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The crossroads 16 may 2020: Swadheenta say then you would have informed someone. Yash says yes, I called Sinha house and sent my team there. Suhasini asks whats all this, is this a joke, after Yash’s statement, there is no need for Arvind.

Swadheenta says its there, Yash told about the two calls, Yash reached the flat at 4.30, he got to know about Asad’s friends, they are terrorists, he confirmed this, why did he take 5 hours to collect this info, 5 hours is lot, court wants to know, answer. Suhasini says I will say why he took 5 hours, Yash raided in the flat, then he knew blasts will happen today, Yash and his team failed two blasts completely, its only because of this man, scooty shop and Sinha house did not had blasts, else there would be three blasts in city, the army officer who risked life and

saved city and many lives, that army officer is questioned, this is disgusting and shameful.
Judge tells Swadheenta that he agrees with Suhasini, army is efficient, honest and dependable, you should not doubt Yash. Swadheenta says I m just saying about Yash calling Asad, and then Asad called Haider. Suhasini says whats surprising if Asad calls Haider. Swadheenta says Asad called Haider, Zubeda, Radhika and Swadheenta, that’s me, our phones were on silent mode and none of us answered him. Suhasini recalls Jaidev asking everyone to keep phones on silent.
Swadheenta says Asad called me 6 times, why did he call me, was I a part of this blast, or did he call me to say whats going to happen will happen, or to inform about blasts. Suhasini says he wanted to talk to your parents, Asad has manipulated you all his life and is doing it after his death, I did not ask personal questions till now, but I want to ask Swadheenta about her relation with Gilanis. She says her parents had relation with Gilanis, they know Gilanis better, they are not here, as they knew Gilanis’ truth, that they are terrorists. Swadheenta says you are saying nonsense.

Suhasini says you are saying nonsense to save terrorists. Judge says please control your emotions. Suhasini says a hindu girl is saving a muslim family who are terrorists. Swadheenta objects and asks her not to use such words for them. Suhasini says she is getting angry for Gilanis, she can fight with her husband, family, inlaws and country, we all can be wrong, but country can’t be wrong, when you know their truth, you will understand my words, how this family used you as a puppet, you will know this in few words, you want to prove Arvind’s connection with blasts today, you can’t prove this even in 50 years, there is no such connection. This terrorist act is infront of everyone, two officers were seeing this case, Abhay died as martyr, and other officer testified that Asad is a terrorist, what else do we need. Country is seeing you with hope to get justice, to get criminals punished, hope to get decision soon, thank you.
Judge asks Swadheenta does she want to put any argument. Swadheenta says yes, till we find Arvind, how will we prove…. Suhasini says we would have got Arvind before, but now he is scared knowing his sketches are circulated and he is found with doubt that he is terrorist, why will he come out.
Judge says court agrees with Suhasini, should there be delay because of Arvind, you are given 3 days, its fine if you can bring out truth about Arvind in 3 days, else court will declare the decision, the court is adjourned. Swadheenta thanks him.
Adarsh looks at Swadheenta. They leave from the court. Mami and Swadheenta meet Mamu. Swadheenta asks Mamu not to worry, I will find Arvind anyway, you are not a terrorist. Mamu is taken by police. Mami asks how will you do this in 3 days. Swadheenta says don’t worry, I will find Arvind. The people scold Swadheenta for supporting terrorists, shame on her. The man says lets beat her, we will see how she saves terrorists. The people attack Swadheenta. Adarsh rushes to them and ask are you mad. The man says Swadheenta is supporting terrorists.

Adarsh says she is my wife, move back. Police comes there and stops the crowd. Adarsh takes Swadheenta with her and leaves. He makes her sit in the car. Suhasini looks on. Adarsh, Suhasini and Swadheenta leave.
Arvind and Bilal see the news. Paddy says Suhasini believes Arvind is not involved in this case, court has given three days time to Swadheenta to bring Arvind’s truth out. Arvind says Swadheenta can’t succeed, just 3 days and case over, I will be free. Bilal says we have to be very alert for these 3 days. Arvind says she should not know anything about me. Bilal says even I m thinking same. Arvind says I m thinking something else. He gives pics and says our flat was raided that day, Colonel has sent this. Bilal asks how did he get these pics. Arvind says when Asad connected to him by mistake, Colonel has sent our two people there. Bilal says if Yash was with Asad that day, why did he say in court that Asad is terrorist. Arvind says I know it, I know their story, I have seen their love triangle, just Yash is lying in this case, I know he has to do a lot to keep that lie, now you see Yash will do a lot of our share of work. He smiles.
Adarsh, Swadheenta and Suhasini are on the way. Swadheenta recalls his words. Mohabbat hai jee huzoori nai…………plays………… He recalls their marriage. He looks at her and recall their moments. She sees her hand hurt. Adarsh too sees her hand. She covers her hand wound. Yash sits and recalls Swadheenta’s words and how he lied in the court. He recalls Asad and Radhika’s relation and holds Radhika’s stole. Suhasini calls him and says I want to see you in my office. He asks is everything fine. She says I want to know what happened exactly on that night. He says see you tomorrow. He ends call and says Swadheenta you can try hard, but you can’t prove Asad and Haider innocent, because I won’t let this happen. Adarsh doing aid to Swadheenta’s hand. Jiya re…….plays……………….. She looks at him and tries to wipe his tear. He moves back and says get her well, what will you do, how many people will you and I stop, will you go against family, why can’t you see anything, don’t you trust me, if you trust me, understand one thing, if you fight this case for 30 years, you can’t get justice for Asad Gilani, all the evidence is against Haider and Asad, can’t you see, leave all this, everything will be finished, this house, family and this relation too. She goes out of balcony, and cries.

