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The crossroads 11 May 2020: Ladyreporter asking Swadheenta for lift. Swadheenta ends call. The lady asks Swadheenta to drop her ahead and sits in the car. She tells Swadheenta that I fail to understand whats happening in our city, did you hear about the blast, someone said a wedding had the bomb. Swadheenta says that was my wedding. The lady says so sorry, I heard some terrorist is arrested there.

Swadheenta says Haider Mamu is not a terrorist. The lady says is he your Mamu. Swadheenta asks where to drop you. The lady asks driver to stop the car somewhere. She thanks Swadheenta and gets down the car. She records everything and says now I have personal angle.

Swadheenta reaches the hospital. Media asks her to say something. Swadheenta hugs Suhasini and cries. Suhasini asks about Simmi. Swadheenta says
we did not tell her, she is fine. Swadheenta sees Adarsh. Suhasini asks her to go to him. Swadheenta goes to Adarsh and hugs him. They cry. Inspector says Adarsh Sir, you wanted to see the terrorist who has shot Abhay. Adarsh asks where is he. Inspector says his dead body is in nearby govt hospital, come, other two terrorists got badly burnt.
Inspector takes them to the morgue. He says this is the third terrorist who shot DCP Sir. They all get shocked seeing Asad. Inspector says we got the pics at the flat where all blast plannings were made, this guy with those two guys, the flat was of his dad Haider, he kept terrorists there, all the family is involved, there is no doubt now. Adarsh recalls Asad and Abhay taking Asad’s name before his death. Adarsh and his family leaves. Swadheenta cries seeing Asad. She recalls Asad and their sweet moments.

She recalls Asad’s words and how she asked him to die and not come back. She hugs him and cries. Inspector gets Haider Mamu and asks him to come with them to police station. Haider says I m a professor, I did not do anything. Inspector says you taught your students to make bombs. Mamu says no. Adarsh and his family come back. Mami says I knew you will save Haider, tell them that we are Swadheenta’s Mama and Mami, Adarsh tell them Haider is not a terrorist. She holds Adarsh. Adarsh goes to Mamu and recalls Asad and Mamu’s words for not postponing the marriage.
He says Haider Gilani, you are a terrorist, you and your son, you both are terrorists, we did not come to meet you, we came to see that terrorist who shot 11 bullets to Abhay, who killed Abhay and did blasts in Delhi, we came to see Asad Gilani’s dead body. Mamu, Mami, Appa and Amma get shocked hearing about Asad’s death. Mamu and Mami cry. Adarsh says what harm did we do, why did you do this, what enmity did you have with us, Swadheenta was your daughter, you got bomb in her marriage, take him away, else I will kill him. Swadheenta looks on and cries. Adarsh shouts on Mamu and asks him to just leave. Mamu sees Swadheenta.
Adarsh holds Swadheenta’s hand and takes her away, while she tries to stop. Adarsh makes her sit in the car. Sinha family leaves from there. The lady reporter gets everything recorded. She says blast did not just happen in Delhi, there is emotional blast in Sinha family too. Mamu, Mami, Appa and Amma go to see Asad. They get shocked seeing his dead body. Mami cries holding Asad’s face and recalls him. Mamu recalls Asad and cries.
Inspector asks Mamu did you see your son’s dead body, come with me. Mami hugs Mamu and cries. She says our Asad, our son….. inspector says he was not a kid, he was big terrorist, we shot him many bullets than he shot our DCP. Mami says you are lying, my son and my husband are not terrorists, we did not do anything.

She asks Mamu to say something and cries. She says Haider wanted to see Asad in army, Asad loved his city and country a lot. Inspector says we have seen your love for country and city. He takes Mamu along. Mami cries and says my husband is not a terrorist. Amma cries and looks at Appa. Appa seems to be confused.
Jaidev asks doctor about post mortem. Doctor says it will take 5-6 hours, you take body in morning. Manohar asks Suhasini how will we tell Simmi. Jaidev says Simmi has to know it tomorrow anyhow.
Simmi tells Ahuja that no one came home till now, what are they doing. Ahuja says they would be coming now. Everyone reach home. Simmi says Abhay would have come and runs out to see. Adarsh, Jaidev and Swadheenta walk inside. Simmi sees Suhasini and Manohar, and asks about Abhay. Jaya signs no to them. Simmi looks for Abhay. Suhasini cries. Manohar holds her. Suhasini says Abhay is in headquarters, he is in meeting, I slapped him asking him to come home, he promised he will come in morning. She hides her tears and goes. Manohar says Abhay promised, he will come in morning. Jaya takes Simmi. Ahuja cries and asks how did this happen. He hugs Manohar and cries.Manohar asking Ahuja to calm down. Ahuja says Abhay was not my son in law, he was my son and always supported me, he left. Suhasini says Simmi is inside there, calm down please. He says Simmi has no one now, take care of her. She says Simmi is our daughter now, a mother is not told to take care of her daughter. Ahuja thanks her. Jaidev cries and tries to clean blood off his sherwani. Jaya comes to him and cries. He says its Abhay’s blood, I can’t see this. She wipes his tears and hugs him. She says what about us if you lose courage this way. He says whom we trusted and joined relations, they killed Abhay, you know who killed Abhay. She asks who. He says Asad Gilani, he was a terrorist, he shot 11 bullets to Abhay. She gets shocked. Jaidev says I regarded Asad a younger brother
and he did this, if Asad was alive, I would have killed him. They cry. She asks him to calm down and hugs him.

