her to come. Swadheenta says I know I have hurt your feelings, anyone else would have kicked me out of this house, but you did not do this, no girl could have such good inlaws. Manohar says so you are defending our son’s murderer in court and ruining our respect, answer me, you are fighting for those terrorists. She says I m not just fighting for my Mamu and Asad, its for Abhay too, I know Asad is not his murderer, I will get Abhay’s real murderer punished. Suhasini asks who is the murderer, we know the murderers, they are infront of everyone…. Asad and Haider.

starts with Suhasini saying Haider and Asad are Abhay’s culprits, there is big difference in being innocent and foolish, that family fooled you since many years, I have many years of law experience, now what I heard in court, I m sure that Haider and his family is responsible for this, relatives don’t keep anyone at home, they kept you for 5 years, because you were a lawyer for Haider, who would fight his case when time comes, you are doing the same, there is still time, see the truth and try to accept, you are totally brainwashed.
Swadheenta recalls Mamu and Mami taking care of her, when she was ill. Mamu feeds medicine to Swadheenta. He says your parents will come in some time, till then I will fight with your fever and make it get away, by medicine and prayers, your fever will run away. She recalls how Mamu used to serve her coffee while she was preparing for her exams at night. She asks why did you not sleep. Mamu asks her to take a dream. Mami gets oil to massage her head. FB ends.
Swadheenta says I was 7 year old, I wanted to be an astronaut, Mamu and Mami used to stay awake with me, then I wanted to become teacher, I decided to do law later, Mamu kept his daughter, not any lawyer, I have such relation with them, which is not dependent on blood, I know the truth well, I know this big misunderstanding can’t get away so easily, but I will clear it, I promise you that, this promise is to everyone, especially Asad and Abhay. She leaves. Manohar gets angry.
Swadheenta sees Adarsh. He asks her to come along and takes her to their room. He shows Abhay’s ashes and says I have sworn that till Abhay’s murderers don’t get punished, I will not immerse the ashes, my doubts have got more definite now, you can do anything in court, you can call my family in witness box and question that, but I won’t sit quiet till I get Abhay’s culprits punished. She says your family, is this family not mine, I lost two brothers Abhay and Asad. He says don’t explain me, I want justice for Abhay, this war is between you and me, we have to see your lie wins or my truth. He goes. She cries seeing the ashes kalash.

Bilal tells Arvind that its matter of one night, you will be in your country till morning. Arvind says lets see the news on tv, did Haider get lifelong punishment or death sentence. They get shocked seeing police finding Arvind Gupta. Reporter says this name has come out in this Delhi blast case, defense lawyer Swadheenta said he is the third terrorist, Asad had three friends, this is the third guy Arvind Gupta, court asked police to find this man soon. Arvind fumes seeing the news and throws the things. Bilal asks him not to go anywhere. He says if you are caught then Swadheenta will prove her Mamu and brother are innocent, be careful and use your senses, we have to hide for few days. Arvind calms down.
Its morning, Simmi asks Jaya did you get to know anything, who killed Abhay. Jaya says police is finding him, don’t worry, the culprit will be punished. Simmi asks why was Haider arrested on wedding night. Jaya says I don’t know, Jaidev was saying there was some confusion, this is not imp, don’t take stress by overthinking, its not good for your health, you focus on your appointment, come. Simmi says Swadheenta said she will come along. Swadheenta comes and asks Simmi to come. Jaya says its okay, we are going with Simmi. Swadheenta says its okay, I m taking Simmi with mom. Suhasini comes and asks them to come.
Swadheenta and Suhasini take Simmi to hospital. Media comes and guards tries stopping the reporters. Paddy goes to them and asks Suhasini what does she think about her bahu defending her son’s culprits, why is she saving Abhay’s culprits and fighting their case. She asks Swadheenta why is she defending Abhay’s culprits. Simmi hears this. Swadheenta asks Paddy to leave. Simmi gets shocked. Suhasini takes Simmi.

They come home. Simmi reacts angrily. Swadheenta asks her to understand. Simmi says stay away. Swadheenta says you are unwell, calm down. Simmi asks her to stop showing fake sympathy. She says you don’t care for anyone, not even my dead husband and this house’s respect, else you would have not supported those who did this with my Abhay. Everyone look on. Simmi says you all have hidden this from me. Adarsh says we were not quiet. Simmi asks then how did Swadheenta get courage to stay here and go there to defend Abhay’s murderers, why did you all not kick her out and bear all this.

Manohar says we are also in your sorrow. Suhasini says I will repeat my words, we don’t make our bahus leave from this house. Simmi asks bahu, is bahu such? Jaya and I are also bahus, we did not cross our limits, but Swadheenta…. She cries and says fine, if you have no problem with her stay here, its fine, but I have a problem, I can’t stay with Swadheenta under one roof with such girl who does not have sorrow for Abhay’s death, who is defending his murderers, I m going to Papa’s house. Suhasini asks Simmi to understand them, we did not wish your health to get affected badly by all this. She hugs Simmi.

Suhasini says this is not your fight alone, its our fight, we don’t care where Swadheenta stays, she won’t succeed, you are bahu and daughter of this house too, we won’t let you go. Jaya says mumma is saying right, you won’t go anywhere. She tells Swadheenta that I wished you to become this house’s bahu, I thought you will respect us and never get us insulted, did we ask for a lot from you, I m getting angry on myself, why did I help Adarsh in making you this house’s bahu. Jaidev asks Simmi not to cry, none of us will forgive the one who goes against Abhay. Simmi scolds Swadheenta and asks her not to show her face, else it will be very bad. Adarsh looks on. Swadheenta cries.

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