Staying true update Monday 5 June 2023

Staying true 5 June 2023: Sanjay asks Paragi if she didn’t know about Akshay and Prem’s factory raid. Paragi tells Prem that she really didn’t know about the raid and if it has happened, its really good. Prem asks what does she mean.

Paragi says he knows raids and inspection are a routine in business and his factory comes in an enquiry list. Prem says that doesn’t mean there was something wrong going there. Paragi says its not, he will get a clean chit and need not worry. Sushma tongue lashes her that she is misbehaving with an old family friend and would samdhi. Paragi says she is just telling truth and if she felt bad even then, she is really sorry. Sanjay apologizes Prem on Paragi’s behalf and says Paragi was not present during the time of raid what is her mistake if her boss raided informed.

Vinod tells Prem that children are grown up now and Sanjay is right that he shouldn’t worry if his he is running his business in an ethical way. Prem threatens that their future relationship will be affected when their bahu is disrespecting them now itself. Paragi says raid is a professional issue and marriage is a personal issue and are completely different. Sushma tongue lashes Paragi and apologizes Prem not to cancel Ashi and Akshay’s alliance followed by Vinod. Prem says Akshay likes Ashi a lot and he would be affected more if the alliance is broken and it depends on Paragi’s departmental report whether this alliance will continue or not.

Paragi says every time she is blamed even after doing nothing. Sanjay says its not here mistake that Batra raided Prem’s factory uninformed, they should think of Ashi. He says its good that Prem is a respectable man and runs his business ethically. Paragi shows him ice cream sticks she found in Prem’s factory during her inspection. He says why didn’t she inform him, he knows her job demands her to keep many secrets, but its connected with Ashi’s life now and the raid is not random but a well-planned raid; she must have got the answer for her suspicion when nothing was found during raid. Paragi says maybe they got a prior information and cleared evidence before raid. Sanjay says he knows Prem and Akshay well and they are really good people, she should trust him than her theory. She says let the report come.

He says its a question of Ashi’s marriage. She asks what if Ashi is married in a wrong house, her life will be ruined. Sushma calls her angrily, and she rushes down.
Batra returns to office thinking something is really wrong at Prem’s factory and is a seasoned player who is playing game really well since years. Mishraji suggests to use Paragi to get Prem’s secrets. Batra scolds him that they are IAS officers and not private detectives to ask Paragi to spike Prem’s drinks and extract information from him, he will make sure Prem is punished for his acts.

Chandana questions her shop’s staff Hemant if he got his daughter admitted in a college. Hemant says his daughter passed 12th from a government school and he doesn’t have money to pay for her college fees. Chandana says she always underestimated Paragi and wants to fund his daughter’s education to lessen her guilt. She assures him that she will call insurance agent and make sure she gets some policy money to fund his daughter’s education. She then calls insurance agent whose phone is not reachable. Shiva hears her conversation and thinks she will not find insurance agent again.

Sushma orders Paragi to apologize Prem with folded hands. Paragi apologizes Prem as a Pathak family bahu and says she feels proud of her duty though and hopes their family relationships are not tarnished because of that. Prem walks away angrily saying he will never forget this day and his insult. Sanjay requests Akshay not to cancel alliance. Akshay says he need not worry as his and Ashi’s relationship of heart and he will calm down Prem, they can continue the wedding arrangements. Pramod tongue lashes Paragi. Sushma says she has a solution for this and tells Paragi that she is both Ashi’s bhabhi and IAS officer, so as an IAS officer, she cannot attend Ashi’s wedding functions. Paragi pleads not to do that and force her to choose between her work and family; she asks why a girl is always forced to choose between her work and family.

Sushma says its a question of her daughter’s happiness and her order is final. Sanjay thinks he doesn’t know what to do, but its a question of Ashi’s happiness. Paragi says if she thinks so, she will respect her order. Pramod smirks.Paragi gets excited seeing Sanjay checking Ashi’s wedding card samples. Sanjay rejects one. Paragi asks why did he reject such a good car and then apologizes for interfering in Ashi’s wedding arrangements. She messages Batra that she needs to talk to him tomorrow regarding A1 Clothing Factory. Next morning, Paragi goes on jogging, gets angry seeing used water bottles near dustbin, and throws bottles in dustbin. She then is shocked to see Akshay with a girl.

Akshay hugs a girl named Sweety and says he felt really nice spending the night with her. Sweety asks when will he introduce her to his parents as she is dreaming of marrying him. Shew says for a few more days, his parents are introducing him to girls and he is rejecting them all to prove that only Sweety can keep her happy. Sweety asks him to speed up the rejection process and leaves hugging him. Paragi clicks their pics. She gets a call just then. Akshay turns hearing phone ring. Paragi hides. Akshay leaves in his car. Paragi gets Mishraji’s call and says she will reach on time; thinks she needs to get girl’s information.

An insurance agent visits Chandana and asks if she has any query. Chandana says last time agent Dutta visited her and took policy documents. He says there is no one named Dutta in his branch. She asks when will she get policy money. He checks her policy details and says the company settled her insurance claim and transfered all the money in Chanda Parashar’s account and money is already debited also. Chandana says she is Chanda Parashar and didn’t receive money in her account. He shows her account details. Chanda panics and asks where did the money go. Agent says she is being frauded. Chandana says she had kept that money for her children and someone stole it.

Paragi searches the girl, finds her, and thinks she canont question her directly as Akshay would have lied to her. She follows girl and hides when girl senses someone following her. Girl leaves in her friend’s bike. Paragi thinks how will she find the girl, her doubt was right that Akshay doesn’t love Ashi and is marrying her to use her as a shield. She returns home and finding it decorated so soon questions Sanjay. Sushma taunts her that she didn’t get a good bahu, but got a good damad/SIL who convinced his parents for engagement with Ashi and its in the afternoon. She pleads her to let Ashi’s wedding complete peacefully. She gets engagement clothes from her friend’s boutique and excitedly shows each family memeber’s dress to Sanjay except Ashi’s. Sanjay hopes Paragi understands.

Paragi says of course. He leaves. She thinks just like Sanjay and Sushma are worried for Ashi’s future, even she is and wants her to keep away from Akshay. She prays Sainathji and thinks if she stays away from engagement, she can find proof against Akshay.Chandana a panic attack after she finds out that her insurance money is stolen. Shiva and Kinker walk to her and ask if she is fine. Chandana says she will inform only to her daughter Paragi. Shiva gets tensed that Paragi will not spare them if she finds out about their fraud. Kinker says he is not worried and will defame Paragi. Paragi visits office and meets Batra. Mishraji says they need to go. Batra asks Paragi to enjoy her family functions. Paragi thinks he doesn’t recognize her dedication at all. She checks Sweety’s pic, finds out that she works in Sweety Beauty Parlor, and thinks she has 4 hours to find out Sweety’s truth.

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