Strange Love Update Wednesday 7 July 2021

Strange Love 7 July 2021: The Episode starts with Sid’s mum entry scene. She scolds the auto driver seeing his meter so high. He calls her talkative. She says I will pay you Rs 5 more. He says I don’t want, pay the meter and end the talk. She thinks how will she lift so much items and go back. She asks a girl to take her to Siddharth’s house. She says he went to Ajju’s house, come I will take you. Astha asks Jyoti not to cry as everything will be fine. Jyoti says you said mum is like wax, no she is stone, I hate her. Astha says what are you saying. Jyoti gets Sid’s call and she rejects. Sid says why did she cut my call and calls again. She cuts again. He says what happened. Astha says talk to him.

Jyoti turns off the phone. Sid gets her number switched off. She says I don’t want to talk now.Astha says I can’t tell her about Anjali now, but I won’t let their beautiful relation spoil. The girl brings Sid’s mum to Ajju. Ajju greets her. Sid’s mum asks where is my son, I told him I m coming, but…….. Ajju says come sit. She says I told him two months before I m coming, but he does not care for me. She says I came sudden to see whats going on his life. She praises Sid and asks how is he. Ajju says fine. She asks do you have phone, call him, don’t tell him I came, I will give him surprise. She asks Ajju’s name. ajju says Ketki. She says my name is Renuka. Ajju calls Sid.

Varad comes to office and talks to Sid. Varad gets Sojal’s call and says I was in meeting. Sojal tells him that Jyoti was not well, just now doctor checked her, now she is fine. She tells him everything what Anjali did. Varad says what. Sojal says she is better now. Varad says be with her, I m coming home. Varad tells Sid he will talk to him later and rushes home. Sid thinks what happened to her, is she fine. Varad leaves his phone. He says this phone is a reason to meet Jyoti, Lord keep her fine.

Astha asks Jyoti to forget everything. Jyoti says you are lucky to get a mum like Kalindi. She says you can’t feel my pain. Astha says I wish your all pains become mine, and my all happiness becomes yours, I can feel your pain, don’t be sad. Jyoti says fine, don’t talk to me about mum, I m broken because of her, I felt mum is not bad, but strict, I used to call her always, but today I felt I wasted my time, she does not care about me and my daughter. She says its good, I promise I will not become a mum like her. Varad comes to meet Jyoti and asks are you fine. Astha leaves.

Varad says don’t cry, we are with you. He hugs her. Ajju talks to Kalindi. Renuka asks I thought I will get Sid married, he has grown up, till when will he be alone. She says I chose a girl for her. I fixed the meeting also. Ajju says but you know today’s generation, they want to choose life partner. Renuka says I asked Sid, but he does not have anyone in his life. She shows girls pics to Ajju. Ajju sees them and smiles. Anjali makes tea for Niranjan. He says today first time, I took Jyoti’s side and did you see what was your state.

He says Shlok was kicking you out of the house, you know whats your status in this house, a zero. Anjali looks upset. He says if you want good for Jyoti, be in limits and do as I say. He scares her. He says tomorrow we have puja, it should be done good. He says I hope you will do this work well. Anjali gives him tea and says I will see. He looks at her signing her to leave. She leaves. Sid comes to Agnihotri house and rings the bell. He asks is Varad at home. The maid says he is in Jyoti’s room. Sid goes to meet Varad and Jyoti. He sees Jyoti fine and knocks the door. Varad says you here.

Sid says you left your phone in office. Varad says 17 missed calls. He gets a call and leaves. Sid sees Jyoti and asks how are you. She says fine. He says I feel you are not well. Are you happy here. She says I m in my house and very happy. He says I know that till you were there in at house and Kalindi’s house, I did not see you sad. She says did you come to meet me to question me. She scolds him and says I don’t need anyone’s sympathy, please go. He holds her hand and says I m sorry Jyoti, I did wish to hurt you, I was worried about you so I……….. She says fine, where is my Imli if you were worried. He smiles and says I forgot to bring, I will bring now. She stops him and says Malai Kulfi and Chaat also. He says ok and Varad comes.

