Strange Love Update Saturday 8 May 2021


Strange Love 8 May 2021: starts with Shlok and Astha walking in the jungle. He looks at her and Khuda……………….. plays……………. He sees she stopped and lifts her to bring he down. She sees some people and smiles. She shows them to Shlok. Abhay comes to Shlok’s office and asks for Suresh. He meets Suresh while Suresh is talking on phone. Abhay hears about Shlok framing Avdhoot in a case. He is shocked. He smiles. Shlok meets those people in the village and all of them look at him and Astha. Shlok says can you tell us the way out from this jungle. They ask first tell us how did you come in this jungle.
Shlok is irritated and showers his anger on them. They ask Shlok to go and not ask for their help. Shlok says fine, lets go Astha.

Astha says one min, and talks to those people. She tells them how they came in the jungle and requests them to show the way. The people says this is not the way to ask us. Astha apologizes. Astha says I m talking with respect, it does not mean you will insult my husband. Shlok looks at Astha. Astha says I will go wherever my husband takes. The people says we will help you but ask him to apologize to us. Astha says I don’t want my husband to apologize. Please show us the way, it would be great. Shlok looks at Astha.
They say see we will help only because of your wife, but the way is not easy, so you won’t understand if we tell you the way, I will leave you there after the puja we have here. Astha thanks them and asks about the puja. He says Chakki puja, we would be glad if you also attend the puja. Astha says why not. They arrange some new clothes for Shlok and Astha and gives them. Shlok says do we have to go to the mandir for this puja. They say no, we preach the wife thinking women are men’s power.

Shlok says I won’t do this puja, sorry. They say you can’t go from here without the puja, as your wife said yes for it, go and change your clothes in that room.
Shlok looks around in the room and asks Astha what are you doing. She is changing her clothes. She says look that side. He says we will find the way, we can’t stay here for the puja, do you want me to do this patni pujan so that you want to take revenge. She says I don’t believe in all this, I think husband and wife are equal, you won’t understand, forget it. He says woman does the puja, not a man. He asks her to hurry up and goes to her to hook up her blouse. Astha feels this. He says come, lets go and they leave hiding from those people. Someone sees them running and follow them to catch them. Shlok and Astha run away. Abhay goes to Shlok’s cabin and redials and calls Shinde. He speaks as if he is Suresh. He asks Shinde to give all the evidence to the police against Avdhoot. He smiles cunningly and hides under the table seeing Suresh. Suresh does not see him. Abhay is relieved and leaves.

The people run after Shlok and Astha. Shlok and Astha try to escape but Astha gets tired and runs slowly. The people chase them and finally catches them. They say you both did not do this right by running from our area. They say no one can show you the way out from here, we trusted you and you cheated us, you cant get out of this jungle without our help. Astha apologizes to them and says my husband is angry but good by heart, he is somewhat mad, Shlok looks at her. Astha says we don’t believe in all this.
They ask them to do the puja and insists. He says the woman is the true power of the world, you have to do this puja if you want to go out of here, come with us now and do the puja. Shlok says fine, coming. He holds Astha’s hand and goes for the puja. Anjali tells Sojal that its Niranjan’s birthday day after tomorrow and Shlok and Astha will be coming till then. She asks her to start the arrangements for it. Sojal says ok and leaves. Kalindi calls Anjali and invites her for the Grah Shanti puja. Anjali thanks her for the invitation and says the puja is today and you are saying us now.
Kalindi says sorry, we were busy and asks about Shlok and Astha. Anjali taunts Kalindi and says its one month now, still Astha does not realize her duties. She says we will come for the puja but we won’t stay there for long time. Someone calls Varad and he is shocked to know something.

Varad says this cannot happen, this news can’t come on tv as this news is related to us. Shlok is doing the patni pujan. He follows the guidelines and does as they say. Astha smiles. Everyone look at Astha and Shlok and laugh seeing how Shlok is following the rituals. Astha bites his hand when he makes her eat the sweets. He pushes the whole sweet piece in her mouth. He says is this over now. They asks Shlok to sit down and get up only with Astha and walk with her taking two steps. They say your wife is your power, do pranaam to her. Astha signs do it. Shlok does the pranaam and Astha laughs. Astha and Shlok walk together and complete the puja. Shlok says now is it over, now please leave us till high way asking the villagers to leave them to highway. They ask Shlok to go and change. Ajju and Kalindi are making the puja arrangements. Niranjan, Sojal and Anjali come to them and Avdhoot and Kalindi welcomes them warmly. The pandit asks them to come for the puja. Everyone sits for the puja. Sojal thinks of something as Anjali looks at Niranjan. Sojal smiles seeing Kalindi and Avdhoot do the puja together being equal. Anjali says a woman should know her place, she should not become equal to the man, man is superior to a woman and no one can change this truth. She tells Ajju that you have given equal value to man and woman which is wrong. Sojal looks on.


