The Cost of Love Update Tuesday 31 August 2021

The Cost of Love 31 Aug 2021:  Episode starts with Rangoli asking Ahaan to have patience. Ahaan says I don’t have even a day to wait, I want to become star now itself. Just then he gets Monty’s call and offers Ahaan to sing solo for rhythm music. Ahaan says I don’t want charity. Monty says we need singers. Ahaan agrees. Rangoli asks Ahaan not to sing for Rhythm and says Purva and Pankti are sisters. Ahaan says I know Monty well and I can’t refuse work, I have to take decision smartly.

Uday asks Ahaan to start rehearsals. Pankti sees Ahaan practicing and playing music. Ahaan gets a call. Panikti lifts his music instrument and keeps on the drum. Ahaan comes and takes it. Randhir does photo shoot with the girls for the calender. Later he comes to Ahaan and asks why he is making noise late at night. Ahaan continues to play music. Randhir lifts his hand. Pankti comes and stops him. She takes Randhir with him. Ahaan gets angry and plays music. Next morning, Ahaan takes his parents’ blessings. Randhir taunts that talent is necessary for success.

Ahaan sings the song which he composed in the studio. Ahista Ahista…..plays…Everyone claps for his performance.Purva tells Pankti that Monty said that Ahaan’s sung nicely and recording was good. Kiara tells Aparna that Ahaan’s video has gone viral. Vikram tells Randhir that he is coming on page 3 since 3 days. Randhir says it is baby doll’s jalwa. Vikram asks Randhir to be careful and says he will plan. Randhir says no and tells that he wants to drink now. He gets sleep. Monty takes Ahaan to meet his fans. They cheer for him.

Ahaan gets an award as the new singing sensation. Ahaan thanks his fans and says he sings for them. Anita switches off the TV being upset. Randhir says sometimes it happen. Pankti and Aparna get happy and go to the room. Pankti hugs Aparna and says our 1st goal is accomplished and tells that they have to work on goal no 2 and for that she has to make Rangoli her bahu. Aparna says I know what to do and says we have to do something so that they hate each other. Pankti says yes, then we will get rid of them and you will get your house and company.

Aparna says then you will get your ahaan back. Pankti hugs her. Vikram asks Richa to give her other tie as he is going with Randhir. Richa says Ahaan has achieved so much in all these months and worries for Vikram saying your all efforts may go waste. Vikram asks her to have patience and says we will get back everything.Aparna blesses Ahaan and says you will get success. Kiara says you will get world success and will get an award.

Rangoli says success is not everything and asks her to bless him to get his true love. She says his fans want this. Aparna says it is good that you came. Vikram comes and congratulates Ahaan. Pankti asks Randhir to behave like a page 3 celebrity and not like a road side contractor. She says she will select good clothes for him. Randhir tries to kiss Pankti, but stops hearing shank sound. He gets angry. Pankti says I will go and handle them. She goes there. Aparna tells Pankti that Ahaan wouldn’t be so much successful if she had not betrayed him.

Ahaan stops her and says Maa is right, you deserve this award. I wish I would have known your truth, and I would have become star long ago. Pankti says what is my mistake, if you got intelligence now. Rangoli asks Ahaan not to reply to her and says she don’t deserve this. Ahaan says she don’t deserve anyone’s love. Aparna says we all know that Rangoli is behind Ahaan’s success, why we are talking about Pankti? Rangoli gets happy. Aparna says if Rangoli had not taken care of Ahaan then he would have broken up.

Pankti says it is a useless talk that a woman is behind man’s success. Kiara says such talks are useless for rakhni. Pankti says then why don’t they get Ahaan marry a great woman and says the headlines will be….Ahaan took rounds with the girl who accused him of molestation. Ahaan holds her hand angrily. Randhir says who is troubling my baby doll and says he will play his band. Pankti says they want to get Ahaan and Rangoli’s marriage and I was asking where they will get the grah pravesh done, as you are throwing them out soon. Aparna says they will marry here and grah pravesh will happen, stop if anyone can. Pankti looks at Randhir.

