Strange Love Update Thursday 30 September 2021


Strange Love 30 September 2021: The Episode starts with Ajju talking to Kalindi. She says she has given Pravachan to Ankush for one hour which he does not like. Kalindi says yes, I saw him seeing Dharmic channel in morning, I don’t remember if Astha saw such channel before. Ajju says how can you comparing him with Astha, afterall you have mum’s heart, but he has to change, I want him to really change and not cheat us, else I will be hurt too, Ankush is my grandson too and I want him to be happy. She asks Kalindi to smile and she will find out did he really change or not. Apsara tells Shanta about Astha and Shlok.

Shanta asks what is she saying. Apsara angrily murmurs and says nothing. She looks at herself in mirror and says what he did for Astha today, he should have done for me, he wastes his energy, one day he will do this for me, and its good for her husband to be in jail for more days. She imagines few goons chasing and teasing her. She asks Shlok to come and save his lover. Shlok punches across the poster. Its a ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero’ scene. Apsara smiles seeing him. Shlok is dressed as convocation student type. Shlok makes a heroic entry and says now I have come, I will crush them with my left leg. Apsara smiles. Shlok beats them with the sunglasses in Rajnikanth style.

He fires the goon by his degree. He blows the goon’s face which makes him fall. Apsara asks him to beat more.
A real laugh riot scene after a long time. She says ‘Aur Maaro……….. Dishum Dishum’ and comes out of his imagination. Shanta comes and beats her saying she was asking her to beat. Apsara says she was not telling her. Shanta asks her to change, else when Maanya comes, he will not leave her. Varad makes Mahesh remove Shlok’s name board and place Indrajeet’s name board. Varad calls Indrajeet and gives all the credit to him, and says its possible by being your partner. Indrajeet says you are getting what you deserve. Varad says thanks, come to my office, your cabin is ready. Indrajeet says he will come when the right time comes. Varad says he wants to meet him, as he did not see him till now.

Indrajeet says he will meet soon. Varad says no one tried to know my wish, and a stranger whom I did not meet me, he understood my wish and his help benefitted us.Jyoti tells Sid that she got khichdi for him, and asks him why is he tensed, did his loan get passed, the marriage is near and things get done easily when money is in there in hand. He says I m going for this work, and personal loan interest is high, and he applied in three banks, still no reply. Jyoti says Varad said he can make the loan pass easily, I know you don’t want favor, but we can take his help. Sid says he does not want anyone’s help, and no need to beg to anyone, its his sister’s marriage and he can manage alone. He leaves. Jyoti says Sid is not understanding how will we do so much work in so less money.

Asttha stands at a height and calls all Chawl people. She drinks and tells her sad painful story crying. Shlok and Apsara looks on. Astha says Shlok, my husband, whom I married, he promised and brought me in such big city, and he has broken his promise, he fights with me, just Dishum Dishum is remaining to be done. She says she has also decided if he stays annoyed with her, then she will not bend her nose, she swears. Sachin whistles and asks what did she swear. Astha says till Shlok says I love you, I won’t come down from here. Sachin asks will she make home there. Astha says no, I will jump from here. The people ask her not to do this. A man asks Astha to get back.

Astha says I will jump, go from here. Apsara asks her to jump. Shlok thinks she is not from one who gives life, but one who takes life. Sachin says you can jump, you won’t die, just few bones will break. Astha asks Chawl people to convince Shlok, else she will really jump, she will do suicide. She says good bye in Dharmendra’s style. Shlok says stop it Astha, come down. Astha cries and says he still scolds me. Chowksi and Rekha come there. Astha says she won’t come down, she will jump today. Chowksi asks her to come down. Astha says his lines. She says Apsara Mausi, she has filled my husband’s ears against me, so he is not trusting me.

Chowksi reminds Rekha of the old movie, which they have seen by bunking school class. Chowksi asks Basanti, Astha to come down. Rekha says don’t come Astha till Shlok says I love you. Sachin says let the drama go on, its fun. Astha says fine, I will count till 10 now, and after it she will jump, then they will grind whole wheat in jail. Everyone ask Shlok to stop Astha. Astha starts counting. Shlok yawns. Astha thinks he is not taking her seriously, shall I really jump. Shlok tells Chowksi that she is a big Nautanki.Chowksi says you should never take wife light, save her, she will fall. Astha says 8….Shlok says 9,10 jump now. Astha cries and says 9. They request Shlok to say I love you. Apsara thinks Shlok should not tell Astha, but should say I love you to her. Shlok stops Astha and says I love you, fine, come down. Astha happily jumps and slips. Shlok holds her as she falls in his arms. (This is too much to see the fall in exact angle!!) Everyone clap for them, as they have an eyelock.

