Strange Love Update Tuesday 8 June 2021

Strange Love 8 June 2021: The Episode starts with Astha seeing Aditi and Shlok closer and being shocked. Shlok gets angry in Aditi saying no one knows the importance of relations better than me. Astha says lets go for game, Kaka is calling you both. Shlok leaves. Aditi says lets go and have fun. Kaka asks Shlok to sit. Aditi says we will play dumb charades and makes the teams. Astha tries first and Kaka tries to guess it. Shlok also guesses well. Kaka guesses the name Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and says after all I m your Kaka.

Aditi goes next and smiles. Sojal guesses and goes next to tell Astha. Shlok tries to guess. Astha says can’t you guess Hame tumse pyaar hai. Shlok looks at her and music plays………… Aditi says cheating, your team will not get score, you both will be punished, Shlok and Astha have to dance. She insists. Shlok and Astha look at each other.Shlok comes to Astha and Sajna ve………… plays………… The title track Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon plays………….. Mann ke munder pe baitha hai gher ke……….. Shlok and Astha dances. Everyone looks at them and smile. Shlok and Astha have an eyelock. Saiyyan Ve……. plays………… Jyoti looks at the doll and cries. Bua comes and sees the toys. Abhay says I have to buy many things as I m having a son. She says why so much, you spent a lot. Abhay justifies and says I need to talk to you, come. Bua asks Jyoti to have the laddoos and leaves. Jyoti thinks what will they do when they come to know I have a daughter, my happiness and I won’t be anymore then, Bappa please help me. Aditi says the dance was beautiful. Astha likes the bridal dress of Aditi.

Aditi says I m sorry for troubling you all, I did not know where I was going and what I was doing. Astha says don’t worry, we all are here to take care of you, its our responsibility. Astha says I can sleep in your room. Aditi says fine, thanks. Astha and Aditi smile. Aditi makes Astha wear the dupatta and says now its looking more beautiful. Astha says wear it in your marriage. Aditi says where will I get a groom. Astha says tell me your likes, I will search a groom for you. Aditi looks at Shlok as he passes and says not today, I will tell sometime else. Astha leaves. Aditi wears the dupatta and looks at herself in the mirror.

Niranjan asks Anjali to go and sleep. He says you serve me so much. Anjali says its my duty, you sleep, I will sleep later. Niranjan asks what are you thinking. Anjali says did Ajinkya tell you when is he coming, he said he will come in one week. Niranjan asks why, do you feel Aditi is a burden. Anjali says no, she is my daughter, I m worried about her, we are new to her. He says I regret hearing this, Ajinkya will come back soon. He says till Aditi is here, you take good care of her. Anjali says fine. Its morning, Shlok is jogging. He sees kids playing holi on the streets.He comes to them and plays with them. He gets colored and comes home. He gets a message on his car from Swati. His car is turned red with color and he is shocked. He recalls Swati and her words. He gets angry and wipes the color. He calls the watchman and asks where were you, who did this. The watchman says I don’t know, I was not here. Shlok says who can do this, Astha, I told her not to do this, she did what she should have not done. He gets angry and comes running to Astha. He sees her sleeping and says is she acting. He sees her hands and they are clean. He checks her nails and it has no colors. He says it means someone else is doing this, who can it be.

He gets a call from someone and gets much angry. He bangs the door and leaves. Astha wakes up by the sound. Its someone who says how did you like the color, I told you this color will become the language of our love. Shlok asks who is it. The call ends and Anshu calls Shlok. He says ignore all this, forget Swati, she is finished. Shlok scolds him and says I know Swati is my bad past. Aditi hears this standing behind Shlok. She leaves. Bua tells Jyoti that she can’t do the puja as she is pregnant.She says this baby is bringing hope for us, you can’t ruin our dreams. Jyoti is upset and thinks only son, Bappa I request you to make me talk to Astha as only she can help me now. Bua scolds Jyoti and asks her to do her work. She says Abhay said we have to go to your dad’s house tomorrow. Aditi asks Astha who is Swati. Astha is shocked. She asks was she Shlok’s girlfriend. Astha is silent.

