Strange Love Update Tuesday 21 December 2021

  1. Strange Love 21 December 2021: The Episode starts with Astha saying she will never love Indrajeet. She says he did not do good with his kids, what will he do with her, she will love Shlok, she will free him and will act to fool him and trap him. Kalindi says she has told the truth to Astha, she is strong and can face any storm, I m sure she will fight with this, she stopped her engagement. Varad says she is strong. Astha calls Kalindi and Kalindi talks on speaker. Astha says Indrajeet has kidnapped Shlok. Kalindi, Varad and Sojal are shocked. Astha says I don’t know where he is, I heard this on phone. Varad talks to her and confirms it. He says I will go to police. Astha says no, we don’t know where is Shlok, he can harm Shlok if we do police complaint, try to know where is Shlok. She says she will behave normal as if she does not know and trap him, please try to find where is Shlok, its 2 days left for marriage, I want mehendi on my hands of Shlok’s name. Varad says fine, take care. She ends the call.

She says she will trap him in his plan, she will have mehendi of Shlok’s name tomorrow. Jyoti talks to Sid and he says he took risk to make Renuka change and accept her, he just gave her a jerk so that she likes Jyoti. He romances with her. Its morning, Sojal cries and says Astha will get Shlok’s mehendi, Indrajeet gave them many troubles. Kalindi comes. Sojal gives her mehendi from their side, and says we love Astha a lot. Kalindi smiles and says Shlok will not lose, Astha will have his mehendi.Astha gets ready and calls Shlok. She worries for him and wishes Varad’s plan succeeds, Indrajeet will fall in their trap. Indrajeet comes to her and sees her. He says wow, I wish to just stare you all my life, you look so gorgeous. She says thanks. She thinks how to find where he has hidden Shlok, she can’t waste time. He asks her to come for mehendi, Kalindi is also waiting. She says I will come. He says I will be waiting for you.

Astha comes and says she will not get this mehendi applied, what to do, yesterday I did acting to faint, how to stop this. She says she has allergy with mehendi. Kalindi and Avdhoot come. Indrajeet touches their feet and takes their blessings. He says Barkha is waiting for you. Kalindi says Astha has allergy with mehendi since childhood, she knows this, every mehendi does not suit her, I have a solution. Indrajeet says I m glad Baba came. Avdhoot says I had to come, Kalindi said Astha is happy, I hope you don’t make me regret. Indrajeet says he will fulfill all her wishes.

Kalindi talks to Astha and says this is herbal mehendi, apply this. She tells her that its from Shlok’s side, Sojal has sent it as shagun. Astha smiles. Shlok takes Astha’s name…… He sees the video on the tv. He sees her mehendi done and says how can she do this after knowing everything. Astha says she needs to talk and takes Kalindi with her. Indrajeet stops her ad asks where is she going, the mehendi ritual did not complete. Astha says yes, I have to make my dress right, so I was taking Aai, as I have mehendi on my hands. He says fine. She asks Kalindi to shut the window.Kalindi asks whats the matter. Astha tells her plan. Kalindi says she has understood and writes Shlok’s name in her hands. She says this name will be linked to you for many births and leaves. Astha cries seeing it. Varad calls Jyoti and asks her and Sid to come here soon. She asks but why, what happened.

He says once you come, I will tell you everything. He thinks he will not let Shlok’s hardwork go waste. The pandit tells about the puja. Astha thinks she will never do this puja with Indrajeet.

She thinks she will not let his plan work. Apsara signs her and smiles holding a water kalash. She comes there and acts like doing mistake, and making the water fall in the havan kund. The pandit says this is not auspicious. Apsara says sorry, it slipped from hand. The pandit says now this puja is spoiled. Varad comes and tells Indrajeet that he knows Indrajeet kidnapped Shlok. Astha defends Indrajeet. Varad says Shlok is free and now he will tell the truth himself. Avdhoot and Astha acting and asking Varad to leave. Varad says I m from media, now see what Shlok and I will do and threatens Indrajeet. He leaves. Indrajeet says pandit ji the puja has stopped, I don’t think we can continue. Astha thinks he got afraid and will go to check Shlok. Kalindi asks Astha to come to the room with her. Indrajeet goes to see Shlok in the store room. Astha keeps an eye on him. He opens the lock and sees Shlok inside. Shlok says Mr. Indrajeet Sarkar, it was fun to see the live telecast, the engagement and puja could not happen. He says you can get her by snatching.

Indrajeet says this is your misunderstanding, maybe Astha does not love me, but she will love me soon. Astha hears him and is shocked. Indrajeet says marriage is such relation which she will surely keep, I thought I will leave you free after marriage, but now I m sorry to say, you have to die, as I can’t take any risk. Shlok smiles. Astha moves and the door sounds. Indrajeet turns to see and Astha runs.Indrajeet goes out and locks the door. He tells pandit ji to get puja items, I m sorry for what happened, carry on, the marriage is tomorrow. Kalindi asks him not to worry. He asks is Barkha resting in her room. Kalindi says yes, we will leave. Avdhoot and Kalindi leave. He tells Apsara that no one will go out or make a call till the marriage takes place. He takes her phone and even Ramu Kaka’s.

