The Cost of Love Update Wednesday 25 August 2021

The Cost of Love 25 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Rangoli saying your dreams will be dying soon. Pankti says I truly loved Ahaan, our love can’t end so soon. Ahaan says Pankti will never become anyone’s wife or bahu, I hate Pankti. He crushes Pankti’s pic and tears it. Aparna asks why can’t she become someone’s wife or bahu. Ahaan shouts because she is a mistress. They get shocked. Aparna says you are not in senses, tell us if there is any misunderstanding between you two, we will clear it. He says no, I don’t want to see her, I hate Pankti. He falls on stairs and goes up to his room. Everyone looks on shocked.

Its morning, Randhir asks for coffee. He asks Rangoli what’s this bread, where is breakfast, lassi or paratha. She asks when are you going Delhi, when is your flight. He says I will tell you. She reminds why he made Pankti his mistress. She says take her away today. He agrees to leave. He asks his man to meet him at Pankti’s house. He asks her is she happy now. He eats sandwich.

Monty and Poorva come home. They see decorations. Poorva questions Anita and goes to see Pankti. Monty says we came to know what happened. Pankti hides Ahaan’s pic. She hugs Poorva. She asks her to take care of Ahaan, she is leaving. Pankti stops talking and does makeup. Poorva asks what are you saying. Pankti says nothing. Poorva says I doubted on mum, I have got Ahaan’s video. Pankti says Ahaan just knows this, he is a loser. Randhir comes.

Pankti says Randhir is my new buyer, I m his mistress now. Poorva gets shocked. Pankti goes to Randhir and holds his hand. She asks about flight. He says I m also not able to control, if you can’t control, shall I book hotel. Anita goes to get drink for him. Randhir finishes paper work. Monty and Poorva look on shocked. Randhir asks Pankti to come.Vikram stays tensed. Richa gives tea to him. Kaira says Ahaan’s video got viral.

Aparna says people has a habit to talk. Ahaan comes. Aparna asks him the matter. Ahaan recalls Pankti’s words. Aparna says we will find a solution, tell me. Dinesh comes and asks them to continue this talk later. He says I have come to send you all away. They get shocked.Randhir waits for Pankti. Poorva scolds Anita for threatening Pankti. Pankti says no, it was my decision this time. Anita says you always blame me. She goes. Poorva cries. Anita smells money notes and smiles. Monty looks on.

Pankti says I m doing this for happiness and good life. Poorva says don’t lie to me, is Ahaan is in any problem, you are doing this to save him, tell me what are you hiding. Pankti says nothing, I m fed up looking after Ahaan, this is a practical decision. She speaks against Ahaan. Poorva asks her to stop it. Pankti says I just want freedom, I want to become a mistress. Poorva can’t believe this. Pankti says I m going now, don’t know when will we meet again. Poorva hugs her and says you still care for that loser, and gave his responsibility to me. Pankti goes.

Poorva says I will find the truth. Dinesh says this house is sold, you have to leave this house, so that my clients can come. He gives the documents of deal. Ahaan asks what nonsense. Aparna checks papers and says Vikram sold the house.Randhir asking Pankti to sit, they are leaving and she will know where they are going. Everyone scolds Vikram for selling the house without telling them. Vikram says company was in loss, mom would have done the same. Manav says Sheetal would have told us before doing this.

Dinesh and Aparna argue. Aparna says we are not leaving this house, its ours. Randhir and Pankti come. Randhir says no, its my house. They get shocked seeing Pankti. Randhir asks Pankti to see their new house. He removes the blindfold. Pankti gets shocked seeing them.Dinesh welcomes Randhir. Randhir says I wanted some glamour, why did you tell me about Ahaan’s family. Aparna asks Pankti what’s happening. Ahaan shouts enough, I didn’t know Pankti can go to this extent to prove me a loser, did you forget that love in one second. He scolds her for moving on.

Aparna asks what are you saying. Ahaan says she isn’t my Pankti, but someone’s mistress. Richa says that man who bought our house.Randhir says I have all rights on Pankti now, its a 25 crore deal, what happened, why are you staring, didn’t you see any smart man, go and vacate the house. Kaira says we also stay here, you had deal with Vikram. Aparna says where is our NOC, this deal isn’t right legally, we will go court first, no one will leave from here.

Randhir says its fine, I will also play the court game. He says you can stay here, I do much charity, its my house, first right and last right are mine. He says JD’s room will be best one here. He asks Pankti to show JD’s room to her. Manav says we will find some way to make you out. Randhir takes his threatening light. He asks Pankti to show their room. Everyone goes. Rangoli gets the news of Dhanrajgir’s going bankrupt and smiles. She says I wish you got Ahaan married to me, then you would have not seen this day. Pankti sees JD’s room and recalls him.

Randhir makes his man do the changes in room. He sees Sheetal’s pic. Pankti gets emotional and takes Sheetal’s pic from the man. Randhir asks did she get emotional with past link. Rangoli calls him and thinks how is the phone ringing when they are in flight, did Pankti reach Delhi or not. Pankti’s hand gets hurt. He pours wine on her wound. Rangoli says I don’t trust anyone, I will try to impress Ahaan’s family and make a place in their hearts, this is the chance to support them, Ahaan will fall in love with me. Pankti says we were going Delhi. Randhir says I don’t even answer my wife, and you are my mistress. He does shayari. He asks her to manage the family, its her work to send them away. Kaira confronts Vikram for selling house to Randhir. Manav says don’t know what’s happening with us. He checks papers and says this deal is wrong.

He says how can he buy 350 crores worth property in 150 crores. Vikram says Dinesh told this value. Kaira says he is not your lawyer to help. Manav says you should have helped me. Vikram says you were busy in Ahaan’s case. Kaira says don’t blame others. Aparna says enough now, we have to fight with this problem. Ahaan says we shall leave this house. Aparna says no, Sheetal didn’t leave everything on us for this day, we have to save this house, we won’t leave. She says Vikram you should have asked elders once. Vikram apologizes. Aparna says we will manage this problem.

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