The Colombian Woman Full Story, Plot, Casts, Teasers on Eva


The Colombian Woman started October on Eva. Pedro Watson is a grocery seller, with a non tolerative character and that makes him unsociable. He has a business in the Yungay neighborhood  where he sells with pleasure to all the people, however he does not like the arrival of immigrants to the place, especially the arrival of Angela. A Colombian doctor who comes to Chile accompanied by her little son in search of new opportunities, after having suffered a love disappointment.

Later Angela discovers that his wife Trini from whom he separated a long time ago,  wants to marry again, but now with Juan Pablo Zúñiga, a high-class businessman, she asks for a divorce so that she can start over with the man she loves.

After that, Pedro receives the help of his Colombian neighbor and must give up the rejection he feels for Angela, reaching an agreement that benefits them both. If she helps him recover his marriage, he will take care of Julito, her son.

Without thinking, both come to forge a plan based on uniting Trinidad with Peter again, but for those things in life, both begin to get closer than they imagined. Between the sullen seller and the Colombian, an emotional bond will be born that nobody can believe was possible. Can Pedro reconquer Trinidad or will love be born between him and the Colombian noblewoman?

The casts of The Colombian Woman

Eli Minotta is Ángela Vicario

She has arrived in Chile with her son Julito (Juan José Suarez), escaping from a bad love and willing to find everything she lost in this country. She is a doctor, but has not yet managed to validate her degree in Chile since he failed the EUNACOM.

You will meet Pedro (Felipe Braun), his neighbor and one of the main detractors of immigrants who have “invaded” the area where he lives, the Yungay neighborhood. Motivated by her good intentions, she will become the “celestine” who helps her neighbor to recover the love of Trini (María José Illanes), his ex-wife, without knowing that she will feel confused and very soon in love with the man she is preparing for Be happy with another woman.

Felipe Braun is Pedro Watson

Resident of Yungay neighborhood and owner of a warehouse. He has very anchored feelings of justice and help to the one who needs it, but he is an illiterate in the emotional, sullen and of a bad character. He is a detractor of the presence of immigrants in Chile. He was married to Trini (María José Illanes) and after a hard separation he broke ties with his wife, and although he struggles to be a good father, he believes that his daughters, Sofía and Matilda get along much better with Juan Pablo (César Sepúlveda). Your mom’s new partner. He must resign and accept Angela (Eli Minotta), his Colombian neighbor, since he will see in her the only option to change to win back his ex-wife. While seeking that goal and reuniting with his daughters, he will begin to feel strongly attracted to the Colombian being divided between two loves.

María José Illanes is Trini Valle
Pedro’s ex-wife (Felipe Braun). A successful woman who always knew she deserved more than the Yungay neighborhood. She owns an organic clothing store that she has with her partner Nina (Alejandra Fosalba) in a strip center, is the mother of Sofía (María Fernanda Martínez) and Matilda (Florencia López) and will soon marry Juan Pablo (César Sepúlveda) , a respected lawyer who is clearly the perfect man for any woman. However, time has not closed the wound he feels because his marriage to Pedro is over. The Colombian will awaken her jealousy

Alejandra Fosalba is Nina Gazmuri

Successful and very sensual woman. Partner of Trini (María José Illanes) in her clothing store and her best friend. She does not go unnoticed anywhere, because of her charisma, but also her incredible beauty. When his son goes to study outside the country he meets Diego (Jorge Arecheta), a younger man and who awakens in her not only passion, but also a second chance for love. However, you must fight with the social prejudices of your friends and especially with what your child will think when you return.

Jorge Arecheta is Diego Lira

Young architect, who likes to travel and unprejudiced. His life will change completely when he falls madly in love with Nina (Alejandra Fosalba), a woman older than him. Both will have to fight against social prejudices. The biggest reason for them not to be together will be within their own families. Diego will also be complicated when he has to decide between accepting a new architectural project that threatens the Yungay District or continuing firm in his values ​​of social justice.

Lucas Mosquera is James Martínez

Colombian gallant, mulatto, tall and of good physique that has completely crazy the neighbors of the place. Amateur hairdresser, perfected his technique by becoming an expert in “football player” cuts that every day become more desired by the clients of Eric’s barbershop (Óscar Hernández). He is a great friend of the Colombian, with whom he shares a taste for the cuisine and traditions of his country.

When he meets Silvia (Daniela Estay), his boss’s daughter, he realizes how dangerous it is to fall in love with the gift of a family made up of men. However, things will become more complicated when it also becomes the object of desire of Sofia (María Fernanda Martínez), the eldest daughter of Pedro (Felipe Braun) and Trini (María José Illanes).



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