Strange Love Update Thursday 22 April 2021

Strange Love 22 April  2021: starts with Astha crying hugging Kalindi. Kalindi pacifies her and wipes her tears. She says welcome your new life happily, we are with you, when you go there and stay with them, you have to understand their way of living, and when you havce Shlok’s love with you, you can face any problem. Astha says you have made me capable of doing that, but I don’t understand how will I be without you both, I will miss you a lot and Ajju too. Atul cries. Astha says there is a confusion, can you help me. He says yes tell me. She asks about her hairdo. Atul smiles and says you always look beautiful in any hairdo. Astha smiles. Kalindi holds her hand and smiles.
The next morning, Astha is crying in her room seeing the photos of her family and looking around her room. She thinks she has to leave all this today. Her phone rungs and its Ajju’s call. She says I was missing you, Ajju says I came here to do the puja for you so that you don’t have any problem in life, my love and blessings are with you.

Atul and Kalindi sees Astha crying.
Atul says lets go now, else we will be late. Kalindi says come on Astha, take the Lord’s blessings now. Astha says my room, my belongings, let it be like this only. The day when you miss me, you can come to this room. Kalindi cries. Astha says stop crying now. She says I will also cry if you cry, so please stop crying. Atul says Kalindi, lets go now. Astha says take care of yourself and Atul and always be happy. Kalindi says if you are happy, we will also be happy. Atul and Kalindi hugs Astha. Astha takes the Lord’s blessings and cries. They then leave for wedding hall. They reach wedding hall and are shocked to hear from Anjali. She says now you are coming, so late. Atul says sorry. Anjali says we are sorry to you, its very late for the marriage now.
Kalindi says the mahurat was at 10am.

Anjali scolds her for coming late. She says how did you do the arrangements, there is no pandit, when will you welcome the groom. Atul says don’t worry, we will take care. Taai says its not good for the bride to be like this, send her to get ready. She says this things happen in marriages. She asks them to deal with this peacefully. Kalindi asks Suman aunty to take Astha inside. She tells Astha not to talk to anyone after the puja. Kalindi goes to do the arrangements. Anjali looks on. Atul asks Niranjan to wait for some time. Niranjan says I understand, but Anjali is not wrong.
He says it would be good if everything happens on time, else it will be a problem for the women. Atul says fine and leaves. Anjali looks at Niranjan. Shlok arrives at the wedding hall and looks around. Taai asks Niranjan to take care of everything. Kalindi welcomes Shlok and does his tilak. She does the tilak to Sojal and jyoti also who come along with Shlok. Atul gifts shawl to Niranjan. Anjali tells Kalindi we did not take dowry from you, you could have booked an AC hall for us. Kalindi says I will send cold drinks for you and leaves.

jaya asks Sojal where are the gifts. Astha is getting ready for the marriage. The girls tease Astha taking Shlok’s name. Astha sees Shlok in the mirror and thinks he really came. She smiles seeing him nowhere. She thinks all this is for you Shlok, I m waiting to see you. Shlok on the other hand says this is the biggest day of my life, trust me Astha, you will get that which you have not thought of. He smiles. Astha thinks my life changed when you came in my life, all this is for the society, I regard you as my husband by heart. Khuda…. plays….. Kalindi talks to the pandit. Atul meets someone and he gives him transfer orders. Atul is shocked to read the papers. Kalindi is shocked too. The man says its urgent, you have to go to Kolapur today itself and take your joining letter. Niranjan comes and asks Atul what is the matter. Kalindi is about to say but Atul stops her. Even then Kalindi tells Niranjan about the problem. Atul says I won’t go from here as its my daughter’s marriage, even if my job goes The man says its an order, he has to go. Niranjan talks to a minister and cancels the transfer order. Niranjan takes the transfer order papers and tears them.

Atul says Niranjan you have done a favour for me. Niranjan says I did what I could, don’t thank me. He says if I did not do this, you would have to leave your job. He says its my duty to support you, Astha is my bahu now, I did this for her happiness. He says its our happiness in it. Kalindi says Astha is lucky to get a father in law like you. Atul thanks him. Niranjan hugs him. Astha prays to the Lord that her marriage becomes successful and her relation with Shlok is forever. Shlok comes to her and music plays… She asks what are you doing here. He says came to see you. He gets closer and someone knocks the door. Shlok hides. Anjali comes and looks at Astha angrily.

