The Cost of Love Update Wednesday 7 July 2021

The Cost of Love 7 July 2021: The Episode starts with Reyansh saying you can order a lemonade for me, but tandoori chicken is a must. Pankti says I will order it. Sheetal tries to escape. The goons catch her. Reyansh says good Ahaan, but who will act with you. Ahaan says we have the girl here, Pankti will perform with me. Reyansh says you have two solos. Pankti asks how will I perform, I don’t know acting. Ahaan says just love me, don’t act. He holds Pankti’s hand and asks will you support me. She nods. They go. Reyansh tears the papers.

Goons tie up Sheetal again and leave. Ahaan asks his friends not to teach them dance, he already knows it. Goon calls Reyansh and tells about Sheetal. Reyansh asks the goon to make sure she doesn’t run. Pankti hears him.Vikram sees Kaira happy. He goes to Manav and says I wanted to talk about Kaira, she seems happy, if she likes Monty, we should talk about marriage. Aparna says we will talk to Kaira. Pankti asks whom were you talking.

He says my friend Malvika, she wants to go home and play with dog, she doesn’t value anything, I told the manager that I will kill her if she leaves, you and Ahaan also stay grounded when you become stars. Ahaan asks Pankti to come fast, else he will have all the food. Kaira thinks of Monty and smiles. Aparna says we were thinking to talk to Monty about marriage, but you seem busy. Kaira says no, I m not busy. She hugs them. Manav says I will inform Ahaan on phone. Kaira says no, I will personally tell him about my alliance with Monty.

Monty comes to see Poorva at the hospital and cries. Poorva sees him. Nurse says there is no one there. Monty sees Poorva and recalls Pankti’s message about Poorva’s suicide.Reyansh doesn’t eat pizza. Ahaan and Pankti feed each other. Uday sees them and says this is India, not London, control. Reyansh asks Ahaan to come on time tomorrow. He finds the chicken spicy. He coughs. Ahaan asks him to remove his coat, its so uncomfortable. Reyansh removes coat.

Pankti sees a mark on his hand. She gets shocked. She recalls that hoodie man’s hand. She gives him water. Reyansh says thanks, I will see you soon. He goes.Its morning, Vikram talks about a gift delivery. He says I don’t want anyone to doubt. Pankti brings Poorva home. Poorva apologizes. Pankti asks her to get fine soon. Poorva says thank God, we are here for each other, mum doesn’t care for us, where did she go. Anita is tied up in a dark place. A man delivers the gift hamper.

He says Anita bought a Goa trip from us, so this hamper is for us, plan any trip with our company. Pankti takes the gift. Poorva says so mum has gone to Goa for holidays. Pankti says I m with you and hugs. Ahaan gets a call from Aparna. Ahaan says we got Poorva home. Aparna says great, get Pankti and Poorva home, there is a good news, Kaira…. Kaira takes phone and asks him to come soon. Aparna hugs Kaira.JD meets Sheetal and slaps her. He asks her not to test his patience. He reminds her marriage vows to always support him.

She scolds him and says you won’t get Pankti, she hates you, I also hate you, you are hiding behind a mask and you say you aren’t scared. He says I m not scared of anyone, I m playing a game, its time to make the queen out of this game. He points gun at her. He gets a call. Ahaan calls him and asks him to come home, there is an imp work. JD agrees. He ends call and says we will sing a separation song, I m talking about Ahaan and Pankti, you got saved again, don’t know what you good deeds you earned, that you got an understanding husband like me, I have to go for a meeting.

Aparna making Pankti taste the kheer. She says I want Sheetal to get away from all the matters, anyways, tell me how were your rehearsals. Pankti says it was good, it was at RV studios. Aparna asks her is the studio close to airport. Pankti says no, its in opposite direction, why. Aparna says Reyansh said he is going to studio, but he went after Sheetal. Pankti gets thinking. Poorva meets Monty and asks him to listen to her once, was their love so weak that he can’t give her a chance to clear the misunderstanding.

She asks him to give her one chance. She reminds their promises and dreams. He says you broke all the dreams and promises, I want to trust you, when someone sent me a proof, what shall I do, I want to believe that you are pure, but how shall I forget this. She says fine, I can’t do anything.He says I don’t trust you, next time call me before coming. They see Kaira at the door. Kaira says sorry, I didn’t know you both had any relation, sorry Poorva, another relation started now between me and Monty, I hope you understand, I want to remind you something, mom and dad want to talk about our marriage.

Poorva and Monty get shocked. Kaira says I don’t know what’s between us, but there is something, is there any future or do you want to live in past, Monty has to decide.Ahaan asks servant did Aparna order sweets, what’s the matter. Servant says don’t know. Reyansh comes and says I m marketing your work, you are becoming a star and I m working hard for it. Pankti sees Reyansh and recalls Aparna’s words. Reyansh says you have to become a star on social media first.

Pankti says I don’t know all this. Ahaan says I will teach you. Manav calls Ahaan. Ahaan goes. Pankti sees Reyansh’s shoes and asks did you have any meeting in jungle. He says no, in a five star hotel. She says strange, it wasn’t clean, see your shoes. He recalls meeting Sheetal. He says the route was dirty, thanks for telling me, I will clean it up. He gets relieved. Ahaan asks what’s the special news. Pankti says yes, I m also excited. Kaira asks Ahaan to wait.

Aparna says call him once, he should have come. Kaira says he would have come if he was interested, if he didn’t come…. Monty comes and asks will you marry me. They all get shocked. Ahaan and Pankti look at each other. Monty comes to Kaira and asks her the answer. Kaira says yes and smiles. She hugs Aparna and Manav. Pankti cries. Manav blesses Kaira. Richa says congrats. Monty takes blessings and hugs Manav.

Ahaan asks when did this happen. Kaira says I was talking to Monty that day. Pankti asks Ahaan did he know this. Ahaan signs no. Pankti runs from there. Poorva sees Monty’s social profile and cries. Pankti comes home and sees her crying. She asks what happened. Poorva says Monty and Kaira….. Pankti says I will talk to Monty. Poorva says Monty finished everything, I didn’t know he will not value my love and forget it so easily. Pankti asks why did Monty do this. Poorva says the reason doesn’t matter, all my dreams broke.

Pankti hugs and consoles her. Ahaan calls her and says I m sorry, I didn’t know about Kaira and Monty’s relation. Pankti says its already on social media, I don’t care, Poorva is much hurt. Ahaan says Kaira didn’t know about Poorva and Monty, but now it seems like Kaira and Monty love each other. Pankti says Poorva is in pain. He asks don’t you trust me. She says we shall talk later, Poorva needs me.She ends call. Kaira and Monty are at a restaurant. She says I love you a lot, we shall have a house in India and abroad too, we shall start a life’s new chapter.

She holds his hand and asks him not to be shy, they are getting married. She feeds him with love. Vikram drinks with his friends. He plans a trip and sees some pic. Ahaan is at the studio. Ahaan stays sad. Pankti comes. Reyansh looks on and gets a call. He says everything is going as planned. Ahaan tells Pankti that maybe Poorva and Monty had no love. Pankti says she loves Monty a lot. Ahaan says maybe Monty doesn’t love her. She says Poorva’s state is bad now. Ahaan says stop blaming Kaira for it. Reyansh smiles.

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