Strange Love Update Thursday 8 April 2021


Strange Love 8 April 2021: starts with Astha asking Mangla and Mangesh why they are firing her from work. Mangla says the client is not happy with you. Astha says this can’t be true and you will fire me like this as I have the work contract. Mangla says I don’t have anything in my hand. Astha says on what basis, Shlok can’t do this, where is he, I need to talk to him. Mangla says we can’t do anything now. Astha says I know what I have to do, I will talk to Shlok and not go from here. Shlok is in hurry and comes to Anjali in anger. Anjali asks what happened. He says why did you do this. She says I can ask you the some question.

Shlok gets angry on him and says we need to talk, Anjali says I did this for you good future. He says you don’t have any right to fire Astha, she works for me. Everyone comes there. Anjali says I don’t like Astha. Shlok says I like her. Anjali says what will happen if we fire her. Shlok scolds Anjali and says why don’t you listen to me and interfere in my life. Anjali equally fights back in the arguments, she says I made Swati leave from your life and will do the same with Astha. Shlok gets angry.
Shlok says so get my point too, I did not tell you because of my dad the last time, but this time I won’t agree with you. He says if you don’t stop interfering, then see what I do. Anjai says whats so special in Astha. He says because you don’t like her. Shlok leaves. Everyone looks at Anjali. Aryaman sees Shlok leaving and smiles. Anjali comes to her room and thinks about Shlok’s words. She is shattered and cries. She sees Niranjan’s photo and calms down. Astha is still in the office waiting for Shlok.

Shlok comes and she asks whats this, what did I do that you fired me, why this punishment. She starts blaming him without listening to him, he holds her hand and takes her from the lobby. She asks him why did you fire me, why did you send me the letter, tell me why you did this. Shlok takes the letter from her hands and tears it. Khuda…. plays… He says it was a mistake, go and do your work. She says what do you mean, whose mistake. He leaves saying I have a meeting. Mangla says now you are happy, do your work. Mangla and Mangesh leaves. Anjali talks to Aryaman and asks is everything fine. Aryaman says some sweet lines to her and says I can give you the idea to remove Astha from Shlok’s life. He speaks against Astha and says I can help you. Anjali says what do you want to say. He says what if Shlok kicks Astha out of his life. He smiles. Anjali looks on.
Astha thinks I don’t understand what was all this, I need to talk to Shlok to know what happened. Shlok comes and says the work is still incomplete. Astha says I want to talk to you. Shlok does not talk to Astha and addresses Mangesh. He leaves. Astha thinks I have to talk to Shlok. Astha comes to Shlok’s cabin. Shlok is talking with Suresh. She says I brought this file. Shlok says leave from here, I don’t want any disturbance. He says I don’t have time. She says I want to talk to you. Shlok leaves.

Astha goes after Shlok. Shlok runs and hides in the staff room. She sees in the staff room and says why are you hiding from me, why are you avoiding me. What did I do that you are running from me. She falls on Shlok and Khuda ….. plays…. They get closer and have an eyelock. The song Chupke se ahista…. plays…. Astha’s chain gets stuck in Shlok’s coat and she tries to remove it. Shlok and Astha are very closer and the chain does not get removed. Shlok signs wait and opens his shirt’s button, the chain gets removed and Astha gets up from over him. She asks Shlok I know you are avoiding me but why. How did that mistake happen. He says even I don’t know, what to tell you. Astha looks at him. He walks out of the staff room. Astha smiles.
Astha is in her room thinking about Shlok. She thinks today why you did not have my answers Mr. Shlok, or you did not want to tell anything. She thinks how she fell on Shlok and got closer to him. She is shy and smiles playing with a teddy soft toy. She says you can’t ignore me Shlok, there is something, and tomorrow you need to give my answers. Shlok thinks about Astha and the moment she fell on him. He sees his shirt and keeps it inside the cupboard.
The next morning, Astha is on the way thinking today Shlok has to give her answers. She gets a call from Mangesh. He asks her to come soon at the site. Astha says ok. She takes an auto and goes to the site. Aryaman meets someone and gives him money and asks him to do the work today. Anjali calls Aryaman and asks him what happened. Aryaman says today the work will be done and Astha won’t be in Shlok’s life. Astha sees that the workers are not on the site. She starts working and Aryaman is watching her along with the goons.


