Strange Love update Saturday 11 December 2021

Strange Love 11 December 2021: The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha becoming friends. She leaves with the flower. She tells the kids who will tell dad that they are going out. Mishti says I will say. Astha says then I will go with Shantanu. The kids refuse to say anything. They join hands to keep it a secret. Apsara says I forgot to tell Shlok that Astha went to designer. She calls Shlok. He says he has a good news, Astha came to chawl and we became friends, did she come back. Apsara says no, she went to designer, and Indrajeet went to office, he will come by evening. He says fine, I will come.Astha comes to the designer and meets Indrajeet. He says why did she come late. She says she went to meet Shlok, she had to say thanks for helping kids and sorry too. He says he does not like him, he told her the truth, even then she is believing him. The designer shows some designs and asks her to choose. Astha sees few and asks Indrajeet to choose any, his choice is her choice. He asks Megha to bring more catalogues and come home, he did not like these designs. He leaves with Astha and kids.

Apsara asks Shlok what will he do. Shlok says he is thinking something special, he will make this room for Astha Agnihotri. He asks her to receive the items he ordered. He sees her pic and says I hope you like this surprise. Indrajeet asks Astha why was she upset. She says I m sorry. He says I m seeing you don’t like anything, I would like if you take interest in everything. She says I know, I m sorry, but things are incomplete, I know its our marriage, but I m not happy the way I should.He says he wants a simple life, we got unnecessary complications after Shlok came in our lives, who is he to us, why are we giving importance to him, he will feel good if she gets happy seeing arrangements. She says yes. Apsara smiles seeing the balloons and soft toys. Shlok says now its Astha’s choice of room. Apsara likes it. Shlok says I got everything Astha likes. Indrajeet and Astha come home.Apsara says someone came, Sir send someone to decorate the room. Indrajeet says I have sent? And rushes to see. Indrajeet and Astha see the room. He thinks he is sure Shlok did this to make Astha recall the past. Astha likes it and smiles. Apsara hides and looks on. Astha says so you took me out, to give me this surprise, I love this.Apsara thinks Shlok did this and she does not remember anything. Shlok calls Indrajeet and says he knows Astha’s choice well, and I have put everything there in that room, so no need to force your choice on her, my wife is with you for some time, take care of her, if she has any complains, I will not leave you. He ends call. Indrajeet gets angry.

Shlok thinks about Astha. He thinks she would be very happy seeing the room, I know her happiness is in small bits. He messages her good night. She thinks about him and gets his message. She replies good night to him. He smiles. She says whats happening to , why am I thinking this about Shlok, why do I feel good spending time with him, its wrong happiness, I m getting attracted to him, why.Its morning, Shlok thinks I know Astha wants to meet me, but there has to be some reason. He calls her and says about the Maharashtrian food festival and new dish will be introduced. She says I can’t come, sorry, there are marriage preparations going on. He asks whose marriage. She says mine, when I got married earlier, it was court marriage, so my husband wants to me to get married by all rituals on our 10th anniversary, I don’t remember anything, as I met with an accident, maybe fate does not wish me to remember my past. She ends the call.

Indrajeet shows the wedding card to Astha and says its nice. She says yes. He says you said yes casually, I told you have to get involved, this is our marriage card, you should be excited just the way I m. She says I feel its happening wrong. He says I asked you before doing this, I cancelled this and you said yes, so I made plan again, she should be excited for marriage, else all this is meaningless. She says I m sorry, I know you are upset, I m unable to explain myself. He says he wants to relive the marriage moments again, and this will make their relations strong, kids are also excited.She says I promise I will try to feel this moments. He thinks he knows how to make her realize this, and after marriage even if she gets her memory, she can’t leave him. Sojal talks to Varad and asks about Niranjan. Shlok comes sad. She asks why does he look sad. He says he did not see Astha today. She says its fine, meet tomorrow. He says he feels strange if he does not meet her. She says yes, think tomorrow how to meet her. Astha rests to sleep. Shlok thinks to message her and stops. She sees the wedding card and turns it upside down.