She recalls Asad thanking her for saving him from Mamu. She says I thought you are not lying, so I saved you. He says you are bond, but I did not tell you anything, how did you know I
m saying true. She says I m bond, I mean I know what you want and what you say. He hugs her and says I don’t need anyone if you are with me, if you leave supporting me, I will be alone. She says don’t be stupid, I will be with you always, promise. FB ends. She cries.
Constable tells Mamu that someone came to meet you. Mami sees Mamu’s bad state. They cry. She asks him not to worry, everything will be fine. He says don’t know, what is Lord’s will. She says you say, person will win after failing, if he does not lose hope. He says what win or lose, now when our Asad is not with us, he is with culprit’s tag. She says Asad was not a culprit, and even you are not, world will know this, our daughter is fighting for Asad, you and truth. He says don’t know what will happen in next 3 days, how will Swadheenta prove our Asad is innocent, and Arvind is real terrorist…..
Its morning, Suhasini and Adarsh talk to Yash at her office. Yash says I don’t know why Swadheenta is prolonging this case by this link of Arvind, my team was there, they did not see Arvind, no one has seen him, there was no one like Arvind. Adarsh says maybe Arvind was in crowd. Yash says sorry, just three terrorists were there, Ravi, Rajesh and Asad. Suhasini says Yash, humans can lie, but eyes can’t. Yash says I did not understand. Suhasini asks why was Swadheenta seeing you as if she doubts on you. He says I think pressure tactics, this is not applicable on me, I m commando and can handle pressure. Adarsh says you mean anyone else in your place would have told truth. Yash says I was also saying truth, its clear Swadheenta wants to proof Asad and Haider’s innocent, they are her loved ones. Adarsh says even Abhay was like her family.

Yash says police reports…. She says I read all reports, I have to know whats not there in police reports, we have to check what happened on that night, someone has to visit the blast site again. Adarsh says this time I will go there.
Adarsh and Yash visit the blast site. They see Swadheenta and Radhika coming there. Yash says the market ruined after blast, this is the exact place where Abhay was shot. Adarsh cries and recalls taking Abhay from that place. Yash says that’s the place from where Asad shot Abhay and police encountered Asad. Suhasini calls Adarsh and says police report says when police caught Asad, Asad has shot Abhay, terrorists stood behind the wall and shot Abhay. Adarsh checks that wall and thanks Suhasini. He takes pics of the wall.
Swadheenta sees that wall and thinks. She asks Radhika to hide behind the wall and asks her to hold this stick as if its gun. She asks her to fire now. She sees Radhika’s hand. Radhika asks what happened. Swadheenta says I can see just one angle, this gun, that night police did not see that terrorist’s face, as terrorist used smoke bomb, it can’t be Asad, it was Arvind, I don’t know why police doubted Asad, but Asad did not shoot Abhay, it was Arvind.
Swadheenta says terrorist was hiding there making the wall as shield and was cross firing, where would he run from there, he would have run towards that building. Actual moments are shown. Swadheenta says then there was firing shots heard, police followed him and they got Asad there, I know it was not Asad, it was Arvind

. Radhika says then who shot. Swadheenta says don’t know, why will he shoot and catch police’s attention, but how did Asad reach there. She thinks maybe I can see some answers blurred, and should put light on the pics and those people who were present here that night.
Radhika stops Adarsh and asks him to take Swadheenta home, I have to go home. Swadheenta says its okay, I will manage. Adarsh says if I knew Swadheenta was coming, I would have got you with me, its time waste what you are doing here, anyways you will do what you want, come. They leave. Yash tells Radhika that her dad knows she is here. He asks what are you doing here. She says for Asad, this is a fight to prove Asad innocent, this is my mission. He says mission of an army officer to prove a terrorist innocent. She says Asad is not a terrorist. He asks her not to be with Swadheenta. She says its good Asad had sister like Swadheenta, else he would have not got justice, Asad is terrorist, you will believe this too, Swadheenta will prove him innocent in court.
At home, Swadheenta changes and comes to sleep. Adarsh is annoyed with Swadheenta. He takes his pillow and gets away. He says we are married, I love you, it does not mean I m blind, do you still want to fight for them, I said right, this war is between us, you are not fighting for Abhay, the question is are you fighting for Abhay’s culprits and those terrorists, if you can do this, then I can keep our relation at stake for getting justice for my brother. He goes to sleep. She thinks my relation with you and this family will be same, even if you change the relation with me.



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