Sid says Sir I will go. Varad sees Jyoti smiling and thanks Sid. He says come here when you have free time. Sid leaves. Varad asks Jyoti to keep smiling, as he does not want her daughter to be born crying, she should be smiling like her Mama else he will call Shlok and tickle her. She smiles. Anjali talks to pandit. He asks her to arrange the items for the puja and the mahurat is of 6am. He asks her to sit in the puja with Niranjan. Kaka looks on. Anjali sees Niranjan coming and says its our rules that only Niranjan sits in the puja. He says fine and leaves.

Anjali asks the maid to bring all the items of puja. Kaka leaves. Sid comes to meet Ajju and his mum surprises him. He asks when did you come. She says today. He asks did you trouble Ajju. She says no, we became good friends. She talks non stop and shows him girls pics. She says this time your marriage will be fixed. He says I don’t want to marry. He says I came here for work. Ajju asks Sid to talk to her well. He says sorry, I want to talk to Ajju alone. He asks his mum to wait. He goes inside with Ajju. She feels bad.

Astha comes to Shlok and he is angry. She says try to understand Anjali, did you not see Niranjan was about to beat him. He says he was helpless, maybe she did something. He says Baba is not like this, anyone would have got angry seeing his daughter in pain. She says yes, parents did angry seeing children in pain, she says we are not understanding each other. He says I don’t want to know. She says I felt it was wrong, its never justified. She asks if I make any mistake, will you beat me, does Varad beat Sojal, no. She asks him to see the other side of the coin.

He says you don’t know Anjali, I know her since childhood, promise me we won’t talk about her. She nods yes. He kisses her and leaves. Astha says how to explain you, the man you regard Lord, is the main culprit, the day the truth comes out, you will be hurt the most, but how will I see your trust breaking.Sid telling Ajju that Jyoti was serious today. I feel she is not happy there, when I see her sad, I become upset. He says I wish to give her the happiness of all the world, and make her every dream true. Ajju is surprised. He says you did not see her face today. Ajju says you care for her a lot, right. He says yes Ajju. I can’t see her sad. Ajju asks him to tell the truth, does he like Jyoti. Do you love her. Sid says yes, I love Jyoti. Ajju is shocked. Shlok comes to Niranjan. Niranjan asks what happened son. Shlok sits in his feet and hugs him. Shlok says I m sorry Baba. That I talked to you in high voice, but what could I do.

Niranjan smiles and says anyone would have done this, even I was going to slap Anjali, as I don’t even like to shout on anyone. He says its very shameful for me, if I can do such mistake, then you are very young, Shlok, Anjali is your mum. Shlok says but its enough now, whenever I see her, I feel suffocated, now whatever happens, Jyoti will not go back to Abhay, and you should stop Anjali, please Baba. Niranjan thinks and says Jyoti can stay here till she wants. Ajju asks Sid does Jyoti know your feelings. Sid says don’t know Ajju. I just know that I love her a lot, I want to see her happy. He says when I see tears in her eyes, I feel hurt within. He says when she smiles, I feel I got a reason to live.

He says this is called love right. Ajju says yes, this is called love. She says but this is not easy, you have to be careful. She says your one wrong move can ruin her life, so whatever you do, think and do. She asks him to promise her. Sid promises her and smiles. Sojal comes to Jyoti and says I will massage you legs. She says my mum used to take much care of me when Kavya was going to born, but your mum………….She says Anjali should not do this. Shlok did good that he was kicking out Anjali from house, but Astha stopped her. Varad hears this. Sojal says you felt much bad, this happened because of you.Jyoti says don’t talk to me about mum. Varad scolds Sojal for backbiting. Sojal says why are you scolding me, you did not feel wrong when Shlok was kicking mum out. Varad says leave from here. Sojal leaves annoyed. Varad asks Jyoti to take rest and not think much. He leaves. Shlok drinks wine thinking about Jyoti’s words against Anjali. Astha comes to him and smiles. She says shall I also drink this, let me try. He says are you mad, don’t trouble me. She gets worried for him and thinks what to do to make his mood good.

