Strange Love Update Saturday 31 July 2021

Strange Love 31 July 2021: The Episode starts with Niranjan coming to Anjali and asking her not to get ready. He throws her saree and says if she is not related to us, let her get any name, her identity is by the in laws, will you celebrate the birth of a daughter. He says wear anything and go. Sojal asks Varad to give Rs 1000 for makeup items. He says take it from wallet. She sees a jewellery set in his bag and smiles. She is glad thinking it’s a beautiful surprise for her. She wears it and asks him how is she looking. Varad is shocked seeing this. He smiles and says yes, I brought this to surprise you and you saw it. She says thanks I will wear this today and hugs him.

Kalindi comes with Ajju and Avdhoot. Kalindi says it would have been good if Sid came here. Ajju says he loves her a lot and I wish he gets her. Avdhoot says don’t dream this impossible thing, don’t talk this here as it can affect Astha. Astha welcomes them. Kalindi hugs Anjali and meets Jyoti and her baby. Sojal sees Astha brought the gift and gives gold bangles for the baby. Astha says this is from us with lots of free love. Anjali smiles and says this is from your dad’s side. The pandit asks for the name and everyone suggests. Anjali says Anaya, it mean free from all bounds. Astha says yes, it will be that now.

Astha tells everyone and says lets make chits and keep the one that comes. Sojal says fine. Astha writes Anaya on all chits though everyone says different names. Jyoti picks the chits and says Anaya. She smiles and says her name will be Anaya Agnihotri. Abhay walks in and says not Anaya Agnihotri, but Anaya Abhay Deshmukh. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Jyoit cries seeing him. Niranjan smiles in his room and says who says I can’t change the air, I did what I want, Jyoti has to go with Abhay, girls should not stay in Maayka, its time she leaves and I do her bidaai.Sojal thinks its tv serial villain’s entry, Jyoti’s life is like a serial. Avdhoot stops Kalindi from saying anything. She says Jyoti is like my daughter. He says no. Ajju says Shlok will manage, we should not say anything. Abhay walks ahead and Shlok comes in between. Abhay apologizes to him and says I m ashamed, if you want to beat me, you can. He starts crying fake crocodile tears. He says I know I have hurt Jyoti a lot. Shlok asks Anjali is she happy now? He says you might be happy seeing him here.

He says he is out of jail because of you. Jyoti scolds Anjali for putting her in hell by freeing Abhay, now be happy. Niranjan comes and sees this bold side of Jyoti. Jyoti says if you wanted to kill me, you would have given me poison. Abhay requests Shlok to let him see his daughter once and folds his hands. Astha stops him and scolds him, as he lost the right to see her now, she is Anaya Agnihotri, Jyoti’s daughter, not yours. Abhay says you are right, but everyone gets a chance to prove he is innocent. He says you want to know who is real culprit.

He goes and brings his Bua to them and says she is the real culprit. He blames her for everything and asks her to tell the truth. Sulbha Tai takes all the blame on herself and says your daughter is so sweet that I felt she can take my son away, Abhay did not care about girl or boy, but I cared, as I wanted a son and this made me blind, don’t know how I treated her, I filled Abhay’s ears that we want a son, not a daughter, we want a heir. I m ashamed for falling so low and broke my son’s marriage. This is because of my greed, don’t punish him, save his marriage and forgive me.

Niranjan comes and scolds her. He says how dare you think you will do this with Niranjan Agnihotri’s daughter, its her values that she kept quiet for so long time, but it does not mean I and her brothers can’t do anything. Abhay falls in his feet and apologizes asking for one last chance, promising he won’t do this again. He cries loudly. Niranjan turns. Abhay says fine, I will die here and takes a knife in his hand to cut his nerve. Niranjan stops him. Astha says what happened, cut your hand, if you decided and accepted your crimes.Niranjan takes the knife and throws it. Astha says he is acting, he won’t do this as he is a coward. Abhay says forgive me. I m saying the truth, else I won’t be able to live, give me once chance. He says I love Jyoti a lot. Niranjan says give me some time to think. Abhay keeps apologizing.

Shlok says what there to think now. Abhay says till you forgive me, I will sit in your house’s door, I request you to let me see my daughter’s face once, I m her father. Niranjan allows him. Jyoti is shocked and stops Abhay.Niranjan asking Abhay to see his daughter. Jyoti says wait, don’t come ahead. She cries and takes her daughter in her safe arms. Abhay sees Anaya and says my daughter, will you forgive me, I m very ashamed of my deeds, but I love you a lot, but today I m helpless that I can’t take you in my arms, because if my mistake. Shlok takes Abhay and asks Astha to take Jyoti inside. Shlok says Jyoti will not come with you, leave now. Abhay leaves with his Bua. All the guests leave. Shlok says Baba I have to talk to you, how can you think to give a chance to Abhay. Niranjan says I will think about this again, seeing Jyoti’s state, I m her father and I worry for her the most. He leaves.

