Strange Love Update Monday 12 April 2021

Strange Love 12 April 2021: starts with Astha hugging Kalindi and crying. Kalindi is worried and asks her what happened. Atul also asks Astha. Astha says nothing, I m tired. She says tomorrow is my last day, I have troubled you people a lot, after the event tomorrow, my work will be over and I will not make you worry. Atul and Kalindi does not understand and he says I think we should talk to Astha. Shlok is sitting as a groom in a sherwani and marrying Astha. This is Astha’s dream. She wakes up and sees the time. She says I m late again. She sees the saree Shlok gifted her. Shlok is getting ready and Niranjan comes and tells him Sojal’s relatives are coming in the function, if you say yes, then we can proceed.

Shlok says whatever you want will happen. Niranjan thanks him and says I don’t have any complains, our house will get happiness. He blesses Shlok and leaves.
The function starts and Niranjan and Anjali are welcoming the guests. Shlok looks around for Astha. Everyone congratulate Niranjan and ask him about the last event and how he lost the land. Niranjan looks at Atul and Kalindi. He says its time to celebrate new happiness. Niranjan welcomes Atul and Kalindi. Anjali welcomes Tanya and her family and taunts Kalindi and Atul. She introduces Tanya to Kalindi and says we have chosen her for Shlok. Astha enters in the saree which Shlok gifted her. Shlok sees her and smiles. Khuda…. plays….. Astha turns and enters the hall. Shlok stares at Astha and music plays…..

Astha looks at Shlok and is calm. Shlok comes to her and says you are looking beautiful. Astha says I wore this saree being helpless. He says Astha, I… Astha says I m only your employee so you don’t need to care for me, you mum is calling you to introduce you to someone special. Shlok says I want to talk to you. Astha leaves. Astha is angry on Shlok. Atul calls Astha and asks her to come to him. He asks her is everything fine. Astha says yes. Kalindi says this is the same saree, right. Astha says I will finish my work then will talk. Tanya’s family asks Shlok how is the work going on. Anjali asks Astha how are the arrangement,s these are our special guests and no one is attending them, go and make some arrangements. Astha leaves. Anjali says let Tanya and Shlok talk. Astha looks at Shlok and Tanya and gets angry. Tanya coughs and Shlok asks what happened holding her hand. Astha is watching them. Shlok sees Astha watching them and makes her jealous by treating Tanya well.

Astha is jealous. Mangesh asks Astha for some work and sends her. Astha goes to Shlok and asks him saying Sir… Shlok does not listen to her and talks to Tanya. Astha says Shlok Sir… Tanya says I think she wants to talk to you. Shlok asks what. Astha says Mangesh is asking should we start the dinner or wait. Shlok goes after Astha and stops her. He says you don’t want to talk to me, and if I do anything, then you cry. He says you don’t want to look at me but want me to look at you… Astha does not look at him. They get super closer and he says why don’t you tell me whats in your heart. She says you are going to be someone else’s, what will you do knowing my feelings. Shlok says your eyes tell everything. He says why does your eyes always find me, and why do you get angry seeing me with someone else, why don’t you say that you love me… Astha says I will not tell what you want to hear, as I will get hurt. He says you told me without saying anything. Astha pushes him and leaves.

Anjali says its good that we won’t see Astha again after this event, and you far from her Shlok. Anjali asks Shlok to start a good future with Tanya. Shlok says enough, don’t say anything. Anjali says I worry seeing you with Astha, that you may do any mistake. Shlok gets angry. Shlok announces and everyone looks at him. Shlok praises his dad and says Shlok tells Niranjan that as I have promised you that I will marry, Tanya smiles. He says its time that I disclose it to everyone. Niranjan and Anjali looks on. Astha and his family also looks on. He says I will tell today whom I will marry. Tanya and her family is happy. Shlok looks at Astha and says she is right here with us. Astha says her parents lets leave now. Shlok goes after her and stops her.