Anjali knocking Astha’s door. Astha asks Shlok to hide. He opens the door and hides behind. Anjali asks why did you take so much time to open the door. Astha is nervous as Shlok teases her. Anjali gives him a dupatta and asks her to cover herself with it. Astha asks Shlok to leave but he closes the door and goes towards her. She moves back and smiles. They have an eyelock and he covers her with that dupatta. Music plays…… Chupke se Ahista…. plays….. Shlok ties the kamarbandh to her waist. He then puts the nose pin. He corrects her bindi. Astha and Shlok smiles seeing each other. He signs her for a kiss while she looks on. Astha signs no. He signs you have to. She smiles and turns. They get closer and she turns his face and kisses him on the cheek. She pushes him signing go. Shlok smiles seeing her. Shlok has the lipstick mark on his cheek and he wipes it and kisses it. He leaves and comes to the hall with Niranjan. People throw flowers on him to welcome him. Astha comes with Kalindi and Shlok looks at her. Everyone are happy to see Astha. Kalindi talks to Astha and tells her about Atu;’s transfer order and how Niranjan stopped it saying he does not want to see you sad, I m happy that he did that.

Astha is relieved. Astha looks at Shlok and smiles. Anjali comes and asks Kalindi that its not good to be here. Kalindi says I know, I was just being with her. Anjali asks jyoti to take Astha with her. Atul sees Kalindi upset and goes with Astha. The rituals start. Astha and Shlok are standing with everyone separated by a cloth lined in between them. Kalindi is praying to the Lord for Astha’s happiness. Everyone throws flowers on the couple. The cloth is removed and they exchange garlands. Everyone claps for them. Anjali looks angry. Anjali’s parents arrive at the venue. The enter the wedding hall. Shlok puts the sindoor in Astha’s maang. He puts the mangalsutra going closer to her. Anjali’s mum sees the board where Agnihotri’s name is written and thinks are they the one who…. Her husband says no, there are many Agnihotris. They proceed further. The wedding is completed and the pandit asks them to take everyone’s blessings. Anjali’s parents are shocked to see Shlok as the groom.

Shlok and Astha greets Niranjan and Anjali but jyoti’s mum in law stops them and says you should first the elder’s blessings. She tells Anjali your parents are here. Everyone are shocked. Astha is shocked to know that they are Anjali’s parents. Atul and Kalindi looks on. Everyone look at each other. Anjali is tensed and looks at Niranjan. Anjali asks who called them. Astha says I called them, what happened. Shlok looks at her. Astha says they live in the ashram, are their your grandparents. Kalindi asks Astha to take their blessings.
Kalindi says you were missing Ajju, they will be fulfilling her space.

Astha asks Shlok to come with her and take their blessings but he stops and says whose grandparents, who insulted my dad, I m not related to them. He talks to his grandpa and asks him to tell what he did. Astha says today is a good day, why are you thinking of the old things, and we should take their blessings as its equal to the Lord’s blessings. Shlok says I don’t want their blessings. Astha moves forward and Shlok says if you do so, our relation will break. Everyone looks at Shlok.

Astha says but Shlok, they are your grandparents. He says they died for me, did you understand. She says no, they are infront of you, why are you insulting them. He says they insulted my dad. Anjali says enough and asks Atul to call the security. Anjali’s mum says how can you insult your parents like this infront of everybody. jyoti’s mum in law taunts Anjali and says how can you ignore your parents. Astha tries to convince Shlok and says their blessings are important for us. Shlok says don’t take any step forward. He tells Astha not to show sympathy for them as they don’t deserve it. He says they would send me to jail if they plan to. He says like they had sent my dad to jail, will they love me ever? Anjali’s mum tries to explain but Shlok says I don’t want to hear anything from you. Astha says let them explain. Shlok says you have to choose either them or us. Niranjan and Anjali are angry. Shlok says will you break our relation for them, are you ready to do so? Astha looks at them and at Shlok. She cries and comes back to Shlok.

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