Sid talks to himself and says Jyoti I love you. He thinks of her wishes and says I will bring everything for you, I really love you from heart, I will meet you today. Sojal is angry thinking Varad scolded her, but what did she say. She says I was saying what happened in home. Varad says what Anjali did was wrong, but you are also wrong, you know Jyoti’s state and you should take care, Jyoti is annoyed with Anjali for a reason, but Anjali is our mum, you can’t insult mum, and you should bridge the gap between them. Sojal asks what can I do.

He says you can solve it, think what would Astha do. She gets irritated. He says Astha came in this house and its not been 1 year and she does always good for us. She says fine, I will go to my mum and you stay happy alone. He starts packing her bag. She asks what are you doing. He says go. She says I m sorry, I did a mistake, I promise I will behave well. He says you are not a kid so that I have to explain. She hugs him and asks him to smile. She thinks Varad took her seriously.Astha acts like a Baba and says Alak Niranjan……….. She laughs and stops saying Niranjan, no its Baba’s name, and changes the speech. She wears some beads. Shlok lies on the bed and sees her drama getting bored. She says I m going sacrificing the world, if you want, you can stop me. He does not react.


She says I m talking to you, stop me, its time. He says stop this drama. She says life is a drama, what can a girl do when her husband does not look at her and take wine’s support, so she has to become a Jogan. He says oh Jogan, your Jogi is infront of you, lets enjoy. Sajna ve…………….plays………………….

He gets closer and she smiles. Sid comes to meet Jyoti through the window. He brings her wishlist items. Jyoti is sleeping. He wakes her up. She is shocked to see her. She says go, anyone will see. He says I brought chaat and Kulfi, eat fast. She says go fast. He says be quiet, if you shout like this, then anyone will surely hear us. He says first eat and then I will go. She eats and kulfi falls. She laughs with him. Sojal hears Jyoti laughing and goes to see. Jyoti hears someone coming nad gets tensed. Sid hides. Sojal asks were you laughing. Jyoti says no, I was going to sleep.

Sojal asks do you want anything. Jyoti says I m feeling sleepy. Sojal says fine, sleep, good night and leaves. Sid hides under the bed and comes out smiling. He says bye good night and leaves from the window. Jyoti smiles. Shlok sleeps and Astha looks at him being at his side. She thinks if Shlok gets hurt, I feel sad. I m sorry. I can’t tell you the reason for this, but when right time comes, the whole family will see Niranjan’s real face.

Anjali is at the house temple. Kaka sees her and asks why did you do this with Jyoti, till when will you hurt yourself and others. She says I have do puja arrangements and I don’t have waste time. He asks her to sit in puja. She asks don’t you know the rules. Astha hears them talking. Kaka says you have equal right as Niranjan, so please sit in puja this year. She says Niranjan will do the puja. Astha thinks don’t worry Kaka, see this year Anjali will do the puja, not Baba. Astha signs Kaka to come and talk to her. Kaka talks to her. Astha says I will come in your room to talk. He says fine.

Astha tells him her plan to make Anjali do the puja. She says nothing is hidden in this house, we both know whats going on. Kaka says its Anjali’s mistake in Jyoti’s matter, how can a mum do this, even if she was pressurized. Astha says she does not have confidence to stand against Niranjan, we have to make her get her right and value in this house, tell me will you support me. He says yes, I m always with you, but this won’t be good. She says we are fighting for truth and problems will come, we will make change in this house. She says we have to do this to change Niranjan’s decision. He says done. She tells him the plan.Kaka says but, will this be good to do. She says yes, don’t worry, tomorrow a big rule will break and Anjali will get her right. They smile.

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