Aparna telling that Rangoli and Ahaan will marry in this house and grah pravesh will happen too, if anyone can stop then stop us. Randhir says I will stop you today itself. Pankti says why do you want to spoil your swag, says you will get late for the conference, I will handle them. She takes Randhir in the room and asks him to concentrate on work, and says she will handle house work. Randhir says ok. Pankti asks her to stay away from the model. Randhir says baby doll is getting possessive and says he will meet her in the evening. Pankti says I think it is Ahaan and Rangoli’s plan to get the house, and says just like she told me that she is your daughter, she might have told everyone also.

Randhir says did she speak about our relation. Pankti says this secret will be safe with me, but we can’t say anything about her. Randhir says are you sure that she told everyone. Pankti says may be and they all know that Ahaan is Rangoli’s weakness and taking advantage of the situation. She says they can’t withstand behind your cleverness. Pankti asks Randhir to go as Vikram comes. They leave.Kaira informs Ahaan about Aparna declaring Rangoli and his marriage.

Rangoli comes and tells that Aparna agreed as Pankti provoke him. She says I want to say no, you can say no, but we shall get together to defeat Pankti. She says Pankti insulted Aparna aunty? Ahaan asks Kiara if she said right. Kiara nods. Rangoli says I have a plan and asks if he can act infront of Pankti that he is ready to marry her. Ahaan looks on. Manav asks Aparna why did she take the decision in anger. Ahaan comes and says Maa’s decisions are never wrong and says he is ready to marry Rangoli.

Pankti claps and says they will be kicked out of this house and asks Rangoli if she has space for them in her house. Rangoli asks her to be rakhni and promises to get her out of the house. Pankti smiles. Rangoli comes to Randhir while he is getting his make up done. He sees Rangoli and asks the man to close the mic. Vikram asks the man to let the mic open. Rangoli asks Randhir to give her house as gift for his daughter’s happiness. Randhir says Ahaan and his family is using you. Rangoli says Aparna aunty likes me and asks who is filling your mind against nonsense.

Randhir says Pankti and then says why did you tell Pankti that we are father and daughter. Rangoli says I told her, but she will not tell anyone as she has no proofs. She asks will you name that house on my name? Randhir says no, I will not name house on your name. Vikram hears everything and closes the mic.Aparna comes to room. Pankti tells her that they have to be careful.

Aparna says it is very difficult to win Rangoli’s trust. Pankti says I know and that’s why I have chosen a guy on whom she will trust. Vikram comes and says I…says Rangoli and Randhir relation will break now. He says he had walked on the wrong way, and now will get back their everything. Aparna says we have to keep Ahaan away from all this. Pankti says I know how to handle him and asks them to handle Rangoli and Randhir. Rangoli gets audio clip and hears it. She is shocked to hear Randhir and her conversation. Vikram comes and says I sent it. She says you want to do deal.

Rangoli says yes and gives him wine. She says she will have JMD shares and property till she gets married to Ahaan. Vikram says if you refuse after marriage. Rangoli says we will get the papers made, and once I marry him, I will transfer everything on your name. Vikram says deal and says now Ahaan agreed to marry you. Rangoli says he said to lower Pankti.

Pankti calls Purva and asks him to keep Ahaan far from company and home. Purva says I will handle everything. Anita hears them. Aparna calls jeweller home. Manav says why did you call him. Aparna says I thought to select an engagement ring. Manav says court decision have come just now, what others will think. Vikram says Chachi is right and tells that Rangoli said sorry to us many times. Rangoli says I am ready to apologize again and again. Pankti asks her to go and says you are never welcome here. Rangoli says you will be out of this house in 48 hours. Pankti says all the best and asks Servant where is the juice? She politely scolds him.

Ahaan finds Pankti ring fallen from his cupboard and reminisces their moments. He recalls Pankti’s promise made to him. He gets teary eyes. Kiara comes and tells him that Mom is calling him to select engagement ring. Ahaan sees Pankti standing there and tells that he got his true love because of his fans love and mom’s blessings. He throws pankti’s ring on floor and walks out of room. Pankti picks the ring and cries.

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