The Cost of Love Update Tuesday 20 July 2021


The Cost of Love 20 July 2021: The Episode starts with Richa asking Vikram what about the relations he has broken, what about Poorva. Sheetal comes and asks what about Poorva. Richa says I was asking him to take a stand for Ahaan like Poorva takes a stand for Pankti. Sheetal says wow, you explained him in a simple way. She hugs Vikram and asks him to bond with Ahaan like before, he should listen to her.

She says I m going on a break now, I want to get away for some time. Vikram says if you are fine, I don’t want anything else. Aparna hugs Sheetal and asks her to chill. Sheetal says my life is set as I have a sister like you. Everyone hugs Sheetal. Sheetal says I will come for our marriage Kaira. She blesses Ahaan and Pankti. She says I will come for your marriage too. Ahaan says if Pankti troubles me, I will get her to London.

Sheetal cries and says Vikram, your mom and dad raised you, you have to decide whose son you want to become, I will always love you, but don’t do anything that I don’t feel proud of you, I m leaving company responsibility on you, make it good like before. Vikram agrees.She says I want to be alone, I have cried enough, I want to happy now. She leaves. Its morning, Pankti wakes up.

She hears sound and goes to see. She sees Ahaan in kitchen. Poorva comes and laughs. Ahaan says I was trying to make milkshake, and this happened. Pankti says if you wanted the milkshake, you should have told me. Ahaan says I was making breakfast for you. He opens arms. She moves him away and asks how do you know I will say yes. He says you have always said yes to me. She says you don’t know how to use the mixie. He says fine, I will propose you know. She asks him to check the place and clean it if he wants a good answer. He says oh, so challenge…

Anita counts money. A lady calls her and asks her to think of the new client, as JD is gone. Anita refuses. The lady Jasmin asks her to come and meet her. Anita thinks to meet and talk out clearly. Vikram gets ready and asks Richa to show some excitement about his first day at company. She asks do you think about others, how will you become a good father. She goes. He asks what’s the connection between these things. Pankti opens the door and sees the musicians.

Ahaan comes with a bouquet. She smiles. Pal do pal….plays… she asks him to get fresh flowers. He goes and gets a cake for her. She smiles and says sweet, but I m on diet. She sends him again. Ahaan looks at her. She opens the window. He gives her a heart balloon. She blasts the balloon and smiles. He makes a sad face. Anita meets Jasmin. Anita says Pankti is marrying in Dhanrajgir family. Aparna and her friends come to a restaurant. Aparna doesn’t like the place. Her friends ask her to get modern. Aparna says Pankti will teach me everything I should.

The lady says Pankti would be like you, but what about her family. Jasmin asks Anita about Poorva. A man comes there. Pankti goes out and sees a puppet show about Ahaan and her love story. He proposes her and showers flowers on her. She smiles. Tere liye….plays…. She signs no. He asks her to come after him. They smile.Pankti seeing the big singer Rangoli and crying.Ahaan comes to her and asks why didn’t you answer me, there is another surprise for you.

She hugs Ahaan and cries. Ahaan gets Pankti to some apartment. He shows her their new house. She gets happy. She says its really good, why are we here. He says I used to think when will we have a fresh start, now it looks like a dream, why don’t we start this with your dream. She cries happily. She asks did you remember it. He says yes, I spoke to agent, very soon we will be the owner of this flat. Agent Gupta comes and says sorry, you can’t get this flat now.

Ahaan asks what, you said this is vacant, we gave you token money. Gupta says Rangoli Rai met the builder and got this flat. Ahaan says Pankti, I promise I will fulfill your dream. Gupta says sorry, hand over the keys at society office. He goes. Pankti says we shall leave. Ahaan gets upset and says this is happening because of Rangoli Rai, she has much stardom, I will also achieve such stardom one day. She says you will become a bigger star, Lord is there to help, come. He says just be with me. He sees the flat sadly and leaves.

Jasmin asks the client to think of Anita’s daughter.The client agrees and holds Anita’s hand. Aparna gets shocked seeing this. Anita makes his hand away. The man gets interested in her. Aparna thinks Anita should at least think for their respect. Anita sees Aparna and says I m leaving Jasmin. Jasmin says don’t leave the client, do you want more money. Anita says Pankti is getting married in good family, I don’t want to spoil my name doing this, I don’t like this.

Aparna says we shall pack food and have it at home. Her friend says just sit here, you should get training to pass time. They talk about Anita meeting such people. Aparna goes. Anita calls her out. Jasmin and the man try to influence Anita. Anita asks Jasmin never to call her again, Pankti is getting married in Dhanrajgir family. She refuses to do any such work. She says I want to live a respectable life. Vikram comes to office. Everyone greets him.

He goes to cabin and recalls JD. Manav comes with the managers. They have a meeting. Manager says Rhythm went ahead of us since JD left. Manav holds Vikram’s hand and says its okay, no need to worry, we have to deal with best people and sign them under our company, then we will be best again, put in the hard work, we will be number 1. Vikram thanks Manav. Manav says we all will help you. They leave. Vikram comes home. Richa says please take me to doctor. She stumbles.

Aparna holds her and asks are you fine. Richa says yes, I feel uneasy, Vikram can we go to doctor. Vikram says I m working now. Richa says visiting doctor is also imp. Vikram says don’t drag me along. Aparna says her health is imp. Vikram says she can go along, I have given her a car and driver. Richa says he won’t understand why a husband is needed in such state.Pankti and Ahaan come.

Pankti says I will take you to doctor, one who doesn’t care for your feelings, don’t depend on him. Richa cries and goes. Ahaan asks Vikram what’s his problem. Vikram says I have much work. Ahaan says work is imp, but family is more imp. Vikram says I can’t run after Richa all the time. Ahaan says Richa is also your responsibility. Vikram says Sheetal would have asked me to focus on business, she gave me this responsibility.

He asks them not to teach him, he already knows his capability. Manav says Vikram has managed all responsibilities in office, he has kept a press conference to share his ideas, he is really working hard. Ahaan asks Vikram not to let his professional life tensions ruin his personal life.

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