Strange Love Update Tuesday 6 April 2021


Strange Love 6 April 2021: starts with Astha getting Atul’s call. She tells him that she is in a hotel with Shlok. Atul is shocked and says I want to talk to Shlok. Astha tells Shlok that her dad wants to talk to him. Shlok says me? She gives him her phone. Shlok talks to Atul. Astha is tensed. Atul says I had to say that take care of Astha. He says Astha is smart but kiddish, I hope you took Astha for some work and she will do it well. Shlok says yes, I have some important work. Atul says I m not worried that she is with you, but I m a father. Shlok says don’t worry. Astha talks to her dad and says don’t take tension and tell Kalindi not to worry, we will talk tomorrow morning. Shlok looks at Astha. Khuda…. plays…..

Atul tells Kalindi that Shlok’s mum is blaming Astha but why. Kalindi says Shlok’s mum believes that Astha is after Shlok. Kalindi says no, she don’t have any right to point on my daughter. Atul says I will talk to Niranjan and he always praises Astha. Kalindi says Astha is with Shlok, what will people say. Atul says she is working with Shlok. Atul says Shlok saved Astha by that goond and dropped her home. Kalindi says I m worried about Astha, her image is getting ruined.
Shlok says the door is locked. Astha asks how did this door get locked. Shlok says don’t know, its not opening. Astha tries her hand. Shlok says you can’t do it. She says so will we be in one room, she asks someone to help and open the door. The knob breaks and she falls in Shlok’s arms. Music plays…. They have an eyelock. Khuda ….. Plays…. Shlok stares at her.

Kalindi says Anjali does not like Astha working with Shlok. Atul says be calm, nothing will happen. Astha knocks the door and asks to open the door. She asks Shlok to do something. Shlok looks at the bulb and sees the time. He calls someone and the light goes. Astha says please do something, I am afraid of darkness. Shlok lits the candle. Shlok looks at Astha and she hides her torn clothes. He gives her the dupatta and goes close to her. Shlok covers her with the dupatta. Khuda… plays… She looks at him and he says don’t worry, be calm. I will call the manager. She says ok. Shlok calls the manager and talks to him and asks about the power. Astha says what did he say. Shlok says the power won’t come till morning. Astha says I m afraid, I want to go home, call them again and do something. Shlok says stop. Astha says I want to go home. Khuda….. again. Astha cries. Shlok says sit down. Astha sits by Shlok’s side. He looks at her. He gets up. She asks what happened. He gives her a saree and asks her to wear it. Astha says me, but this saree is for the Lord. He says you need it more. He says we will buy another saree for Devi Maa. He gives her that saree. Dil Sambhal jaa Zara phir Mohabbat karne chala hai tu…… plays….

Astha takes that saree. He gives her the candle. They have a cute eyelock while the song continues. Astha takes the candle and goes to changing room. Shlok lits another candle. He sees Astha in the window’s glass and turns to see her. He is stunned to look at her as she looks beautiful in the saree. He comes close to her and she gets tensed. He walks towards her while she feels odd. She sees the candle’s wax falling on Shlok’s hand and tells him don’t you know this. She cares for his hand and removes the wax. Shlok is touched by her act. She says I will bring something. He says what are you doing, why are you coming close to me, why are you after me. She says what. She hurts her and she starts crying. Her bangles break and Shlok thinks of her girlfriend. He pulls her towards him and says why do you come infront of me and make me angry and make me shout, why? Astha is shocked to see his anger side. She cries.
Shlok drinks water and Astha picks the broken bangles. She says you broke them, can you …. He gets angry and says get lost.

She says I would have gone but can’t, I even don’t want to stay with you. He scolds her and says be a girl. Astha shouts not again, I know whats your problem. She says you are a egoistic person and she shouts on him. She says you don’t have any positive feelings, you don’t know love and humanity. He says shut up and pushes her.Astha scolding Shlok. He gets angry further listening her taunts. He says shut up and pushes her away. He tries to break the door but in vain. Astha looks on. He breaks the window with the chair and the glass breaks. Astha shouts. Shlok says go from here as you want to go away from my shadow. Astha says leave me, I m getting hurt. The power comes and also the waiter. Shlok gets out of the room. Astha cries. Shlok drinks wine thinking about Astha and their close moments. He throws the wine bottles and shouts. Astha cries in the room and thinks how Shlok scolded her badly. Shlok breaks the furniture of the bar and the waiter looks on.


Astha thinks how Shlok gave her the saree and behaved properly before getting angry. Saiyyan Ve…. plays… Anjali and Niranjan have a talk. He says Shlok called and he has to stay with Astha there. Anjali is shocked and scolds Sojal for being inactive. She asks her to clean the rice she threw on the ground. Anjali sends the maid and asks Sojal to clean it. Astha says I think I’m not the reason for his anger, there is something else, but what it might be. Niranjan asks Anjali to be calm and don’t get angry on petty things. Anjali says I don’t like Shlok staying with Astha there, our family’s respect is on due, I don’t want people to say anything. Niranjan greets Aryaman and asks Anjali to stop saying anything.

Anjali welcomes Aryaman for breakfast. Aryaman greets them. He says did I come on wrong time. Anjali says no, its fine, we are glad to welcome you. Niranjan asks him how did he come. Aryaman says I came here to discuss about the land with Shlok. Niranjan says Shlok went to Kolapur and will come soon. Shlok comes to the hotel room and knocks the door. Astha says one minute. He says she will make it late to go to the mandir and wonders why she is not opening the door. Astha opens the door and he says can’t you listen. Astha says can’t you wait. They argue and he says I want to take my jacket. He walks inside the room and says we have to leave noe after having breakfast. She says now? He says yes. Astha walks after him and says maybe it was my mistake, its difficult to read his heart.

She says he wants to say something, but he is not, ok I have to break his silence. Her purse falls and Shlok picks it up and gives her. Astha tries to talk to him and Shlok does not reply her. She says she got afraid, I realized I overreacted. She says sorry. Shlok is silent. They sit in the restaurant to have breakfast. Astha loves wada pau and laughs. He smiles seeing her. Astha finds it very spicy and he gives her water.

He laughs seeing her actions. She notices his smile. He says have food on the way, lets go. Astha says now I can sit with him in the car, as he smiled for the first time like a normal human being. Atul asks Kalindi not to worry as Astha will come. Kalindi says when the society comes to know that she was with Shlok the whole night, they will pinpoint. She says I trust her but… Astha calls Atul and says we are leaving for Kolapur. Atul asks did you have any problem. Astha says ask mum not to worry, I will call later. Atul is relieved and says Astha is fine. Kalindi is upset.

Shlok and Astha reaches the mandir. Astha removes her slippers and asks Shlok to do the same. He agrees and leaves his shoes in the car. Astha smiles. They walk inside the mandir bare footed. They look a married couple. Shlok looks at Astha. When she looks at him, he swiftly turns. The vendor asks what items do you want. Shlok tells them a diya and ….. Astha tells the items well. The vendor says see how your wife told everything so nicely. Astha and Shlok have an eyelock. Khuda……. plays……… The vendor thinks they are a couple.

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