Strange Love Update Wednesday 20th October 2021

Strange Love 20th October 2021: The Episode starts with the Agnihotri’s having food at the dining table. Shlok asks Astha to sit with them. Everyone smiles being happy. Niranjan says today they are together in real means. He says real happiness is walking with everyone, not being alone. He apologizes to everyone. Shlok and Varad stand by his side and hold his hand. Shlok says I hopes to get everything. Door bell rings. Sojal opens the door and finds Sita. Sita says she got their address with much difficulty and asks them to keep her with them. She says the new owners kicked her out as they don’t want old staff. They are very punctual about time and are hiring new employees. They want everything to be on time. Astha asks can you tell us more about them.

Sita shows them photos of Rekha and Chowksi and says they thought them to be Shlok and Astha. Shlok says it means they are doing enquiry on us. Niranjan says they are eyeing on our every moves. Shlok says we have to make him lose.Astha gets Avdhoot’s call. He talks to her and gives the phone to Kalindi. She tells Kalindi that they are united with their family now. Kalindi gets happy for her and is about to tell her about Ankush, but stops. She says we will talk later. She tells Avdhoot that they will talk to Astha when she comes home. She says we will talk to Ankush. Ankush comes. Kalindi reminds him not to do anything infront of Astha as she doesn’t know anything about him. Ankush says if I do anything then you will not give me my wealth, that’s why I won’t do anything. He thinks he will do the drama infront of her daughter and not leave a chance to let her down. Kalindi says she will tell everything to Astha.Sita tells Shlok and Astha about Indrajeet and his family. Shlok writes their names, Thakur Maa, Purnima and Mama and Mami. Astha says she will go to their house to seek a house of a Personal Assistant. Shlok says ok. Astha smiles. Sojal asks Astha to think that he is Indrajeet Sarkar and has come to take her interview. Shlok prepares her for interview. Astha knocks on the door and comes inside. She sits down. Shlok asks her not to sit unless Indrajeet Sarkar asks her to. Varad too helps her in the preparation. Astha gets ready.

She wakes up in the morning and wakes up Shlok saying they are getting late. Indrajeet takes the interview of a lady and asks what is P.A’s job? The lady tells that PA’s job is going to dinner with boss and booking a restaurant for him etc etc. Indrajeet asks her to go. He tells Ahilya that the ladies coming for an interview are not capable enough to become his P.A. Ahilya says she will refuse the upcoming candidates.Anjali gives tea to Niranjan. Niranjan asks her to sit. He says he is worried and thinks did they do wrong by sending Astha there. Anjali shows faith on Astha and says they didn’t do anything wrong. She asks him not to worry and says her heart is saying that Astha job a job there. She asks him to have faith on her faith. He holds her hand and says he has faith on her faith. Anjali gets touched by his gesture. Anjali hugs him and cries happily. Niranjan smiles too.

Ahilya tells her servant to clean the kids’ room. Astha comes and says she came to give interview. The servant says time is over for the interview. Astha says she is on time and has the right to give interview. She says I will not leave until I give my interview. The servant asks her to leave. Astha refuses. Ahilya sees her and asks what is this misbehavior. She tells that interview is over. Astha says she came on time. Ahilya turns and reminds her that they had called for an interview, but now saying that it is over. She says no can force us to take an interview. Astha says I can’t force you. It is just matter of rules, you didn’t mention that interview will close before 11 am. You have to take interview anyhow. Ahilya stops her and shows the hand. She thinks may be this girl is capable of becoming Indrajeet’s P.A. She says she is adamant on her sayings and looks bold. Astha insists. Ahilya goes inside

Indrajeet talking to Ahilya. She asks him to meet a girl who came for interview. He says no more now, I told you no one is capable. Ahilya says she is smart and looks valuing time, I just did mistake once to identify the man and bearing punishment till now, but I still know people, if you get a new PA, I will get less worry, shall I call her here. Indrajeet says yes. Ahilya goes to Astha and says Indrajeet has called you inside for interview, come. Astha steps inside the house. She recalls her marriage with Shlok. She sees the new changes done at home, and sees the temple. She prays and cries.

Ahilya says the study is….. and shows…Astha walks towards the study. Ahilya stops her and asks how do you know the study is upstairs. Astha gets tensed. Jyoti is worried thinking about Shlok and Astha, don’t know where they are and now I don’t know about Varad too. She gets a call from Sid. She asks did he find out about Varad. Sid says no, Indrajeet has kicked him out from home and office, no one knows about him. She says whats happening with my family and cries. Sid says don’t cry, and tells her that he is going out for office work, take care. She says about postponing Riya’s marriage. Sid says we don’t have any option. She says she has to find her family and who is this Indrajeet Sarkar, Lord help us.

Astha smiles and says you signed me to go upstairs. Ahilya says fine, go. Pradeep’s wife says the girl is very smart, how did she know, we have to keep an eye on her. Ahilya does not listen to her and goes. She says this lady has much pride, don’t know why Indrajeet trusts her so much, even when she is his real Mami, and Ahilya is step woman. Jyoti prays to Lord and cries. Jyoti sees a father and three children praying. She misses Niranjan and thinks he went through pain when Varad kicked her out, where are you Astha, I need you, I know you can help me in this. She asks Lord to make her meet family.Astha sees Indrajeet Sarkar and thinks she will kick him out of their home and bring back Baba and everyone. She asks may I come in. He says come in, please sit. He asks her for her certificates. She says yes, and I don’t have anything now.

Jyoti says where to find Varad, I will call home once. Ahilya takes the call and says interview is over. Jyoti asks her about Varad, and says I m his sister. Ahilya smiles and says a sister does not know about her brother, you don’t know about your father too. Jyoti says I m already worried, if you know where they are, please tell me, you bought our house and business. Ahilya says you look good by your talk, but I can’t tell about beggars Varad and Niranjan. She asks her to find them on temples and roads, maybe they have taken shelter in temple or begging on roads. Jyoti cries and ends the call. Ahilya smiles. Indrajeet asks do you have anything to prove you did job before.Astha says I don’t have anything, I request you to judge me on my capability, not on certificates, I promise I will give it in one month, I already applied. He says fine, five questions and the right answers will give you the job. He asks her what are the requirements for the job. Astha answers him, and defines the PA term. He asks why does she want to work, if there are many job opportunities.

Astha says when we read a successful man’s biography, we get to learn many things, I would like to work with you. He asks about knowledge of education sector. Shlok is connected to Astha by phone and hidden Bluetooth device behind her hair, and tells her reading a magazine. Astha repeats those lines.Indrajeet says you have good knowledge, and asks the last question, suppose they are going away on business meeting, he gets unwell and he sleeps in the car, what will you do, cancel the meeting or wake me up, remember I said I m unwell. The call ends, and Shlok worries. He says what will Astha reply, I will call again. Indrajeet asks Astha. She smiles and Shlok keeps trying. Astha wishes Bappa to help her. She says in such situation, I will do two things, I will find the people with whom you have the meeting, and let you sleep till they reach, if they reach on time, I will say you are stuck in traffic and I can do the arrangements. He says it means you will lie to my clients. She says for me, my boss to be in right frame is imp, I can’t spoil my boss’ image, its more imp than truth and lies, I can’t compromise with your health.Indrajeet goes. Astha worries and holds the Bluetooth device She thinks I lied and I can lose this job, and prays to Bappa, what will she tell.

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