Strange Love Update Saturday 20 November 2021

Strange Love 20 November 2021: The Episode starts with Mala thinking about the neighbor’s taunts and getting sad. Ajju asks her not to worry about their taunts. Mala says she is sad for them, they always supported her and she could not do anything. Kalindi says don’t care about them, I felt bad as they told about you, but we gave them a good reply. Mala asks them to be always same. Indrajeet is on call and Astha asks him to sign the papers sent by clients, office boy is standing and she has to send back. Indrajeet signs on the papers and she worries that he should not see the locker permission papers. Shlok is after Ahilya and sees her going to her room. He keeps an eye on her, while Astha is taking Indrajeet’s signs.

Shlok asks Shontu to take water and go, he knows to do his work. He sees Ahilya keeping the keys and does not see the exact place. He thinks to find it. Indrajeet asks for water. Astha gets tensed and goes to get water. She gives the water and messages Shlok. Indrajeet asks how many pages more and gets angry. Astha wishes Shlok sees where Ahilya kept keys. Shlok brings the coffee and signs Astha. The kids come and ask Indrajeet to take them out and insist. Astha makes the talk more dense to make Indrajeet busy and sign the last papers.She gets a call and says yes, its done, I m bringing the papers, I know its urgent. The kids make Indrajeet take them and he asks them to be silent. He signs the papers and throws the pen. He says he will take them, they should not disturb when he was doing work. Astha checks the signs and says Mr. Indrajeet Sarkar, you signed the papers of your ruining.

Anjali talks to pandit to arrange the Udhyapan puja and tells Kavita that she is doing this for her happiness, like the curtains of temple were moved. Kavita goes. Ahilya says world is still beautiful and you have full right to leave it, you are still in his memories whom you should have forgot, and recalls the taunts. She says she will break Niranjan.Mala tells everyone that Ankush did not come till now and did not even call. Ankush comes home drunk and asks Mala not to be annoyed, its not his mistake, his friends insisted. He apologizes to Mala. Avdhoot asks Kalindi not to talk to Ankush, he will talk in morning. He says he will drop him to his room. Mala says I will take him. Ankush says good night to everyone and goes. Ahilya gives money to pandit as his dakshina and thanks him. Kavita thanks Ahilya for keeping the puja. Ahilya says it did not complete till now and asks her to invite her friend she meets in temple, for giving the Prasad. Kavita says fine.

Ahilya says you like talking to her, she is your friends, you should call her and its good to distribute Prasad, do you have her number. Kavita says yes, but she does not wish to talk to everyone after what happened in temple.Ahilya says she took stand for you, she is very nice. Anjali prays to Bappa for Kavya’s result and tells Niranjan that she will go temple to pray. He says he has imp meeting and asks her to pray. She does his tilak and wishes all the best. He says he is lucky to have a wife like her, the bad time will go soon and promises he will give her much happiness, even Shlok said he will get our everything back and then it will be just happiness. She cries and hugs him, asking him to forget the old things as she did, her happiness is by him and family, she just wants his support and he has always given her more than she expected, don’t think about past and I m with you. She asks him to go for meeting. He looks at her and she smiles, sending him off. He looks at her again, and leaves smiling.

Kavya runs and Sojal asks her to stop. She says she will take Kavya’s result and come. They leave. Anjali prays for her family’s peace. Ahilya calls Anjali and makes Kavita talk. Kavita talks to her well and invites her home, if he is free today. She says she did udhyapan puja and Anjali says she will come, and asks for her address. Kavita is about to say and Ahilya gets tensed. She says don’t trouble her, take her address and we will send car. Kavita says yes and asks her address, as mum is saying she will send car. Anjali says she is so good and gives her address. Kavita says she will send car. Anjali says she will tell Sojal that she is going to meet Kavita, and can’t connect. Ahilya smiles Avdhoot coming to Ankush. Ankush wakes up and apologizes to him, saying he will not drink and come home. Avdhoot says he did not come to give lecture and get friendly with him.

He says he is married and can do anything, but think about Mala once, she depends on you, and you promised her that you will understand her unspoken words, we are with you, if you do any job, as you have to take your family ahead. He says when you go to have wine next time, take me along. Ankush smiles. Avdhoot says he is saying as a friend, and asks him to sleep more if he wants, and leaves for office.Astha tells Shlok to get keys and they have to go bank to get POA, she can’t wait for one week. He says we will get it till today evening. Ahilya asks Shontu to make sweets for Kavita’s friend. Kavita says she will manage. Ahilya hugs her, and thinks she will get her rights back today. Kavita asks is she fine. Ahilya says yes, I will feel good seeing you happy, I will see what Shontu is making, go and rest. Kavita says I m fine here, don’t worry so much.

Niranjan comes and asks for Anjali. Sojal says she is not at home and tells Kavya got first. Niranjan says congrats. Kavya asks him for a cycle. He says fine, let Anjali come, then we will get cycle and sweets. Astha and Shlok go to Ahilya’s room and he says I did not see where exactly she kept, and they try to find it. Astha says Ahilya keeps keys under mattress and checks. She gets it and gives to Shlok.Rashmi sees Ballu coming out and thinks what did he steal. She thinks she should tell this to Poornima. Anjali thinks the way is to her colony, Kavita stays here and she did not meet her before. Poornima talks to her friend and says she could not tell Ballu about her feelings, and Indrajeet is not understanding her feelings, and is against her. Rashmi comes and complains about Ballu. Poornima scolds her. Rashmi asks what happened to her, as she used to hate Ballu, she has seen him herself. She asks her to call Ballu and ask. Poornima says I trust him, I will ask later. Rashmi insists.

Astha and Shlok leave in the auto and Anjali comes there. Anjali asks driver where did she bring her. He says this is Kavita madam’s home. She is stunned seeing her home and sees Ahilya Nivas. She does not understand and asks driver is he sure. He says yes. Shontu asks Ahilya who is this special guest. Ahilya says see when she comes, go and work. Kavita sees many dishes and sweets and asks why all this. Ahilya says your special friend is coming for first time. Kavita says this was not needed. Ahilya says you won’t understand, call and ask her when will she come. Anjali calls her and asks her address.Kavita says yes, I stay in Ahilya Nivas. Ahilya says I will send Shontu and asks him to welcome Anjali. Ahilya thinks I will welcome you as never before. Anjali thinks who is Kavita. Shlok and Astha come to check locker and say Indrajeet has sent them. The manager checks the papers and says he will talk to Indrajeet once, no one can open the locker. Poornima calls her and asks did he go in Ahilya’s room. He says yes, and asks her to talk to manager saying he came to the office and they are not allowing her. Poornima says she is Indrajeet’s sister and Indrajeet has sent Ballu. The man says sorry, it was my duty and sends Shlok inside.

Anjali thinks how is Kavita linked to Indrajeet, what to do, if anyone sees her then, are they planning against her, she will get answers from Kavita, Shlok and Astha are there. Shontu asks her to come. Shlok and Astha get the POA and are glad. He says Indrajeet signed on transfer papers, now we will get our office and home back, he can’t do anything now. She says so, lets go. He says come. She says she has mannat that they will do Siddhivinayak. He says fine, first lets go. Anjali sees Kavita and stands at the door. She recalls her family and gets inside. Ahilya welcomes her and thinks now her revenge will start.

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