Strange Love Update Friday 14 May 2021


Strange Love 14 May 2021: Avdhoot telling Astha that it will happen what she wants, as nothing is important to them than her happiness. She looks at him and cries. He says tell me. Astha leaves. Avdhoot stops Kalindi and says you know what Astha is going through, Astha should not think about divorce but about her being independent. Ajju says think about Astha, how can she break her relation with Shlok. Kalindi says I don’t want that to happen with her which happened with me, I m thinking about her happiness, we should end this relation. Ajju says try to understand her heart, find out what she wants.

Kalindi says its good for her that this relation ends, she won’t get anything in this relation, I have decided and no one can change my decision, not even Astha. Avdhoot and Ajju get worried. Astha is shown working on her laptop. Avdhoot smiles seeing her and brings her fav ginger tea for her. She says I got two interview calls. Kalindi says all the best. They are happy with Astha. Sojal sees jyoti and wonders why she is here. jyoti comes to Shlok and asks about Astha. She says whats all this. Shlok asks is everything fine. She says bring Astha back. Shlok says tell me how are you. She says I told you to promise me that whatever happens, you will keep her happy and you promised me, come with me, lets go and bring her. She says Astha loves you a lot, I know that, and even you love her, I can see that in your eyes, do this for me and dad. I will come with you, I will see how she refuses to come with you. She insists. Sojal hears this and thinks of informing Abhay.

Abhay smiles getting Sojal’s call and asks is there any good news. Sojal says jyoti is here with Shlok. Abhay says don’t worry, I will do something. jyoti takes Shlok with her and Shlok says I won’t go to Astha. jyoti says fine, I will meet her outside and even you will come with me. Abhay comes there. jyoti is worried seeing Abhay and says you here. Abhay says I was going to office, I thought to meet Shlok. He says I wanted some advice from Shlok. He asks jyoti is there any tension. Shlok says no, I called her here. Abhay says shall I drop her home. Shlok says I will drop her. Abhay says no, I will drop her myself and go to office. Sojal sees this. Abhay hurts jyoti holding her hand tight and takes her with him.
jyoti looks at Shlok and leaves. Shlok says I know jyoti, you want Astha to come back, she will come. Astha is giving an interview and she is asked about Agnihotri’s event. Someone sees her and recognizes her as Astha Agnihotri. They give her the job and discuss that she is Shlok’s wife. The man calls someone. Abhay brings jyoti home and scolds her. jyoti cries. Abhay says stay hungry now, then you will know.

jyoti says don’t do this, I m unwell. Abhay says I told you not to make me angry, if you try to unite Astha and Shlok, then no one can save you. He locks her and leaves. jyoti says please open the door, I m your wife, have some pity on me. Abhay says Astha and Shlok, I have closed every way of your unity, I will never make you get united, as its profitable for me. The people serve Astha snacks and speaks sweetly with her. They give her much respect as she is Niranjan’s bahu. Astha says from when should I join. They say its your company, your wish, you can join as an event manager. Astha says now I will leave, thanks. They ask her to join their office whenever she wants. Shlok comes there in anger and says Astha…………..
The man says I did not know you would come here by my one phone call. Astha says I m sorry, I can’t do this job. She leaves. Shlok goes after her and says what did you think, this would have insulted my dad, that Shlok’s wife works in any other company. Astha argues with her and taunts him. Shlok says I won’t let you get any job. She says I will find a job, I don’t care what people say. He says fine, I will see how you get the job, your name is linked to my family, come home, else I know how to end your drama. She says you have hurt my feelings and you told you hate me, then tell me why should I come with you.

She takes an auto and comes home. Kalindi tells her about the divorce papers made ready for her. Astha is shocked to see the lawyer. Astha looks at Avdhoot. Kalindi asks Astha to sign the papers. She says don’t think, this is right for you. Astha cries and thinks about her marriage with Shlok in the mandir. She thinks about how Shlok shattered her dreams and gets angry. She signs the divorce papers. Everyone looks on. The lawyer says we will send a notice to Shlok and ask him to sign the divorce papers, give me his number. Kalindi says fine. Shlok is in his room. The lawyer calls him and says Astha wants divorce from you, you will get the notice in some days, sign it and we can do the proceedings. Shlok says fine, if she wants this, its fine. The lawyer tells everyone that Shlok is ready for the divorce. Astha is shocked. Ve Saiyyan……………….. plays………………. Kalindi says thank God, he did not create any trouble for us, now everything will be fine. The lawyer says I will start the procedure and leaves.