Adarsh and Swadheenta are in their room and see the news. Reporter tells about Haider Gilani and Asad Gilani, they are the terrorists, Asad has shot 11 bullets at DCP Abhay Sinha. Adarsh fumes. Manohar says if I could, I will get Haider Gilani hanged to death, what did we do to anyone, Abhay called Swadheenta his sister. Suhasini says Swadheenta did not know this, the one she thought as her family is going to use her. He says I don’t know all that, I just know they snatched our Abhay from us, till they don’t get punished, I can’t be quiet, think what will Simmi go through when she knows this. Adarsh says I can’t believe this happened in one night, I believed Haider and Asad, if Asad was alive today, I would have killed him, Haider should get hanged. Manohar gets a call and worries. He switches on the tv. They see the news.
That lady reporter shows Swadheenta’s statement that Haider Mamu is not a terrorist. Swadheenta says I gave lift to this girl while I was on the way to hospital, I don’t know about this record. Adarsh says news reporters can go to any extent to add spice in news. She says how can they do this. He says its okay, you did not know their truth, now you know Gilanis are terrorists. Adarsh goes to Manohar and Suhasini. Manohar switches off the tv. Adarsh says I knew you were seeing news. Manohar says what was the need for Swadheenta to say that. Adarsh says reporter cheated her and took that bytes, I told her to be away from media and Gilanis.
Suhasini hugs Adarsh. Swadheenta comes there and looks on. Suhasini sees Swadheenta outside the room and goes to her. Suhasini says your marriage happened strange, there was no bidaai and no grah pravesh, I did so many preparations, the place you took wedding rounds…. Swadheenta hugs her and cries.

Its morning, people throw stones at Mami and ask her to get out of their locality. Mami says we are staying here since 15 years like a family, where will I go. The man asks her to go to her husband in jail, get lost before we burn you along with this house. Amma takes Mami with her. Mami cries seeing people’s hatred. She recalls Mamu and Asad.
Simmi wakes up and smiles seeing Abhay. She greets him and asks when did you come. He says I came at night. She says I knew, you will be late, but would come eventually. She asks did anything happen at night. He says yes, Adarsh’s night, rain and storm. She says you always joke, why was everyone looking scared. He says what had to happen has happened, its morning now, I love you. She says I love you too. He gets teary eyed and holds her stomach. He says tell junior that Papa loves junior a lot. She says and Simmi loves his Papa. Suhasini opens the door and walks in. She greets Simmi. Simmi realizes Abhay isn’t there and thinks where did Abhay go. She says Abhay was here just now….. Suhasini gets shocked.

Simmi asks her to come and sit. Suhasini goes to her. Simmi says I want to ask something imp, when I sleep at night, I get tension when I take turn in sleep, will it affect baby. Suhasini says I wanted to tell you same thing. Simmi says Abhay would have told you this, trust me, I take care of baby even in deep sleep. Suhasini says you have to take care, these nine months, you are not alone, a life is linked to you, mother has to manage herself and child. Simmi says its cheating, why should I take all responsibility, Abhay and I will share responsibility. Suhasini says Abhay has come home. Simmi says I know, he may have gone to make coffee for me, why did he not come here. Suhasini says he won’t come back, he has gone leaving all of us. Simmi says he would be acting. Suhasini says he is no more. Simmi says what nonsense mom, Abhay was just here, I will see. She goes out and Jaya hugs her. Swadheenta hugs her too. Simmi sees Ahuja and everyone in white clothes. Ahuja cries. Simmi gets shocked……… Suhasini holds her.

Jaidev and Suhasini take Simmi to show her Abhay’s dead body. Simmi turns to leave. Jaidev asks Simmi to see Abhay once. They all cry. Adarsh and Jaidev hold Simmi and take her. Jaidev moves the cloth off Abhay’s face. Simmi gets in shock seeing Abhay. She breaks down and cries, recalling Abhay’s word.

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