Atul and Kalindi look at Shlok. Shlok takes Astha to the stage and everyone are shocked. Niranjan and Anjali are stunned seeing them together. Everyone looks at them. Shlok brings Astha on the stage and says she is the one, your to be bahu, Astha Kirloskar. Everyone are shocked. Astha is tensed and looks at her parents. Niranjan and Anjali are angry and everyone claps for the couple. Tanya and her family gets angry and leaves from the function. everyone clapping for Shlok and Astha. Niranjan and Anjali are shocked. Niranjan asks the guests to have food so that he can have a talk with Shlok. Niranjan stops Anjali and they look angrily at Shlok. Everyone congratulate Shlok and Astha. Atul says whatever happened is wrong. He says your son has ruined our respect so easily, as I have told you Astha does not want to marry him, then why did he do this.

Anjali taunts him and says this is happening because of your daughter. She dreams big and is after Shlok. Atul and Kalindi get angry. Niranjan says its their mistake, both of them are guilty. Anjali says Astha is responsible for all this. She speaks against Astha. Kalindi argues with her and says we have full faith in our daughter, its your son’s mistake.She says he did not ask us and announced. Anjali asks Kalindi to shut up as she might be very happy as Astha is getting married to Shlok. Kalindi taunts her back and says we can’t think this. Niranjan says we also got insulted, so why should we argue. He says we have to unite and find the solution. Anjali says Astha’s parents should have explained Astha before all this.

Anjali scolds Atul and Kalindi and says they don’t have right to speak up. Shlok comes there with Astha. Everyone looks at them angrily. Kalindi says Astha was doing her work so we did not stop her, we trust her completely. Kalindi says Astha said no to Shlok earlier. Kalindi takes Astha with her. Atul leaves. Niranjan scolds Shlok and asks him why did he do this. Shlok says I agreed to you, did what you wanted. Niranjan says who asked you to announce it infront of everyone. Shlok says I always said yes to whatever you asked me. Shlok takes his blessings. Kalindi brings Astha to Ajju and tells Ajju about what Shlok did and how they got insulted.

Atul says Shlok did wrong and Astha can’t be happy in that house. He says I hope everyone forgets what happened today. Ajju asks them to think about Astha. Kalindi asks Astha did you not feel whats in Shlok’s mind about you. She asks Astha but Astha is silent. Shlok comes to their house and everyone are shocked to see them. Shlok comes with Niranjan and Anjali. Atul is surprised seeing them. Sojal tells her husband that her family got insulted because of Shlok. She says my mum will be sad knowing all this. He says everyone has a right to think about their life. She says Astha won’t be happy in this house as Anjali won’t accept her as she dislikes her. She says Shlok chose a smart girl. He stops her and says Shlok did this so he might have thought of something.

He says let me work now. Niranjan says sorry to Atul and says today Anjali misbehaved with you and she is sorry too. Atul says you came to our house, you are welcome, but I request you to end this talk here, we got insulted and it would be better what happened today and whoever told us anything. Astha looks at Shlok. Niranjan says even I have a daughter and can understand what you are going through. Atul says if so, then leave us alone, as I respect you but what Shlok did, no father can accept that. Atul says he has insulted us, but don’t hurt our self esteem. Niranjan says you are misunderstanding, I came here to make a relation, not break. Atul does not understand. Niranjan gets angry but controls his anger and says our happiness is in our kids.

Kalindi says Astha has said no to this proposal. Niranjan says I know but ask Astha again, things change with time. Shlok looks at Astha. Atul says fine and asks Astha to speak up and give them an answer. Astha sees Shlok and Shlok says before Astha says anything, I want to talk to Astha alone. He says then no one would have any complain with me and my family. He promises. Klaindi signs no to Atul.

Shlok sees them. Atul agrees and signs yes. Astha and Shlok are alone together. He says what you wanted to listen, I told that. He says now that I have told, why are you quiet. He holds her and she slaps him. Shlok smiles and says only one slap, you can beat how many you want and can shout also, but you have to tell me whats in your heart.

Astha beats him and asks him why did he do this. He says why did you not tell me in private that you love me. She cries beating him. She hugs him. Shlok smiles. Saiyyan Ve…. plays….. They have an eyelock and says why did you do it. He says I want you lifelong as you need me, you are incomplete without me. He wipes her tears and looks at her. He says your eyes, your face and your every breath call only me. Astha looks at him. He says I m your existence. The song plays….. He hugs her.
Kalindi calls her and asks her to tell them what she wants. Niranjan asks her whats in her heart. Kalindi says tell everyone no for this proposal. Astha says I…. Atul says we will be happy in whatever you decide, tell us. Astha is shocked.

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