The Cost of Love Update Tuesday 13 July 2021

The Cost of Love 13 July 2021: The Episode starts with Pankti asking Ahaan what’s the day today. He guesses many things. She asks does he not remember. He smiles and says of course I remember, you came in my life and became my friend. She says you came in my life and ended all the darkness, you ended all my fears, you held my hand. He says you brought light in my life, my life go a meaning, you got love in my life, how could I leave your hand, why don’t we make this day special, we will have friendship again and make vows, so that our friendship gets deeper.

He asks Pankti will she become her friend. She holds his hand. They smile and hug. She says after so many misunderstandings, you remembered this day. He says yes, you feel you love me more, but the truth is I love you more. They smile. He says I have done preparations for this day as well. He gets a cake delivered. He wishes happy friendship day, Ahankti’s friendship. Pal do pal…plays…. She smiles. They cut the cake and feed each other. They dance. She asks him think about a plan for Reyansh.

Aparna asks Reyansh is he finding someone. Reyansh says yes, I m finding Ahaan. She says he went out, maybe to meet Pankti. Reyansh says its good. Ahaan and Pankti come home and start arguing. Aparna asks Pankti what’s the matter. Pankti signs Aparna. Ahaan and Pankti get angry on each other. Reyansh smiles. Ahaan asks Aparna not to talk in between. Pankti says I will listen to you when you get mature. She goes. Aparna asks Ahaan to go and convince Pankti. He refuses and goes upstairs. Reyansh smiles. Pankti is at home. She waits for Reyansh’s call. Uday asks her is she sure.

Ahaan says how many times shall I forgive her.She says Reyansh will call if he is convinced about the fight. Ahaan says I love her a lot, can’t I make a small demand. Uday says Reyansh would have called by now. She says he will call. Reyansh asks Ahaan to call Pankti and patch up. Ahaan says no, she will call first. Reyansh says fine, I will call from your phone and try to sort out. Ahaan says no need. Reyansh says its necessary. Pankti answers the call and gets angry on Ahaan. She asks Ahaan to learn from Reyansh, how he maturely handles the things.

Reyansh says sorry, its me, not Ahaan. She says sorry, tell Ahaan that I won’t forgive him. She ends call. Pankti asks Uday to get few things. Reyansh calms down Ahaan and says everything will get fine. Pankti calls Reyansh and says I m feeling lonely, can you come to meet me tonight. He says fine, place will be of my choice, I will tell you the time. Uday gets the things. Ahaan asks what’s this. Pankti says its special drug used in lie detector test, people speak all the truth after consuming this. Ahaan asks her not to take big risk. She says he is trying to separate us, I can’t let him go.

Ahaan says I didn’t know you have bold side. Pankti says we have to scare Reyansh now.Pankti comes to the restaurant and fixes a mic. Reyansh says welcome and thanks for coming on this special dinner date, you have come before me, I have booked the entire restaurant. She places the purse with spy cam and says thanks for coming to meet me, I was upset by Ahaan’s rude behavior. He says we shall order something, good food, drink and a company is needed to make mood better.

They have a drink. She says I want ice, its not cold. He goes to get ice. She adds the liquid in his drink. He gets the ice. They have food. She thanks him. He signs the bartender and waiter. They leave. She says I will message Poorva that my mood is better now. He asks are you sure your mood is better.She says yes, after all, I have good food, drink and a good company. She messages Uday. Uday says its Pankti’s message. He replies he is decoding the message. Reyansh asks is everything fine. She says yes.

She says we will talk about you today, who is this Reyansh Deewan, who is behind this good looking face. He gets shocked.Reyansh saying I have no such special identity. Pankti says fine, I will tell you about my past, I was surrounded with difficulties and bad people, then Ahaan came in my life, now even he isn’t understanding me, did any lucky girl came in your life. He says many came in my life, but I m waiting for a special girl. She asks like what. He says someone for whom I don’t get scared to do any dangerous thing, for whom returning from death looks a simple thing, someone like you. She gets shocked.

Uday says I m not getting the message right, I m trying all the softwares. Ahaan says just hurry up, we have to know what Sheetal wanted to say. Reyansh asks Pankti not to worry, he said someone like her, not her, he knows bro code, he shouldn’t see his friend’s lover, since Ahaan and she are lovers. She asks what if we were not lovers, tell me. He says I need to go to washroom. He goes and sees her. She checks her phone. He locks the doors and keeps the keys. He gets dizzy.Uday says I m not able to do it, I have tried everything.

He sees his phone and says we were wasting time, we shall check auto correct version of Sheetal’s message. Ahaan asks what do you mean. Uday says you just sing, leave this to me. Reyansh says what’s Pankti thinking, did her taste get better. Ahaan says I wish Pankti is fine. Reyansh comes stumbling. Pankti asks are you okay. He says yes, I m fine. Uday gets shocked reading the message and says Ahaan…. Ahaan checks the phone and gets shocked. Reyansh says don’t know what’s happening, I got drunk so soon, its actually because of you. He faints. She asks him to get up. The light goes. It thunders. She asks Reyansh to get up. Ahaan asks Uday to call Pankti fast.

Uday calls Pankti. Ahaan asks Pankti to leave fast. She says Reyansh fainted. He says just leave from there, Sheetal’s message is decoded, it was written that JD is Reyansh. She gets shocked and says I m leaving from here. Reyansh says Babu…. in semi conscious state. She thinks of his words and pulls off his mask. She gets shocked seeing JD’s face. She removes his wig. She says JD is alive. She recalls JD and Reyansh. Ahaan and Uday are on the way. Ahaan calls Pankti and gets her number off. Pankti says it means JD has done all that with us in London.

Ahaan and Uday come home. Ahaan asks Aparna did Pankti come. Aparna says no, why. Ahaan says Pankti called me and said Reyansh is unconscious.Aparna asks are you sure that Reyansh is JD, since you called and informed me, I can’t believe it, we have seen his final rites. He shows Sheetal’s message. He says you know Sheetal never does anything without any solid reason. Aparna recalls Sheetal’s words. She says maybe Sheetal was going to tell us this matter, my heart is worried, maybe she is in some problem, why did Pankti go there. Ahaan says its my mistake, I should have not sent her.

Uday asks him to relax, she isn’t so weak. Ahaan says I will go and pick her. Uday says she will come. Aparna says maybe JD doubts on you, please wait for her. Richa meets Poorva and apologizes. Poorva says it was my fate. Richa says its nothing like that, good thing is your family is with you. Poorva says just Pankti is with me. Richa asks does Anita not support you. Poorva says Anita isn’t here. Richa asks where is she. Poorva says don’t know, she is missing since some days. Richa thinks of Vikram. She says sorry, I have some urgent work. Pankti hides from JD. He gets conscious.


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