Aryaman signs the goons to make something fall on Astha. The goon pulls the rope so that the wooden structure falls on Astha.Astha working on the site. The goons plan to hurt her by making wooden bamboos fall on her. Aryaman is watching her. A bamboo falls but not on her. Aryaman and the goon hides. Astha is tensed and thinks Bappa saved her. Shlok comes there and sees Aryaman’s car there. He thinks what he id doing here. Shlok comes to Astha and she tells him its good you came here, I don’t have to wait to talk to you. She says I want to talk to you about site progress report. Shlok and Astha do the work. Shlok looks around. The goon makes bamboos fall again. Astha saves Shlok and both of them fall and roll on the ground. Astha and Shlok gets closer again. Music plays….. Shlok stares at her.

They get up. Shlok sees Astha hurt and helps her in getting up. Khuda…. plays…. He tears his shirt and ties on Astha’s hand. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon….. plays. Astha looks at his gesture. They have an eyelock. The goon watches them and runs. Shlok sees him running and runs after him. Aryaman sees them and leaves from the spot. Shlok catches the goon and slaps him. He asks who is he and what was he doing, why he wanted to kill Astha. He beats the goon. The goon says I wanted to hurt her as Anjali Madam asked me to do this. Astha comes and asks Shlok not to beat him much, Shlok says if anything happened to Astha, I would have killed you. Astha hears this and sees Shlok’s anger. Shlok leaves the goon after beating him. The goon runs. Astha sees Shlok angry. Astha asks why were you beating him. Shlok says I wanted to know about this accident and I got the answer. Astha does not understand. Shlok leaves.

Anjali is with Niranjan. Shlok comes to her and Anjali says whats this. Shlok scolds her and says how can you do this. Niranjan says how are you talking to her, what did she do. Shlok says the same thing she did with Swati, she has tried to hurt innocent Astha. Shlok asks her not to say anything. Shlok says bad things to her and says you lost your son after doing that thing with Swati and I m here because of my dad. I hate you, your name and your face. Sojal hears this and is shocked. Shlok says I don’t want this relation. He says its because of you I hate the word mum. Niranjan calms down Shlok and says this much anger is not good.Shlok says I m your son dad, I can die for you but don’t call her my mum, I m not related to her. He says she is only Mrs. Agnihotri, your wife for me. She does not exist for me. Niranjan looks at Anjali. Shlok says our relation broke earlier but now my mum died for me.

Anjali is shocked. Shlok leaves and Sojal turns. Anjali gets sad.Shlok and Astha are together somewhere and Shlok smiles seeing her. Shlok holds her hand. The song Iss pyaar ko…. plays in the background while they walk hand in hand. Astha smiles. Astha hugs Shlok and he smiles. Astha dreams this scene and wakes up. She asks herself what is happening to her, why is Shlok coming in her dreams as she hated him. Anjali tells Niranjan that she did a mistake.

Niranjan says you have spoiled everything, you did the same with Swati. He scolds Anjali and says Shlok hates you, he is not wrong. He says you lost one relation because of you. He says I fear you will lose every relation like this. Anjali says what did I do. Niranjan looks at her and says if not you, then who did it. He says don’t argue and leaves. Anjali gets upset.

Shlok is in his room. His brother comes to him and asks are you fine. They have a talk. His brother says you did it for Astha. Shlok says if there was any other girl, I would have done the same. His brother says I don’t know why mum did this. Shlok says I don’t relate to her now. He leaves in anger. Astha thinks of how Shlok has told the goon that he would kill him if anything happened to Astha. Aryaman is waiting for jyoti. Aryaman shouts on her and says sit in the car, why did you come without telling me. He makes her sit in the car and leaves before Astha could see them.
Astha comes to the office and starts working. Someone comes and says Sir is asking for the event file. Astha says I will come in some time. She comes to Shlok and gives the file. She starts leaving and Shlok stops her. He says who will give the details. she says the details are in the file. He asks her to pack up as they have to go to the site. She tries to avoid him. He stops her again and gets closer.

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