Staying true update Wednesday 7 June 2023

Staying true 7 June 2023: Chanda gets tensed when Paragi doesn’t pick call and thinks why she is not picking phone, what will she reply to Hemant if seeks money for his daughter’s education.

She messages Paragi. Kinker gets worried for Chanda and tells Shiva they should inform Chanda about insurance scam. Shiva scolds him and says Chanda will be fine if she diets. Paragi waits for Sanjay and notices him sleeping in Abhay’s room. She drapes blanket over him and thinks she knows that he didn’t want to argue with her and hence slept here, she will find a solution for this soon. Sanjay wakes up calling Paragi and notices himself in Abhay’s room.

Next day, Ashi prepares lunch. Baby taunts that Akshay is coming for lunch and hence Ashi prepared dishes which they don’t even

know of. Ashi hopes Paragi doesn’t create any problem again. Sushma assures her. Paragi feels disheartened hear Ashi. Vinod keeps his hand on Paragi’s head and asks her not to worry when she is on a right path. She thanks him for trusting her. Vinod says Sanjy doesn’t like Ashi being bullied for her disability, so he is worried for her since childhood. Paragi says she can understand Sanjay’s concern for his sister. Vinod asks him to investigate the case thoroughly and inform him if she needs help.

Paragi reaches office and seeing Chanda’s call gets tensed that she couldn’t call her back. She walks to Batra. Batra ignores her and walks away asking Mishraji to find out who is tipping Prem Narayan. Paragi fumes that everyone is ignoring her. On the other side, Akshay denies to visit Ashi’s house for lunch. Prem says if he wants to lessen the impact which his girlfriend made yesterday, he has to visit Ashi’s house. Akshay says he will handle Ashi somehow, but how will he handle Paragi. Paragi meets Batra and says she is loyal to her job and isn’t the one who is tipping Prem. Batra transfers her to a nearby village to supervise midday meal program. Paragi is shocked and says he cannot do that. He says she has follow his orders.

After lunch, Akshay praises Ashi’s culinary skills. Ashi says she also prepared sweets. Paragi enters with sweets and with a heavy heart informs Sushma that her wish is fulfilled and now she is being transferred to a nearby village to monitor midday meals program. She congratulates Ashi for her wedding in advance. Sharmaji tells Batra that Paragi is a honest officer who faced so many hurdles in life since childhood and became an IAS officer. Batra says Paragi’s problem is not her troubled childhood, but being a married woman. Paragi walks down with her bag and tells family that they can perform Ashi’s wedding without any hurdles now. Vinod wishes her all the best in her new assignment. Ashi looks at Sanjay hoping he will drop her, but Sanjay sits silently. She leaves sadly.

Next day, Suhma with Baby makes Mahashivratri pooja arrangements. Pramod informs that Prem has invited them to his factory for Mahashivratri celebrations. Sushma says Akshay and Ashi will sit in pooja as Shiv and Parvati. Sanjay walks down and says even its his and Paragi’s first Mahashivratri festival. Sushma blames Paragi that Sanjay cannot celebrate the festival without her.

Sanjay says he needs to support Paragi as she is busy in her job, but worries for the growing differences between them. Paragi disguised as a Muslim lady wearing burqa joins Prem Narayan’s factory. Akshay calls Prem and informs that Paragi is transferred. Prem says their biggest hurdle is cleared, its a good news. Roohi tells Paragi that they entered factory with fake ID, what will they do now. Paragi feels disgusted hearing Akshay and Prem’s degrading comments on Ashi and thinks she will attack them like a tigress. Prem looks at her while talking on phone.

Paragi and Roomi visit Prem Narayan’s office disguised as Muslim employees wearing burqa. Manager orders them to finish stitching shirts by evening. Roomi says he doesn’t know to stitch. Paragi asks her to act and goes to listen Akshay and Prem’s conversation. Prem asks Akshay to make sure Ashi’s attention is on him during pooja. Akshay says he will manage that, but if the ladies don’t finish work on time, he has to use the special employees to complete the assignment.

Prem says not now, they will overuse special employees day and late later. Paragi slips and falls. Akshay rushes to help Paragi. Paragi gets tensed seeing him coming. Roomi rushes to her and draping veil over her tells Akshay that they don’t show their face to strangers.

Akshay asks Paragi to be careful as they don’t cover employees’ medical expenses. They agree and once Akshay leaves, Paragi notices book rack and moves it aside to find secret locked door and thinks kids must be somewhere around and she needs to stay back after work to find out.

Mishraji informs Batra that Paragi didn’t join her new assignment yet and took 2 days’ leave. Batra says Paragi and her problem will not end. Mishraji calls Paragi and finding her phone switched off calls landline and asks Sanjay to give phone to Pararagi. Sanjay says she already left and calls Paragi, but finds her phone not reachable.

At the factory, Prem dismisses employees for the day. Paragi and Roomi hide in a cloth bundle. Prem then orders watchmen to give food to the boys and make sure they don’t escape. Narayan notices movement in cloth bundle and tries to check. Watchman stops him and says there must be a rat inside. Prem asks him to call pest control team after pooja tomorrow. Once he leaves, watchmen open the secret door and give food to kids. Paragi and Roomi are stunned to see kids. Watchmen notice them and run behind to catch them. Paragi’s phone falls into water while running. She picks it, picks a carton box and runs away with Roomi. Watchmen noticing box missing think thieves barged in and search for thieves.

Akshay meets Sanjay at a market and asks why he was nervous regarding Paragi’s transfer. Sanjay says everything is fine. Akshay says why don’t youngsters meet outside after pooja and sort out things. Sanjay says he cannot promise but will try. Akshay asks if Paragi’s responsibilities in her new job increased. Sanjay says Paragi didn’t speak to her after leaving and he is worried for her, but he will manage anyways . Akshay gets a call and acts shocked. Paragi still hiding in factory sees her phone off and feels frustrated that she couldn’t record the evidence and says Prem and his are monsters who are torturing small kids. Roomi asks her to end the eveil after Mahashivratri pooja.

Next day, Sanjay and his family visit Prem’s factory for pooja. Paragi gets emotional seeing Akshay and imagines performing pooja with him. Akshay and Ashi perform pooja. Prem asks Ashi to show aarti to everyone and Akshay to serve prasad. Akshay changes prasad bowls, gives one to Paragi. A burning camphor from aarti thali falls down. Sanjay notices a burqa clad woman/Paragi walking towards it and sets it off with his bare hands. Paragi and Roomi then determined to rescue child laborers beat watmen till they fall unconscious, open the secret door, and assure children that they came to rescue them. They get tensed hearing someone coming.

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