Strange Love update Wednesday 13 October 2021

Strange Love 13 October 2021: The Episode starts with a biker hitting Niranjan and scolding him. Niranjan falls on the ground and his foot gets hurt. He leaves. Shlok tells Anjali that he will massage her feet and wash them, and puts her feet in warm water. Astha sees this and cries. She says Shlok is doing this to get Aai relieve of pain, but now its my turn. Astha too cares for Anjali. Shlok used to massage Niranjan’s feet like this.Niranjan comes to Choudhry’s house. Choudhry asks is everything fine, you here at this time. Niranjan reminds him his words that he will help him when he needs. He asks him to help him, and says I m shocked that I m seeing this day. Choudhry says I can understand, but is this time to come to someone’s place, why are you troubling Varad, go home, Varad and Sojal are worried for you.

Niranjan says they have kicked me out, I did not know you will come in their words. Choudhry says you should be proud of Varad, who has managed the company so well. Niranjan says you are a good businessman, and why will you help me if you can’t benefit, I m seeing a friend selling friendship, you know the company won’t work without Niranjan, the son who did not be loyal to his father, what will be do for you.Choudhry asks him to come inside and talk. Niranjan says I don’t want your pity, and scolds him. Choudhry says Varad is fine, you lost your mental balance, as you forgot how to talk to your friends. Niranjan leaves. Choudhry calls Varad and says Niranjan just left from here, and scolded me, I think he needs treatment. Varad says yes, I told him to come to hospital and he left home in anger, if he comes again, call me, inform all his friends to let me know, and I m sorry from his side.

Choudhry says yes, don’t worry, we can understand, start his treatment soon.Varad takes it light. Sojal says Baba can go to Shlok too. Varad says I don’t have tension, as he does not know where is Shlok. Sojal thinks Aai is in Vridh ashram and I did not tell Varad. Niranjan thinks he did not imagine Varad will get greedy and be selfish, and proving me mad, its true this is Kalyug.Astha wakes up and does not see Anjali. She thinks Anjali went to temple. She sees Shlok sleeping and gives a love tough, he wakes up and she acts like sleeping. He sees Anjali is not there and turns to Astha. Khuda……………..plays……… He says Nautanki, I know it was you, stop this acting, He teases her. She says leave me, I have work. He asks where did Aai go. She says don’t know, maybe temple. He locks the door and goes to Astha. They have an eyelock. He holds her close.

Varad talks to doctor and says I have sent my Baba’s pic, and I m worried about him, find him soon and admit him in your hospital, and start treating him. Sojal looks on. She asks what he is doing, is this right. He says I have to, why. She says I m going to drop Kavya to school. He says I m going office. She thinks she will go ashram, and Baba should not reach there before her. She takes Kavya. Anjali prays at the temple. A beggar woman asks for something, and Anjali gives them Prasad. The people bless her. Anjali thinks she does not know leaving Niranjan was right or wrong, but he should be always fine, healthy and happy.

Niranjan is sleeping at the roadside and his foot is hurt. People throw some coins near him thinking he is beggar. Niranjan wakes up by the coin sound. He thinks life changed in few days, my son have ruined me, I m on road. He thinks how he has kicked out Shlok from home, and even Varad did the same with him. He gets troubled by the streets and thinks where to go, everything is finished, all over. He says I can’t lose, I have to do something, and find my son Shlok. He thinks where to go, and ashram would be right place to find anything about Shlok.

Sojal comes to ashram and meets everyone. She says it as Baba’s birthday yesterday and got this sweets and fruits. She says I have to go home. The matron asks her to sit, and is everything fine. Sojal says Baba is not well. He is behaving weird. The matron asks what did he do. Sojal says we took Shlok’s name and he got angry and broke things, how can he hate his son, and Aai served him for years and Niranjan does not want to hear her name. Anjali’s mum stands far and hears Sojal. Sojal says Niranjan said if they have got so much pride, he will ruin them. She says Niranjan feels I know where is Shlok and Anjali, what will I tell him, I would have not told him even if I knew, if Baba comes here, don’t tell him anything. The matron says we will not tell him anything. Sojal leaves and is shocked seeing Nianjan there.

She hides seeing him. Niranjan comes to the ashram and greets everyone. They are shocked seeing his state. The matron asks how did this happen. He says Anjali and Shlok, Astha left home some days ago, I was regretting and repenting, I want to apologize to them, if you know where are they, I want to meet them. The matron says I know they left, but how did this happen. Niranjan says my son Varad has kicked me out of home. The matron sees Sojal hiding. Niranjan says Varad took my everything, I know my life is waste without Shlok. The matron says we don’t know, but…. Niranjan says I came here by hope, please tell me.
Niranjan asking everyone to tell about his family. He shouts asking again, seeing them not answering. The matron says we don’t know, we will tell you if we come to know anything. He leaves. Sojal thinks its good that matron did not tell anything to Baba and I came before him. She calls Varad and informs him that she came to know that Niranjan is seen near ashram.

He says he won’t go to ashram, as he has shut the door himself, and I will call mental hospital and they will pick Baba. She says fine.Matron says did you see his condition. Anjali’s mum says you did the right thing. He wants to spoil my daughter’s happiness. She asks Matron to inform Anjali that Niranjan came in search of her. Matron calls Anjali. Anjali gets worried for her parents. Matron informs her that Niranjan came to the ashram and asked about their whereabouts. She says Sojal came before him and informed us that he will come. She asks Anjali to be careful. Anjali thinks Niranjan hates us so much and wants to ruin us. She says he loves Shlok very much then why he is doing this. Shlok and Astha hear her. Anjali tries to hide her feelings. Shlok asks her not to worry and says baba’s hatred gives me strength to do something.

If he comes infront of me, I will refuse to acknowledge him. I hate him very much more than he hates me. Anjali says he is your baba. Shlok says he is dead for me. Anjali stops him. Shlok says he can’t respect him and is just a stranger for him. He leaves in anger. Anjali says I accept that he is wrong, but he is my husband. I can just pray to God to show him the right path. She cries.Niranjan is sitting on the road side bench and thinks he was blinded by ego and couldn’t realize the worth of relations. He thinks his Shlok went far from him. He had achieved everything but today he has nothing. He thinks this should happen to anyone whose ego was big.One goon asks someone about Niranjan. He sees him sitting on the bench and goes to him. They ask Niranjan to come along with them and says you had done so many favours on us. One of the goon call Varad and tells him that they caught Niranjan and taking him to mental asylum. Niranjan thinks he has to cleverly escape from their hold. He sits in the car.

Astha tries to make Shlok happy. Shlok is sad. Astha calls him swami and asks him to have food. Shlok thinks she is big nautanki. She tells him that Anjali is fasting and asks him to eat. Shlok says he doesn’t like chilli. She makes him eat and says I came to say you something. She asks him not to say anything to Niranjan as Anjali is hurt because of his words. She asks him to apologize to Anjali. They say I love you to each other.

Niranjan runs and gets into a bus. The conductor asks why did he run and catch the bus, where he has to go. He says last stop. He realizes he does not have money. He gives the watch and says please don’t make me leave the bus. The conductor says you look worried, its fine if we don’t get money from one man. Varad gets call from mental hospital and is shocked that Niranjan has run away. Shlok apologizes to Anjali. She gets sad and he pacifies her. Shlok says I should have not told this. Anjali says you are the reason of my happiness. Astha and Shlok hug Anjali. Niranjan is shown in the bus.

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