He comes to Astha and asks how is she feeling. She says she was feeling weak. He asks her to take rest, and takes her phone saying no one will disturb you, I will switch this off, take rest. She thinks she has to talk to Shlok and inform Varad, once Indrajeet sleeps, she will meet Shlok. Its night, Astha sees the goons guarding the store room. They go out to have some fresh air. She finds the door locked and says Shlok, can you hear me. Shlok wakes up by her voice. She says I know Indrajeet locked you here. She thinks how to get him out of here.Astha brings a table and stands on it to see Shlok through the window. She cries seeing him and throws the knife to him, asking him to use it and free himself. Shlok is in semi conscious state. She says she loves him and does not want to marry Indrajeet. She hears Indrajeet talking to goons and hides. She thinks she will call Varad and ask him to complaint in police that Shlok is here. Indrajeet gets a call and says shoot Varad if he is seen around here, and I can’t see my enemies for long, kill all of them. Astha hears this and gets tensed. She thinks she can’t risk Varad’s life, she has to do something but what, he took even her phone, his house became jail for her, its marriage in morning, how to send message to Varad.

Its morning, Indrajeet welcomes the guests and asks servants to take good care of the guests, and no one should come without the invite. Shlok wakes up and sees the video. Indrajeet asks the goon not to give injection to Shlok. He smiles thinking Shlok will see Astha becoming my Barkha and not be able to do anything. Shlok says I can’t lose, I have to do anything to get Astha. He moves the chair. Astha gets ready as the bride and cries, asking Lord to do anything and stop her marriage, get Shlok back.Apsara comes to her and asks her not to cry, Indrajeet is not allowing anyone. Astha says what to do, he has locked Shlok in store room, I can’t do anything, Indrajeet will kill me, inform Varad, do something. Apsara says how shall I go. Astha sends her by the window. Apsara sees the watchman and thinks she has to go chawl soon and stop this marriage, Shlok should be out of Indrajeet’s clutches. She throws the stone to divert the watchman and runs.

Shlok takes the knife and tries to cut the ropes off his hand. Astha sees camera and says Shlok do something, stop this marriage, I don’t want to marry and cries. Apsara comes to Varad and says Shlok is locked in Indrajeet’s home, in the store room, Astha asked you not to come alone, as its risky. She told you to get police along. They all rush. Avdhoot and Kalindi look on. Astha is brought in the mandap. Indrajeet smiles. (Oldie looks horrible as the groom!!) Shlok struggles to cut the rope.Varad going to inspector and seeking his help. Astha wishes Shlok comes soon. Shlok cuts the ropes and frees himself. Astha and Indrajeet sit in the mandap. Shlok sees the video and gets angry. The marriage rituals start. Shlok tries to open the door. Astha thinks she does not wish to marry, please stop this marriage Shlok. The pandit asks them to stand for the phera/wedding rounds. Shlok sees them taking the rounds and hits the door. Astha gets dizzy and sits. Indrajeet asks her what happened, and makes her drink water.She looks for Kalindi and Avdhoot and wishes Shlok comes soon. Shlok breaks the door and comes there. He shouts Astha and the marriage stops. Indrajeet gets stunned. Shlok walks to him in style. Astha starts going to him and Indrajeet holds her captive. She says leave me and puts the ghatbandhan in the havan kund/fire. Kalindi smiles. Shlok says I told you I won’t let this marriage happen. Astha stands behind him.

Indrajeet says he will call police. Varad comes with police and shocks Indrajeet. Astha says she will talk to police, she is Astha Shlok Agnihotri, she has got her memory back. Indrajeet, Shlok and everyone get shocked. While everyone smile, Indrajeet gets upset. Astha says I got to know who I m and who is my husband, I know Shlok is my husband, I was doing this drama to bring your truth out infront of everyone. She says this is Varad, she is my Bhabhi Sojal, these are my parents, you are Mr. Indrajeet Sarkar, who troubled them, he has snatched their business, money and then broke their happy family.She cries and says you snatched my Sasubaai Anjali and our Baba is in hospital because of you, then you separated me and Shlok. Jyoti and Sid smile seeing this. Astha asks inspector to arrest Indrajeet, as he has kidnapped her husband and threatened to kill him, he felt she will never know the truth if he does not say him, she has seen him scolding the kids and stopping them from celebrating their mum’s birthday. She slaps him to end his drama. She says this slap will always remind him that relations made on fake end like this, I will be Shlok’s in all my births, he did not make any place in her heart. Everyone smile.

The inspector arrests Indrajeet. Shlok asks Astha did she get her memory back, he can’t say how much happy he is. He hugs her. Khuda…………..plays…………… She smiles and he asks what happened. She says she has to say something, she did not get her memory back, she just said him. They all get puzzled. Shlok says you spoke like old Astha, what do you mean. She says I said what everyone told me, and I knew Indrajeet’s truth, so I understood he is cheating me, and I trust you a lot more than anyone else.Shlok says memory is gone, but not the habit to lie. She says she has to deal like this with wrong people. The pandit asks are they ready to start a new life. He asks Shlok to take sindoor. Chupke se ahista…………..plays………….. He fills the sindoor. The families and others including Manya, Chowki, Apsara, Sachin look on happily. They all clap. Astha and Shlok see the kids upset. Shlok says they can stay with them if they wish. Astha asks them will they stay with their Sapna Didi and Ballu Bhaiya. Shantanu and Mishti agree and hug them. Sid says let’s take a family picture and they pose for the pics. Shlok says Iss Pyaar ko Kya naam doon…. And they smile for the pics


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