Strange Love Update Monday 26 July 2021

Strange Love 26 July 2021: The Episode starts with the women telling Sojal that if they win the bet, she will have to ask Niranjan to give ashram land back. Sojal says no, I won’t talk. They say but we can’t talk, why did you challenge us. Sojal asks Anjali to stop them. The man calls Niranjan and tells about the bet with Sojal. Niranjan is shocked. He says what nonsense, and thinks they will not win as their hands shake because of their old age, if they lose, I can kick them out of the house. Niranjan says even I m trying to get the land back, if you feel you want to bet, fine bet on it, play carom. The man gets happy and says congrats Sojal, Niranjan agreed for the bet. Anjali and Astha are shocked.

They go to practice for carom. Sojal asks Anjali do you think they can win? The oldies play carom. Matron says how ill you win now. Astha comes and asks why did you bet, I can’t do anything. They ask her to help them, and they will win the match as she will play from their side, she should think how to do this. They practice and Astha looks on. She comes in her room. Shlok comes home and says Kaka called me for the carom match. Astha thinks that’s why she is worried, as if he plays, Agnihotri family can’t lose, I know Baba, he has something on his mind. Shlok asks why is she worried. She says lets go.

Shlok sits to play carom with Sojal from Agnihotri’s side. Sojal says think again. The man says time will show who will win. Sojal thinks they all will get their mouth shut today. Everyone looks on as Sojal plays very well. Shlok also plays well. Astha and Anjali look at each other. The old uncle and aunty does nit play well and their hands also shake. Asths starts cheating and keeps the coins back. Anjali sees her doing this. Niranjan comes there and sees Sojal and Shlok playing well. Sojal says I said you accept the defeat. Astha thinks she has to come and play now, else they will lose. She goes from there to change her get up.

Astha comes there dressed as an old man with grey wig and a moustache. She replaces the old man and sits to play. Sojal says this is cheating. Shlok says let it be, will they win. Astha starts playing and plays very well. Anjali smiles. Niranjan fumes. Everyone claps for Astha. Astha tells Shlok that he has not colored his hair white just like this, I heard you won your Rani, show me by winning this Rani. Astha hits the queen and then the black coin. They win the game and everyone is happy. Niranjan gets angry. Astha dances so much that her wig falls and her hair is out. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Astha gets tensed. Sojal says Astha, you are Agnihotri’s bahu and taking their side.

Sojal says you show us you love us and you are going against the family. Kaka says you know Sojal, Astha always does such mischief. Astha says I thought they are having problems here, so helping them. Anjali scolds Astha and says you should be ashamed, think about us, not these people. Shlok gets angry and holds Astha’s hand. Varad asks Shlok to be calm. Shlok says you don’t get in this and takes Astha with her. Niranjan thinks good Shlok, you proved today you are my blood, you know when you tighten the grip, now I will see Astha.Shlok scolds Astha and says you did a big mistake today, where it comes to Baba’s respect, don’t do anything that makes me angry, you insulted my Baba, what do you want. She says I m sorry, I did not wish to hurt him, I was supporting them. He says those people are insulting Baba. She says it was just a game. He says no, it wasn’t, it was about Baba’s respect. She says even I know shouting, Baba has taken away there Ashram land. Shlok says how dare you and holds her.

She says Baba is making all this happen, I wanted to tell you, but you can’t hear a word against him, Niranjan is after all this. She says Anjali does this only as Niranjan make her do this, open your eyes, she can’t tell anything for herself, she is not bad, Baba is bad. Astha says I saw his real personality, not you. Shlok is about to slap her but stops. Anjali sees this and is shocked.Astha telling Shlok that Niranjan is double faced and she saw his real face. Shlok raises his hand on her and controls himself. Anjali looks on and is shocked along with Astha. Astha and Anjali cry. Anjali thinks Astha should not do this mistake, Shlok will not hear against Niranjan, don’t risk your relation for me. Sojal comes to Varad and sees him tensed. She asks what happened. Varad says Shlok overreact a lot, Astha did normal thing, he should not be annoyed. Sojal says Astha is this house’s bahu and she should support us. She says your fav Astha can’t do anything wrong, so its my mistake right.