Khwab vo pyara…………… aisa hai tuta…………… naino se aansu………….. banke hai chuta…………….. plays………………… Astha walks slowly towards her room. Ajju, Kalindi and Avdhoot looks at her. She wipes her tears and still cries. Kalindi thinks she knows what she is doing is right for Astha.Astha crying thinking about the divorce with Shlok. O saiyyan ve………….. plays………… She tries to divert her mind but couldn’t. Ajju comes to her and Astha says I m fine, don’t worry, this relation had to break one day, this is good, Shlok has broken my dreams and my heart, he has cheated me, I m not crying, see I m fine. Ajju hugs her. Astha tries to smile. Ajju cries with her. Astha says the relation was over, it needed only a sign on paper, I will not cry for him.


Shlok is on the way to Astha’s house and is in very much angry. He says she did not think once before asking for divorce about my dad’s insult. I will end this today, I will have to show her real place to her. He reaches her house and steps in shouting Astha. He holds her hand and says come on. Kalindi and Ajju stop Shlok but he does not listen. Kalindi says she won’t go anywhere, you can’t take her like this, else. Shlok says what else, what will you do, beat me if you wish but I will die but won’t leave her hand. He says I don’t want to force her but Astha does not understand love, I will take my wife back and I don’t think this is wrong. Kalindi says leave her hand. Shlok looks at her angrily. Kalindi says see what I can do. Shlok says you are a strange mum who wants to keep your daughter here after the marriage. He says I m taking her. Astha says I will die but not come with you, leave my hand. Shlok lifts her and takes her with him despite Kalindi’s warnings. He shouts on Kalindi and Ajju and takes Astha. He says stop right there and leaves locking the door from outside. He puts Astha in the car and she says leave my hand Shlok. he starts the car not listening to her. Kalindi and Ajju come infront of the car and asks him to leave Astha.

Shlok races the car while looking at them. Kalindi and Ajju does not move. Astha is worried for them asking Shlok not to drive. Shlok drives and they move. Shlok and Astha leave. Kalindi goes after them. Astha says Shlok leave my hand, stop the car, are you not ashamed to force a girl, you should have thought about your dad before doing this. Shlok holds her hand tightly. She says stop the car, I m afraid, it will be an accident, please stop the car. Shlok drives much faster to scare her. Sojal is cooking in the kitchen and tastes the dish she made. Anjali comes there and calls out Sojal. She says everyone are worried and you are making Sheera here. jaya comes there and asks for Sheera. She sees Anjali and says don’t scold Sojal, I asked her to make it, its not her mistake, I took an oath that till Astha comes home, I will have only Sheera. Anjali scolds Sojal. jaya says you are partial towards Sojal and taunts Anjali.
Anjali asks Sojal to give away the Sheera to the beggars. She leaves. jaya eats the Sheera and says it will be fin if Astha does not come back. Sojal says Shlok will bring her back at any cost. Shlok brings Astha home. Astha says I don’t want to live her, leave my hand. Anjali looks at Shlok and Astha. Kalindi comes with the police. Everyone are shocked to see the police. Kalindi makes Shlok leave Astha’s hand and tells the inspector to arrest Shlok as he has kidnapped Astha by force. The inspector says come with us. Shlok says do you know who I m. The inspector says you are charged of domestic violence, explain whatever you want in the court.

Anjali says you can’t arrest my son, whats wrong if he brings his wife back home, if Niranjan knows this, it will be a problem for you. The inspector says we have his arrest warrant and we will arrest him, we have to take action on him. They arrest Shlok. Astha looks on. Shlok turns to look at Astha and tries to talk to the inspector. Shlok says Astha is my legal wife and we had and argument, thats all. Shlok apologizes to Astha and says I m sorry, I did not know you will call the police, tell them its nothing what they are thinking.
He holds Astha’s hand and says you know what will happen if you deny. Astha says else what, tell me what you will do. Shlok handcuffs her too and says we will go together wherever we go. Kalindi and everyone are shocked. Astha says what did you do seeing him throw the keys. He says I married you, so we have to be together, even I m angry, so the police should punish both of us. Kalindi asks the inspector to do anything. Shlok says why don’t you tell them we did not had a fight.

He says when our fight is over, then we will be free. The inspector says we can’t do anything, we can free them only in the station. Shlok and Astha go with the police. Kalindi goes with Astha. Anjali stops Kalindi and says you did not do this right, you did not think about Astha, we saved Avdhoot from jail and this is what you rewarded us. Anjali says I hate your face and your name. Kalindi says you should hate your son and taunts Anjali. Kalindi gets angry and leaves. Anjali looks on worried.

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