Strange Love Update Tuesday 11 May 2021


Strange Love 11 May 2021: starts with Niranjan asking Anjali did you invite Astha’s family. She says I did not, I thought not to invite them in our party seeing whatever happened with them, I don’t want anyone to talk about them in party and don’t want any embarrassment for you. Niranjan says you decided without my permission, great, if they don’t come, then we will be embarrassed, why are you thinking Avdhoot is not valuable to me. Anjali says sorry, I will call them. He scolds her and says I don’t forget mistakes, you are doing a lot of mistakes. He asks her to go and close the door. Sojal tells Anjali that the guests have started coming. Anjali says you go and attend them, I will come.

jaya is talking to the guests and talks as if its her house. Sojal is tensed seeing this and comes to her. She says are you mad, why are you telling these things, if Anjali sees you, it will be a problem. Abhay comes to Sojal and asks her to be fearless, the world is yours. Sojal says no way, we tried our best but Astha and Shlok went on their honeymoon. He says yes, but they are coming back today. She says yes, as its dad’s birthday. He says don’t worry, see what happens today, it will be fun. Varad comes and scolds Sojal and asks her to take care of Kavya and the guests.
Abhay tries to make Sojal come in his plan by praising her. He says if Astha was in your place, she would have been responsible for all this. He fools her in his words. He says I want to take revenge from Astha for not getting the ashram land and getting insulted. Sojal says its true, you are right, I will support you. Anjali comes and says Sojal. Abhay greets her and smiles.

Anjali asks whats going on. Sojal says I Kavya…. She asks Anjali what happened on her face. Anjali says it happened by mistake, I bumped into the door. Abhay hears this and smiles. Astha talks to Kalindi. Avdhoot says Astha, why are you doing the work, you came after so many days, sit here. Kalindi says Astha, I think you should inform at home that you are here, Shlok and Niranjan will understand but not Anjali. Astha says I will call later. Ajju says call now, maybe they are worried about you, tell them you are here, and thank them for helping your dad. Astha says Shlok knows I m here, he will take care. Ajju insists. Astha makes a call but no one receives. Ajju says try again. Astha tries again. Niranjan is happy and talking to the guests.

He says I want to cut the cake with Shlok and Astha after they come. Everyone praises Niranjan not knowing his reality. Shlok comes home and says dad…. Niranjan is happy to see him. Shlok wishes him happy birthday. Anjali thinks where is Astha. Niranjan hugs Shlok and asks where is Astha. Shlok says dad…….. Anjali comes to them. Shlok says she went to her house.
Niranjan says what, this is her house. Shlok says she went to meet her parents. The people ask Niranjan about Astha. They say we heard you did not invite her family, so she felt bad and left the home. Niranjan says its not that, maybe she misses her parents so she went. Niranjan asks them to have food. Niranjan says I will cut this cake with my son and bahu. Kaka thinks what it might be, that Astha did not come with Shlok. The people gossip about Astha and Avdhoot. Niranjan gets angry hearing this.
He looks at Anjali and Anjali goes to bring Astha. Shlok sees her leaving. Astha is making Avdhoot have food by her hands with so much love. Kalindi and Ajju smile seeing her. Avdhoot says you saw me in some pain and you are loving me even more, its enough, now I will make you eat.

Ajju says its looking so good to have food together after a long time. Anjali comes to them and claps. Everyone are shocked to see Anjali. Anjali scolds everyone for being in peace taking away their peace. She says Astha is our bahu, did you not think we might be waiting for her. She taunts them. Avdhoot and Kalindi look at each other. Kalindi welcomes Anjali. Ajju says Kalindi asked Astha to call but no one received the call. Anjali tells Astha that Niranjan saved your dad, don’t you think you should greet him and thank him. She says its Niranjan’s birthday and he was waiting for Shlok and Astha, but Astha came here. Astha says I did not know its his birthday today. Anjali scolds her and says Niranjan got to hera taunts because of you. Kalindi asks Astha to go home with Anjali. Ajju says Kalindi is right, go and wish Niranjan. Astha says what Niranjan did for my dad, I can’t get forget that, I will come with you. Anjali says not so easily and asks Astha to take an oath to abandon her family forever. Everyone are shocked.

Kalindi says Anjali what are you saying. Anjali says I m not talking to you. Anjali asks Astha to take water in hand and take an oath that she won’t turn to see her parents again. Astha says what are you saying. Anjali says you will not see their face again, take an oath, come on. Astha cries. Anjali insists. Anjali holds her hand and puts water on it and says the oath lines. Everyone looks on. Anjali says you have to choose any one from your Sasuraal and Maayka. Astha looks at her stunned. Everyone looks at Astha.

