The Chosen Grand Daughter Telemundo February 2023 teasers

The Chosen Grand Daughter February teasers 2023:

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Adrián agrees to marry Olivia and she celebrates with her friends Clemencia and Rosa.

Thursday 2 February 2023

Milán asks Laura where Juanes lives, but he needs the information to look for Luisa. María Consuelo convinces her parents to meet Ignacio.

Friday 3 February 2023

Milán proposes a self-kidnapping to run away with Laura and be able to live without worries, but his true purpose is to take revenge on the Roldáns.

Saturday 4 February 2023

Luisa decides to leave Juanes. She gives him a letter in which she says goodbye and confesses that the relationship has been special.

Sunday 5 February 2023

Vivian, upon learning of Luisa’s suicide attempt, pretends to understand the situation in front of Juanes and Sara.

Monday 6 February 2023

Nicolás decides to pay Laura’s ransom without telling the police. Rosa tells Augusto about the kidnapping, and he notifies the authorities.

Tuesday 7 February 2023

Luisa and Laura are in the clinic, and they are uncomfortable with each other. Laura finds out that Luisa is Milan’s sister and is furious.

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Olivia announces her wedding with Adrián to the Roldáns. The news is not well received and they ask her to leave the house immediately.

Thursday 9 February 2023

Lucrecia lets Ferney into the Roldán house. He tells her that he has a plan to help get rid of Luisa and they could earn money to go abroad together.

Friday 10 February 2023

Laura and Rosa say goodbye, but both are still angry, despite the nostalgia of the moment. Nicolás takes Laura to the airport.

Saturday 11 February 2023

Nicolás tells Vivian that he has not seen her with Juanes for a long time and he is not convinced about their reconciliation.

Sunday 12 February 2023

Juanes complains to Vivian about her lies and tells her that he never wants to see her again.

Monday 13 February 2023

Sara tells Luisa that she must listen to her heart regarding how she feels about Juan Esteban, and that she will support her in their relationship.

Tuesday 14 February 2023

María Consuelo is worried, and thinks that after Adrián marries Olivia there will be no going back.

Wednesday 15 February 2023

Nicolás complains about Sara supporting Juanes and Luisa’s relationship. Meanwhile, Juanes talks to Luisa on the phone and invites her to dinner.

Thursday 16 February 2023

Luisa feels confident that she will get a good result in the exam. Sara is proud of her.

Friday 17 February 2023

María Consuelo ends up confessing to Augusto that she and Roberto, protected by Nicolás, carried out the robbery Sergio was accused of.

Saturday 18 February 2023

Sara and Juanes continue to desperately search for Luisa. Daniela and Germá Osorno contact the media and offer a reward.

Sunday 19 February 2023

Sara secretly obtains the money and delivers it, but Esther does not return Luisa.

Monday 20 February 2023

Esther hands over the money to Ruper, but he does not fulfill his part of the deal to release Luisa. Instead, he gets a gun and subdues her.

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Milan apologises to Laura and confesses that having her close again has been the best thing that has happened to him.

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Augusto, Nicolás and María Consuelo blame Sergio in front of Sara. Meanwhile, Luisa and Juanes plan to have lunch with Daniela and Germán.

Thursday 23 February 2023

Perpetua wakes from her coma and asks her sister Gertrudis to help her contact Sara de Roldán.

Friday 24 February 2023

Sara and Luisa finally visit Perpetua, who tells them about Ferney’s attack on her.

Saturday 25 February 2023

Letters are discovered showing the whole truth of the relationship between Sergio and Helena.

Sunday 26 February 2023

Luisa finds the safe that Sergio had guided her to on the farm.

Monday 27 February 2023

Milán and Laura decide to leave at the end of dinner. At that moment an employee interrupts, saying she can’t get Rosa’s lost earring out of the sink.

Tuesday 28 February 202

Luisa is saved from the attack by Florentino, but Braulio steals the money. Nicolás accuses Luisa of taking it.


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