He says just forgive me, I did big mistake to share things with you, but thanks, you proved me right, you are right, Astha is wrong, only you are here always.Sojal says thank God, you accepted your mistake. He is stunned at her foolishness to not understand taunt and leaves. Sojal says its good he understood who is good and bad. Astha is upset in her room. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhaade tu………………plays…………….. She thinks of Shlok’s angry words and cries seeing his pic. Jyoti comes to her. Astha asks why did you come, you should have called me. Jyoti says relax, sit. Why did you get in this matter, what did you talk to Shlok, I heard you, what truth, tell me. Astha says Taai……. Kaka comes and says nothing like this, sometimes she acts kiddish. He signs Astha not to tell anything to Jyoti.

Kaka says they both were angry and that’s why they took the fight high. Jyoti says I don’t know what you think, but this family is family once because of Niranjan, else Anjali………… He is our everything, who thinks about our happiness, Shlok loves him a lot, if you tell anything against Niranjan, he will not bear it, now you go and patch up. Kaka thinks Jyoti is already facing lots of problems, so I can’t see her shattered after knowing Niranjan’s truth. Astha says come I will leave you till your room. Kaka says no, I will leave Jyoti and leaves with her.

Sojal calls Jaya and tells that Shlok scolded Astha and she cried. She tells everything what happened. Varad comes to Shlok and brings coffee. Shlok says its not my mood to have this now. Varad says I know you are feeling bad for scolding Astha, let me tell you, she is kiddish, what she did was also kiddish, she is attached to ashram people, let her explain once. Shlok says no, fine I know, but when it comes about Baba, I can’t tolerate it. Varad says ok, your relation is going through weak point, its your responsibility ti take care of Astha, her upbringing is difficult, she is trying to all rules but its tough. Varad says if she said this, its fine, she is good at heart, if you explain her, she will understand, think what she is feeling now.

Varad says solve this matter, go and talk to her. Shlok says no, first she has to apologize to Baba. Varad says this stubborn nature makes relations weak, go and talk to her now, please. Shlok leaves. Varad sees their marriage pic and says I won’t let any misunderstanding come in between you. Niranjan thinks Astha, how dare she tell Shlok about my truth, my son does not want to hear anything against me, but if she keeps saying, Shlok can get into her words, if I don’t stop Astha today, Shlok will stand against me. I can go to any extent to do this. I have to prove myself right and erase the doubt in Shlok’s mind.

The oldies decide to leave form Agnihotri house, as they are posing a problem for Astha and Anjali. Astha talks to herself and says I did not know Shlok will be so angry that she was about to slap me. Anjali comes and asks her not to risk her relation for her, I saw what happened between you and Shlok, I m Shlok’s mum and can’t see this, nothing will be fine, you have all life ahead, don’t play with your happiness. I have spent my life, but I don’t want you to face what I faced, now I m worried about you and Shlok, I feel happy seeing you and Shlok happy. She asks Astha to swear on her that she will not tell Shlok about Niranjan’s truth, he is my husband and no one can change this truth.

She keeps Astha’s hand on her head. Astha cries and says no taking off her hand. She says I m sorry, I can’t give you what you want, how can I not think about you, I regarded you mum by heart, I get hurt when you feel hurt. Anjali says your happiness is my happiness, please agree to me, my and Shlok’s distance was increased so much that it would lessen now, it was the happinest moments of my life when Shlok loved me a lot, and Niranjan could not see this, he filled his heart against me and told him that I m the reason of everything wrong in the house, its not Shlok’s mistake, he was small and Niranjan manipulated him.

Astha says the power is truth is it comes out one day, Shlok has to change, I should not have told him Niranjan’s truth, if Niranjan started this game, I will tell his truth by his ways and expose him, Shlok will understand who is right and who is wrong. I won’t do this mistake again, I promise, I will unite you with Shlok, he will love you like he did in childhood. Anjali smiles. Astha says nothing will happen, as I know what to do now. Shlok thinks about Astha’s words and is upset. Astha cries in her room thinking about Shlok’s words. Ve Saiyyan………………plays……………..Astha thinks what did Shlok do today, he might be regretting, but the day you know Niranjan’s truth, you will regret more, I should have not told you, I did not mean to hurt you.

Shlok thinks I know Astha can’t hurt me, but why does she say such things that hurt me. Astha thinks Shlok and I are not wrong, Niranjan’s thinking is wrong, you are his strength Shlok, you are an ideal son and seeing what he is showing, I have to take first step to bring Shlok back, I won’t become small if I say sorry, I have to end this fight, if Shlok stays upset, I will be sad too. She comes to Shlok and sees him upset. She holds his hand and he looks at her. She asks why are you sitting here, come to our room. Shlok gets up and leaves.

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