Astha saying I don’t know Swati, why are you asking. Aditi asks was she Shlok’s girlfriend. Anjali comes and says it does not matter, there are many girls in good guy’s life before marriage, only the relation of husband and wife is recognized, Astha is lucky to be Shlok’s wife, don’t try to know about Shlok. Anjali scolds Astha for digging Shlok’s past and asks her to resume her work. Astha leaves. Jyoti receives a call from the doctor. He says I know you are from a rich family, get my bail, return my favor else I will tell your husband everything. Jyoti says my family is rich but I m not, from where will I get money. He says get me out else I will tell Abhay. Jyoti cries and looks at Abhay’s photo. She thinks what to do now. Abhay takes the call as the phone rings again. He looks at Jyoti angrily and says wrong number. He asks Jyoti why is she tensed and asks her to be happy as it will affect good to the baby. He says lets go to Anjali’s house now.

Jyoti thinks if the doctor tells Abhay everything then? Bappa please let me talk to Astha, only she can help me. Anjali and everyone makes the ladoos and says dry fruits laddoos are for men and ordinary one are for women. Kavya comes and says I m going to apply color to Shlok. Aditi says I will also come with you. Anjali says stop Aditi, you can’t apply color to him before Astha does.Anjali says it will be good if Astha and Shlok play Holi first as its their first Holi, its important for them. Astha thinks I know what I have to do. Aditi says fine and sends Kavya. Anjali asks Astha to prepare for Holika. Astha asks Astha to marry soon if she loves colors. Aditi says I m ready, whats your choice is mine. Astha says so if I like someone as Shlok. Aditi says in that case, I will not marry. Everyone laughs. Sojal makes the rangoli. Kaka does the Holika arrangements. Anjali asks Sojal is the prasad ready. Sojal says yes. Astha thinks of going and bringing the clothes about which Shlok wrote in his diay. Abhay tells Jyoti that its a big day tomorrow as its Holi and we have to go to Anjali’s house. Bua says will you give everything there.

Abhay says if I tell them that I m going to become a son’s father, Anjali will give me 25 tola chain. Jyoti says how can I ask her anything. Abhay says she gave the bangles six months before, then nothing. Bua asks where are the bangles. Jyoti says its in my cupboard. Abhay asks Bua to take good care of Jyoti and not scold her. Jyoti thinks how to give money to the doctor. Anjali asks Sojal to bring Astha. Sojal calls out Astha but she is not in the room. Anjali walks around the Holika. Niranjan asks her to start the puja. Kaka comes and puts kerosene in it. Astha gets ready in a beautiful saree and comes there. Shlok stares at her. They do the puja together as Anjali asks them to do it.

Someone makes the kerosene bottle fall so that Astha’s saree gets wet on it. Astha is applying color to Shlok but he turns his face. Niranjan asks Shlok to be cool. Shlok looks at Astha and she applies the color. Anjali asks Shlok to color Astha’s cheeks too. Astha’s saree gets the kerosene. Shlok applies the color to Astha. Her saree catches fire and Astha is shocked. She screams. Shlok runs to help her. Everyone are shocked. Shlok covers Astha with a blanket and they fall rolling down. The fire ends. Astha faints. Everyone looks at them. Shlok lifts Astha and takes her to the room. Everyone come with them.Shlok puts water on her face and she wakes up. Shlok asks Astha to rest. Aditi asks are you fine. Anjali says she scared everyone. Niranjan says let her rest now, talk to her tomorrow. He asks Shlok to take care of Astha. Shlok asks Astha are you ok. Astha signs yes. Shlok gives her water. Khuda……….. plays………….. Astha drinks the water. Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon……… plays………. He covers her with the quilt and asks her to sleep. He sits on the sofa reading a book and looking at her. Niranjan says Thank Lord that Astha got saved today, Shlok helped her. Anjali says Astha is careless.

Niranjan says its a good thing, I saw worry in Shlok’s eyes, this will bring them closer, you have to make sure that they come closer. He says there are few days of divorce, I want Astha to be with us forever being our bahu. ‘He says am I right. Anjali says you can’t be wrong anytime. Astha sleeps. Astha’s hand falls and Shlok wakes up. Shlok comes to her and holds her hand and keeps it right. She holds his finger in sleep and music plays…………. Aditi comes with a glass of milk and Shlok asks her to be silent. Shlok signs her to keep it there and leave. She keeps the glass and leaves. He looks at Astha and goes back on the sofa. Iss Dil ka ab kya karun…………. Saiyyan ve………..plays………

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