Astha and Shlok sorting their differences and hugging. Khuda……………plays…………….. Shlok asks Astha to come and they will work now. Mala tucks her saree pallu and thinks about Ankush. She sees his pic and smiles. She says don’t know, you can’t see or you don’t want to see, you are acting to be good, but you don’t know how good you are. Ajju comes inside the room. Mala asks how did she come before knowing. Ajju says she is finding wine bottle and Mala says he does not drink. Mala gets tensed and sees the cupboard. Ajju sees the cupboard and gets the wines bottles. Mala says we don’t drink, I mean he does not drink.

Ajju says then he does not need this, I will take it. Ajju leaves. Mala says she has taken all bottles. Shlok and Astha leave for work at the food truck. Shanta gets a call who comes to know her sister is unwell, She asks Apsara to come along to help her in her work, and takes Sachin. Apsara refuses to go. Shanta insists and asks her to come soon. Riya shows a saree to Jyoti and she likes it. She asks why did she not get more for daily wear. Riya says you understand this, don’t know why Sid does not understand this, he did not give me money. Jyoti says but I have you Rs 25000. Riya says this saree is worth Rs 25000. Jyoti says why so much costly, you could have bought 3-4 in this budget. Riya says its my marriage, I will take the best, and gets annoyed.

Sachin tells Astha that they are going to Shanta’s sis’ house and asks her to take care. He says he will be back in few days. Astha gives some snacks and Sachin thanks her calling her sweet. Shlok asks Astha what Sachin said. She says everything. Shlok says fine, I will come. She asks is his work over. He says my head is aching, I will bring medicines. Varad comes home and tells Sojal to get ready, they will go for dinner as he is very happy and wants to share it with her, the entire office belongs to him now, it calls for a celebration. Niranjan comes and asks what celebration.Varad says I was just saying when Shlok comes back, we will celebrate that day very well, and keep a bag party. Niranjan asks did he come, where is he, its one month now and you could not find him, when he comes back, then it will be real celebration. He says once he comes back, he will not let him go. Varad says he will not think about anyone’s happiness now, and asks Sojal to go and change, they are going out. Kavya wakes up at night and calls Sojal and Jaya.

She looks for them and calls Anjali. She says she is scared and she is not feeling sleepy. Anjali asks where are her parents. Kavya says they went for dinner and I m scared, I m missing you. Anjali says even I missing you, and asks her to be strong, as bad pepple get scared, Ganpati is with her always and she is brave. She says I told Ganpati to be with you always. Kavya says she remembers all her stories and asks her to tell something new, come soon. Anjali says we are playing game, we will end it and come soon, promise me you will not cry and not be scared. She sings a lullaby for Kavya.Kavya smiles and Jaya comes to her. She asks with whom is she talking. Anjali asks her to take care and not to be scared. She ends the call as Jaya takes the phone. Kavya thinks Anjali said bad people get scared, so Jaya will be scared. She scares Jaya showing a doll saying she was talking to it on phone. Jaya is scared. She gets inside her blanket. Kavya says doll sings song too, will you hear it. Jaya says no, I don’t want to. Jaya says she does not want to be here and asks Kavya to sleep. She leaves. Kavya laughs. Anjali cries and tells her about Kavya, who was crying and scared, Sojal and Varad left her, they are so careless, how can they do like this, when I was there, they never did this, I will call Sojal, she left Kavya with Jaya and she does not care.

Her mum asks if she asks how did you know, will you say you are here, I know its tough, but let this happen, you can change it. Ankush scolds Mala asking how can she give all the wine to Ajju. Mala says she said you have changed so she took it. He says you should have told anything, did you not lie before that you said truth. Mala says drinking is wrong. Ankush asks did she get change of heart being with them, she is just acting to be his wife, be in your limits, we have a difference of opinion which you might not understand. Mala says she was telling for his good, be in limit, I m not your wife that you are coming so close. She falls on him and he asks her to move. She gets up and he leaves.Astha locks the food truck and thinks Shlok may be resting now, he said I love you and see how he is behaving now. She comes home and sees all dark. She steps ahead and smiles seeing the decorations, and their room lit with candles. Sparklers and rose petals fall on her. Mahiya………… tu hi mera hosh bhi………..plays…………… Shlok comes and holds her closer. They have an eyelock.

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