She says what should I do, why is my heart not permitting me for this marriage, Indrajeet is not wrong, he is my husband, why am I not happy, why can’t I feel anything for him. Astha messaging Shlok, asking him what he is doing? Shlok smiles and replies to her that he is doing nothing. Astha sends message that there is nothing to say. Shlok thinks her dilemma and confusion will end soon. Astha thinks Indrajeet is right, she has to find happiness in small things and decides to go for shopping. She informs Kamla/Apsara that she is going and leaves. Apsara thinks where she is going in a hurry and informs Shlok over phone. Astha waits for auto, but she didn’t get any auto. One auto driver tells about the auto strike today. Astha thinks to call driver. Shlok comes there on his bike. Astha says you are here? Shlok says yes, today is auto strike. He offers her lift. Astha agrees and sits on his bike. She stops herself from keeping her hand on his shoulder. Shlok says you might be thinking how did I come here? I was not following you. He says we will eat kulfi and then I will drop you. Astha says ok, else you will tempt me just like that. They leave.

Indrajeet tells Apsara to ask Barka to do the marriage shopping. Apsara informs him that she went for shopping. Astha and Shlok stop at the kulfi stall to have kulfi. Astha says lets see who eats more kulfis. She eats many kulfis than Shlok, and asks for her prize. Shlok says okay and asks what does she want? Astha says not now, later. Shlok pays the money and then drives off with Astha. They stop on the way and buy baloons for orphan kids. Astha says she will pay, but Shlok pays for it. Indrajeet calls her and asks where are you? Astha says I am…..just then her phone gets switched off. She says she have to go home fast. Shlok says I will drop you. They drives off. Indrajeet gets worried for Barkha and thinks where she has been. Apsara smiles and thinks it seems his heart is going to burn today.Shlok drops Astha home. Astha’s saree pallu gets stuck and he helps her take it out. Indrajeet looks at them through the window and fumes Astha asks him to come in. Shlok says some other time. He leaves. Astha comes inside the house. Indrajeet asks where were you? Your phone was switched off. Astha says my phone’s battery was low and it switched off. I went for shopping. Shlok dropped me here as there was an auto strike. Indrajeet thinks he has to do something as they are meeting daily now. I have to keep her away from Shlok, else she won’t come close to me.

Sojal prays that Astha remembers everything soon. Shlok comes and says today he spent time with Astha. Sojal says did she remember anything. Shlok says nothing, but she is happy with me. Sojal prays for her memory gain and goes to make tea.Indrajeet thinks he has to wait patiently for some more time. Once he gets married, then Astha will become his Barkha for forever. She can’t free herself from the marriage relation. He says Astha will never be yours and I will make you realize this.Rekha brings tea for Shlok and asks did you think about your next step. Shlok says he thought about it, just then Indrajeet comes and knocks on the door. Shlok and everyone get up. Shlok asks why did you come here? Indrajeet says he is going to marry Astha. He says she is now my Barkha, so I thought to personally invite you for the grand wedding. He invites them all. Sojal asks him to remember that bad things happen with bad people. Indrajeet says these lines are always told by the losers. He says do whatever you wants, but nothing will happen. He advices Shlok to go and take care of his business. He keeps his wedding card in Shlok’s hand. Shlok says you are having a big misunderstanding and it will be cleared soon. He says we will come and asks him to get lost. Indrajeet leaves.

The designer shows the dresses to Astha. Astha is silent and sad. The designer asks what happened. Astha says she didn’t know and asks her to show more dresses. The designer asks her to come to shop. Shlok calls Kalindi and apologizes for hurting Astha in the past. Kalindi says her wounds will not be healed. She says you never loved her. I will never forgive you. Shlok says I really loved her, that’s why I got my Astha. I didn’t bring you there, as she lost her memory. Kalindi asks where is she? Shlok says she is staying with Indrajeet Sarkar.

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