Jyoti comes to room and says I won’t let that devil’s shadow fall on my daughter. Astha consoles her. Jyoti says till Anjali is here, nothing will be fine. Anjali hears this and is sad. Jyoti says her mentality will ruin this house, see here nothing will be left, now Shlok is fine as you came here, but you don’t know what was his state, now she is after me, she took my sign on Abhay’s bail papers, happiness was coming to my door and she could not see it, how can a mum do this. Astha says I know, you are misunderstanding her. Jyoti says you don’t take her side now. Astha sees Anjali and cries. Astha thinks I promise now the day is not so far that you know your mum is very nice and loves you a lot, I will expose Niranjan soon, then you can see Anjali’s love.

Shlok says I feel not to leave Abhay. Varad says the same and says it was all a drama, and we have to explain this to Baba, as he should not give another chance to Abhay. He is greedy, I m worried he misbehaved with Jyoti and now can torture Anaya too. Shlok says we have to explain Baba, he has a soft heart which melted seeing him. Niranjan comes to Shlok’s pic and says I did not think you will disagree with my decision, I know you don’t want to send Jyoti with Abhay but I have to do something that……… Shlok comes and apologizes to him for talking in high tone.

He says I want to see Jyoti happy and she should not go back to Abhay, he will not change, we all want she stays here, this house is hers. Niranjan says yes, even I want it, I did not trust Abhay changed, but when he was trying to cut his hand, I felt he is really regretting, even Lord gives second chance, I m saying this about Jyoti, she has a long life, everyone needs a life partner, don’t be emotional, be thoughtful. Shlok says I m agreeing to this, but now I m no understanding. Niranjan says fine, you think this well. Shlok leaves.

Ajju is worried for Jyoti, as Abhay got released. She prays for jyoti. Sid comes and asks how was the function, what happened. He says tell me. She says Abhay came back and Sid is shocked. She says he wants to take Jyoti and his daughter back, he came and apologized, don’t know what will Niranjan decide. Sid says Abhay did wrong with her, whats there to think, I don’t have any way, I have to run with Jyoti. She stops him. He says its about Jyoti’s life, he will not let her live. He says I m going to meet Jyoti and leaves.Jyoti thinks about Abhay’s tortures and cries. Anaya cries and she takes her asking her not to cry. Jyoti is very worried and says I can’t stay with Abhay, what should I do now. Anjali and Astha hear this standing at the door and seeing Jyoti cry miserably. Abhay talks to Bua and says my head is aching by crying. She says why did you do so much acting. He says I felt if I blame you, they will send Jyoti, but Baba took time to think, will they send her, she is my wife. She massages his head and says Niranjan knows a girl is respected if she is in inlaws. He says yes, he has freed me.

She says they worry about society, he will do something for you. Abhay says but Shlok and Varad interfere, and Astha is always against me, if Baba comes in their talk, did you see Shlok and Astha ill treating me. Sid is on the way and thinks shall I tell Jyoti to run with me, what to do, I can’t see her in pain. Shlok is also on the way and thinks what to do about Jyoti, Baba is straight man so maybe believing Abhay, I can’t let her go with him, but if Baba is trying to give him another chance, I have to convince him. He will never wish bad for anyone, not for Jyoti.Niranjan is in his room and says Shlok, this is first time you doubted on my decision, I have to end this matter soon and Jyoti should leave. Sid comes to Jyoti and she hugs him. Music plays…………… he smiles and holds her. She says save me and my daughter. He says I can take you now, but no. Anjali hears them. He says I know we are right, then why to run, I can’t hurt your family to give you happiness. I don’t want to do anything which can defame my love, I know its hard to make them agree, but we will pass this phase smiling. Anjali smiles hearing this and says Sid I m sure now that you will keep my daughter happy.

Astha comes and sees him. She shuts the door and asks what is he doing here. Sid says I came here after knowing Abhay is out of jail, I wanted to see Jyoti, but you know about us and was happy, how did he come out of jail. Jyoti says its not her mistake, Anjali did this. Anjali gets sad. Astha says I know things are slipping out of our hands, but we still have time. She says till we are with Jyoti, we don’t need to worry, we won’t let anything happen to her, please go, else your lose story will end before starting. Sid says Jyoti, you don’t worry, I m here, I will not let Abhay come to you. He tells Astha that he is going now, as he trusts her to take care of Jyoti.Astha says yes, go now, see the time, its late. Sid and Jyoti smile and he leaves. Astha says everyone is sleeping, I will leave you from main drop, do you want to break hands legs…. Come. She takes Sid with her and is shocked to see Shlok coming in.

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