The Cost of Love Update Friday 20 August 2021

The Cost of Love 20 Aug 2021:  Episode starts with Aparna calling Rangoli in the witness box. She questions Rangoli. Dinesh jokes on Aparna’s attempts. Aparna asks him to let her prove truth. She asks Rangoli what did she do when Ahaan misbehaved with her. Rangoli lies about Ahaan and shows nail marks on her neck. Anita says he looks like a kid, he is Junior JD. Rangoli says Ahaan has done this. Aparna says but, your nails had Ahaan’s skin and blood, but we didn’t get any blood or skin from Ahaan’s nails.

Dinesh says I was getting impressed with you, you started kitchen level talk, Ahaan got arrested after 20 hours, he came to city, took a bath, got ready for marriage and did puja too. Aparna says but this helpless girl….Dinesh says your son is in here, you are insulting a woman, how. Judge asks Aparna to use right language. She says sorry, there is a drama going on here, why didn’t Rangoli’s nails lose the skin, when she also came to city and took a bath.

Dinesh says reports just state that Rangoli’s nail had Ahaan’s hair. She asks Dinesh what would be Rangoli doing. She says I m also a woman, I know what a woman does when someone tries to molest her, Rangoli said she has pushed Ahaan, where are the struggle marks on Ahaan, tell me, Rangoli said Ahaan had caught her from behind, but the marks on her right shoulder.She asks Rangoli to say how Ahaan held her.

Dinesh says I object, do you want to know if Rangoli’s clothes were torn when Ahaan held her. He asks Aparna to think and answer. He asks why will Rangoli put her respect at stake. Aparna says just Rangoli can say this, I can just say that Rangoli had much planning to get Ahaan, if Ahaan wanted to do wrong with her, he would have run after her, why was she looking casual when she left from room, she got scared when she came in lobby, why. Pankti gets a message.

Dinesh says this isn’t your room, but court, we want to see evidence and witness. Aparna says fine, I will like to get witnesses here. Judge permits her. Pankti signs Aparna. Ahaan looks on. Aparna signs him. Mishka gets Vivek Awasthi/Vicky come there. Aparna says they are our witness. Rangoli gets shocked. Aparna says you can go. Rangoli goes to Mishka and threatens her.Mishka says Ahaan is innocent, he is getting punished as Vivek got punished before, so I couldn’t stop myself, I work for Rangoli, she makes me do all the wrong work, she always used me.

Rangoli asks Dinesh to say something. Dinesh says wait. Mishka says Rangoli has a habit to get anyone she likes, she uses her status, power, if she fails, she does drama and files molestation case, she did the same with Vivek, his life didn’t get normal. Vicky says yes, she did the same with me. Aparna asks do you have any proof. Mishka says we have case details. Aparna says you gave other statement before.

Mishka says Vicky convinced me to come here and tell the truth against Rangoli. Rangoli signs Vicky that she will kill him.Aparna asks what happened between Rangoli and Ahaan. Mishka says Rangoli’s plan failed, she couldn’t come between Ahaan and Pankti, she knew that Ahaan can’t see anyone hurt, she has done all this to get him. She tells everything. Rangoli says shut up Mishka, and gets angry. Mishka tells Rangoli’s crimes. She says Rangoli gave drugs to Ahaan and did molestation drama.

Pankti sees Rangoli and says now Mishka is with truth. Rangoli calls her cheapster. Pankti says those who want to steal other’s love are cheap. Rangoli says I have right on Ahaan, I have stardom and status. Pankti says love doesn’t have its value. Rangoli starts shouting its a lie. She asks Dinesh to say something. She threatens Pankti. Everyone looks on.Pankti seeing the video and rushing out. Ahaan calls Pankti. She doesn’t answer. Pankti comes to meet Rangoli and sees the video.

Rangoli threatens to re-open the case and separate Ahaan and Pankti. Pankti gets shocked. Rangoli says you won the case, but your fate has failed you, what do you want, Ahaan or your career, this time you have to decide. Ahaan asks how can she go this way, maybe she felt bad, I know where she has gone, I will find her. He asks Monty and Poorva to enjoy. He goes. Anita gets a call. Pankti recalls Ahaan and walks on the road.

Ahaan looks for her. Pankti shouts why don’t I have a right to get my love. She cries. Ahaan comes there. Pankti turns to see. Tere liye….plays…..He calls her out and asks where are you. She hides from him and cries. Anita thinks where did Pankti go. She gives a gift to Poorva and asks her to go, Pankti may come in some time. She asks Poorva to go with Monty and do a wife’s duty. Pankti comes and says mum is saying right, Mishka called for help, I went there. She asks Poorva to go home. Ahaan calls Pankti. She says I m tired, I will meet tomorrow.

She ends call. Poorva asks why did you talk to him rudely. Pankti says I m being strict towards him, we are getting married. Poorva and Monty leave. Ahaan comes home and dines with everyone. Aparna asks what happened, is everything fine. He says yes, I was thinking to fulfill marriage rasams and get Pankti home. Manav says sure, we will ask pandit about mahurat. Richa says Vikram used to behave same way. Manav asks where is Vikram. Vikram comes and says I had much work, I had to return money to investors. Aparna says fine, come and have food. He says no, I m tired, I want to rest. She insists.

He says fine, I will change and come. Aparna asks Ahaan to have food.Vikram sees JD and Sheetal’s pics and cries. Richa comes to ask him. He says I have paid all the loans. She says its great news, I had faith in you, we will plan a trip. He cries and stops her. He says we have to go, but don’t know where, everything is over, we lost our house, company and office, everything is sold. She gets shocked. Rangoli gets happy that she will get Ahaan. She writes Rangoli and Ahaan’s name on mirror. She says I get what I want, Pankti’s fate is bad, Ahaan wanted to come close as he was seeing you in me.

She recalls keeping phone and recording them. She says Ahaan was dreaming about you, my dream got fulfilled. She says I have shown part of recording to Pankti.

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