Telemundo: Nurses Season 2 October 2022 teasers



Nurses 2 October teasers 2022: Helena admits to María Clara that she is a problem for her relationship, which is why she is so harsh.

Telemundo Nurses Season 2 October teasers 

Monday 17 October 2022 

Victoria is worried about what her son, Andrés, will do with his future.

Tuesday 18 October 2022 

Edith dies. María Clara is sad and, wanting to get the hospital out of the crisis, shares several ideas with Carlos.

Wednesday 19 October 2022 

Garnica promises Nelly a few days off after the meeting. For now, he has to deal with Obando, who is angry about the financial crisis at the hospital.

Thursday 20 October 2022 

Victoria explains her professional backgound and convinces Obando that she can get Santa Rosa out of the crisis.

Friday 21 October 2022 

Serveleón comes out of surgery and is determined to continue with his plan as soon as he recovers.

Saturday 22 October 2022 

Victoria begins to show her true face in front of María Clara.

Sunday 23 October 2022 

Victoria learns that Myriam Villaveces is a feminist lawyer and fears the consequences for her son.


Monday 24 October 2022 

Andrés is furious at the way Valentina found out about the results. He convinces his parents to do a DNA test so he can prove his innocence.

Tuesday 25 October 2022 

Helena admits to María Clara that she is a problem for her relationship, which is why she is so harsh.

Wednesday 26 October 2022 

The antibiotics are not working for Rodolfo. After asking Carlos for another opportunity to avoid surgery, he reflects and renews his medication.

Thursday 27 October 2022 

Bernard checks on Camila, who doesn’t remember anything. Her anguish is noticeable and she barely recognises her mother.

Friday 28 October 2022 

Dr Ávila listens to Carlos speak on the phone and leaves his contact card to book the appointment.

Saturday 29 October 2022 

Helena tells Castillo that the trip to Medellin was worth it because she got an appointment for her future daughter’s surgery.

Sunday 30 October 2022 

Carlos explains to María Clara that he is simply being empathetic with Helena.



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