Niranjan’s birthday party going on. Kavya asks for the cake. All the guests are waiting for Niranjan to cut the cake. One of the guests ask Sojal whats fishy about Astha, where is she, why is she taking so much time to appear. Sojal tries to make excuses. Shlok comes to Niranjan and sees he is very angry. Everyone are waiting for Astha. People ask Niranjan about Astha and says today’s generation girl’s don’t respect elders. Abhay takes Astha’s side and praises her. He says she is of Niranjan and Shlok’s choice, don’t make any stories about her. The guests say they think of leaving and greet Niranjan asking him to permit them to leave. All the guests leave. Sojal sees everyone are gone and tells Abhay we did not do anything and see what happened. She says it will be fun if Astha does not come. Shlok asks Niranjan to cut the cake. Niranjan says no, Anjali went to take Astha, I m sure she will come, I will cut the cake after she comes. Anjali walks in with Astha. Everyone looks at Astha. Niranjan sees Astha angrily.
Astha greets Niranjan touching his feet.


Niranjan says thanks. Astha wishes him happy birthday and says sorry for coming late. She says what you did for my dad, I can’t return that favor in my lifetime, I don’t understand how to thank you. Niranjan says I did not do any favor on you or your family, I did this for my family’s happiness. Astha says you are so great, you did not see how far can people go. Niranjan says leave it, lets cut the cake.
At Astha’s house, Kalindi is talking how Anjali spoke to Astha despite there was not Astha’s mistake. Ajju says Anjali’s anger was justified, it was Niranjan’s birthday today, they might have felt bad as Astha did not go there. Kalindi says can’t Astha come to meet you after waht all happened with you, I m afraid she can create a scene there. Avdhoot says Astha will take care of everything, I trust my daughter completely. Niranjan cuts the cake with Shlok and Astha. Everyone sing the birthday song. Niranjan makes Astha eat the cake. Everyone looks on.

Shlok hugs Niranjan. Astha says Niranjan, give me permission now. Niranjan asks about what. Astha says to go to my home, I came here to wish and thank you. Everyone are puzzled. Astha says I don’t have any reason to stay here. Anjali says what rubbish, a sasuraal is a girl’s house after marriage. Astha says I m lucky to have a father in law like Niranjan and brother in mum like Varad and a Kaka, but Shlok has taken away all relations from me, when Shlok does not regard me as his wife, tell me from which right should I stay in this house. Everyone are shocked.Astha says my parents have taught me that husband and wife’s relation is about whole family. Astha says when Shlok has snatched every relation from me. Niranjan says be clear, what is the matter. Astha says yes, I can’t hide the truth, as Shlok won’t say the truth himself. Anjali says tell us the truth. Astha says Shlok hates me.

Everyone are stunned.Astha says Shlok did not marry me by heart, he just wanted to take revenge. Niranjan asks Shlok what is Astha saying. Shlok looks at Astha with so much anger in his eyes. Varad says Astha and Shlok, don’t mess up, if you have any fight, we can talk and solve it. Varad says Shlok loves Astha, right. Shlok says no, I hate Astha. Everyone are shocked. Anjali and everyone looks at Shlok. Shlok says I hate her deeply. Astha starts crying.
Sojal and Abhay are happy but shocked too. Varad says what are you saying, and why. Shlok says if you all want to know the truth, fine, I will tell everyone. He says I have many reasons to hate Astha. He says she insulted my dad in that function. Niranjan is shocked looking at Shlok. Shlok says our office broke up because of her, I decided that day that she will get punished for that. Shlok says I can’t love such a girl, never. I have only married her to show her place and to make fun of her life. He says I can’t leave someone who insults my dad. Astha says there is one truth, I did not do any mistake for what you are punishing me.

She says you did not think why will I insult your dad, I can’t do it. Shlok says what I did with you is very less compared to what you did with me. Astha says you have sent my dad to jail. Niranjan and everyone are shocked. Astha says you blackmailed me so that I come with you on honeymoon. Abhay smiles. Astha says what did you do with my dad, tell everyone, its enough now, I can’t stay with you now. Shlok shouts on her. Niranjan calms down Shlok.

Shlok says be in your limits Astha. Shlok says I have not sent your dad to jail, trust me or not, I don’t care. Astha says how long will you lie. Shlok says oh just shut up. I m not lying, you are lying, if you want to go to your house, go, just get out, if you create any problem for my dad, then think what I can do.

Shlok signs her to leave. Astha says Niranjan forgive me, I can’t stay here now. Everyone looks at Astha. Abhay smiles. Astha says don’t ask me to stay. Niranjan says what can I say now, this is your house and will always be yours. Astha says if I did any mistake, forgive me. She says I don’t have any bitter thing in my heart, trust me. She says I respect you all a lot Astha goes to Anjali and says I know I have argues with you a lot, but trust me, I did not wish anything bad, even then if I made any mistake, forgive me regarding me as your daughter. Anjali says marriage is not a kid’s game, think and take the decision. Astha says you asked me at my home, to choose and decide between this house and my parent’s house.She says you asked me not to see my parent’s house again, the answer for this is with Shlok. She says if you want my answer, my answer is I choose my parent’s house. Niranjan gets angry. Everyone are shocked. Sojal and jaya smiles. Anjali is shocked.

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