Anjali taunts Ajju for doing this. Anjali says since Astha came in our house, nothing is fine. Ajju asks what did Astha do. Anjali says what you taught, she wants to become equal to men and thats she is ruining the peace of my house. Varad calls Niranjan to tell about Avdhoot bu Niranjan cuts the call saying I will talk later. Varad calls again but Niranjan does not take the call. Varad is tensed and thinks what to do now. Anjali looks at Avdhoot and Kalindi.
Varad comes home and he is shocked to know that his parents are not at home and went to Astha’s house for the puja. He leaves to go there. Astha pulls Shlok’s leg saying what will everyone think if they come to know that you did patni pujan. He says its all because of you. Astha blames him for everything. Shlok says your problem is you can’t see your mistake. She laughs and he says whats this, you are laughing again. She shows them the people who are standing keeping fingers in their ears. Shlok goes to them and says its over, come lets go now. The puja ends in Astha’s house.

Anjali says we will go now. Ajju says the food is ready, have it. Anjali says no, we won’t wait longer. Ajju gives them the prasad. Sojal says I will go and get the water and goes inside. She comes to the kitchen and sees the dishes made. Anjali comes after Sojal and Sojal gets tensed. Anjali scolds Sojal for this act and says this is someone else’s house, come with me. Niranjan asks Avdhoot how are you now. Varad comes to them and tells Niranjan that he has to talk to him something important, but before that they see the police coming to their house asking for Avdhoot saying we have arrest warrant.

Everyone are shocked. Niranjan asks the reason. The inspector says on the charge of fraud. Avdhoot is worried. Niranjan says tell me some other way, can we apply for the bai. The inspector says no, sorry, the court is closed today and tomorrow in sunday. Niranjan says fine and calls someone. He asks them about Avdhoot’s case. They say they are helpless about Avdhoot’s case else they would have helped him. Niranjan turns to Avdhoot and looks at him. The police takes Avdhoot with them and Ajju and Kalindi try to stop him. Kalindi cries. Anjali and Sojal looks on. Ajju consoles Kalindi. Niranjan asks Anjali to tell Kalindi that we will bail out Avdhoot as soon as possible and not to worry. He leaves with Varad. Anjali taunts Kalindi and says its because of you Niranjan had to go to police station today, we did the big mistake by getting your daughter in our house. She says we care about the society. Kalindi says trust me, Avdhoot is innocent, he did not do anything. Anjali leaves with Sojal.

Niranjan tells Varad that we have to take Avdhoot out, we have to use our contacts to free him as we are related to them, if this news reaches the media, even our name will spoil. Varad says it won’t happen. Sojal smiles and thinks how can this news stop, see what I do now. She gets Abhay’s call and goes away to talk to him. Abhay says you have to agree that I m your Guru. She says did you do this. Abhay says yes. Sojal says great, you should get a prize for this. Abhay smiles and ends the call.
The villagers ask Shlok and Astha to be careful from the poisonous trees. Astha is hurt by the thong and cries. Shlok and the villagers go to her and see her leg bleeding. The villagers asks Shlok not to touch the thong but he uses a leave and removes it. Shlok says come, we have to get out from here. She says I won’t be able to walk, its aching a lot. The people say we told you about this, where will you take her now, the hospitals are not here, she may even die. Shlok asks whats the remedy. They say you won’t believe it, only jadibooti can cure this.
He shows Shlok the closeby mandir and asks him to take Astha with him and reach there before the poison reaches. He says Astha has only 30-40 mins. Shlok says what, but the mandir is very far. They say you have only this option and don’t let Astha sleep, else it will be more risky.

Shlok lifts Astha and runs towards the mandir asking her to open her eyes. Astha says we won’t be able to reach. He says I won’t let you get the right to die, I told you I’m very selfish. The people are also coming after them.Shlok asks Astha to open her eyes. Ve Saiyyan……………….. plays…………….. They reach the mandir and he tells Astha that we reached the mandir. She is unconscious. He puts some water on her to wake her up. She says open your eyes, we reached. She opens her eyes. He takes her inside the mandir walking up so many stairs.

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