Staying true update Tuesday 20 June 2023

Staying true 20 June 2023: Pramod fixes Sanjay’s alliance and reminds girl’s father about dowry. Girl’s father asks him not to worry about money and hopes his daughter’s past doesn’t haunt her. Pramod says kids make mistake, he just has to make sure to credit money in his bank account and not discuss about it with anyone. Paragi meets Batra and says she will unofficially expose the scandal truth soon. Batra hopes she doesn’t disappoint him and asks if she remembers what happened during investigation when they both were inebriated. She recalls calling him Khatra sir and says she cannot remember anything. He asks her to solve the case soon or else he will become Khatra sir, he remembers everything. She says sorry and walks away. Batra smiles.

Vinod notices Sushma making food arrangements and asks if someone is coming. Sushma says they didn’t inform him anything as he would hinder their plan. He asks what does she mean. She says girl’s family is coming to see Sanjay. Vinod shocked says she knows Sanjay and Paragi love each other and its wrong. Sushma says Sanjay is suffering since Paragi came in his life and asks Vinod not to interfere. Vinod says he will not even come there and says for him Paragi is Sanjay’s wife and walks away.

Paragi visits Chanda. Chanda shows Atul and Shiva’s lavish shopping and says she fears they may take a wrong path for money. Paragi thinks maa’s doubt is right as she saw Atul and Sanjay meeting someone suspiciously. Chanda asks her to speak to Sanjay and clear her differences and gives her example that she wasted her time fighting with her husband, says Paragi shouldn’t make such mistake. Vinod enters and says Samdhanji is right. Paragi touches his feet and asks if he is fine. He says a how can father be fine whose daughter left home sadly. He asks her to explain Sanjay and not let him fall in Sushma and Baby’s trap. Paragi says she cannot explain Sanjay anymore and says she is tired of proving herself repeatedly to everyone, now their lawyers will speak, and walks away saying she needs to meet Sanjay regarding divorce. Vinod leaves sadly. Paragi thinks she has to hide truth until she catches the culprits.

Paragi the meets Sanjay and informs about Mayank’s involvement in the scandal and Atul Shiva meeting Pramod and Baby last night. He says she is right as Baby reached home after him. Paragi feels sad that their family members are greedy for money and says they need to catch them red handed. Sanjay explains his plan. Paragi says his plan is good, but if it fails, he will be married to someone. He says he doesn’t want to marry. She continues taunting him. Their cute nok jhok starts. Atul passes by and notices Paragi speaking to someone. She walks to her and asks whom she is speaking to. Sanjay hides under the table. Paragi says Rumi just left. He asks her to pack samosas for Shiva and bends down when his ice cream falls down. Sanjay gets tensed. Paragi covers Sanjay and Atul away.

Back home, Paragi gives samosas to Shiva and acting as getting a phone call rushes to her room. Shiva gets suspicious. Atul says she was talking to someone in market and lied that she was talking to Rumi. Shiva keeps her ear at Paragi’s room door and hears her conversation. Paragi loudly says school’s CCTV footage is found and now the culprit who mixed drug in tea will be caught. Shiva gets tensed hearing that. Paragi walks out of room and smirks looking at her via lateral gaze.

Paragi leaves house. Shiva with Atul follows her. Paragi calls someone and asks where is he. Atul asks Shiva if she is sure she heard about CCTV footage. Shiva says yes. Sai thinks where Sanjay must be, if their plan failed. Sanjay massages Ashi’s feet when she falls down. Paragi asks if he was going out. Sanjay says to meet Paragi, then says to meet a lawyer and discuss about his and Paragi’s divorce. Baby says he should go then. Ashi asks him to think well before taking any wrong step. Sanjay says he did and leaves home.

Sanjay wearing a hooded jacket wears Paragi and gives her fake envelope. Shiva and Atul are shocked to see that and think who that person is. A bike’s headlight falls on them and when the bike leaves, they find Paragi and her aide missing. Paragi and Sanjay hide and hopes their plan works well. They start a romantic chat.
Baby gets a call and informs Sushma that girl’s family is coming tomorrow as girl fell ill due to food poisoning. Sushma informs that she is worried after Paragi’s betrayal, so she hired a private investigator to find details about the girl. Baby gets tensed hearing that.

Paragi and Sanjay enjoy tea walking on road and reach near Sanjay’s bike. Sanjay gets romantic again and holds her. Pramod passes by jogging there and stops when he gets a call. Paragi and Sanjay hide seeing him. Pramod notices Sanjay’s bike and calls him. Sanjay walks to him and asks what is he doing here. Pramod says Baby told he went to meet a lawyer, but lawyer’s office is on the other side. Sanjay says he wasn’t feeling well, so he came here to have tea. Pramod notices 2 tea cups. Paragi gets tensed. Sanjay says tea vendor knows him and Paragi and brought 2 cups. Pramod asks him to stop looking at his back and move ahead and goes to throw away cups. Paragi signals Sanjay to hide the envelope. He drops envelope down and drives away with Pramod. Paragi picks envelope.

Shiva and Atul wait for Mayank. Mayank walks to them singing Dabang song and asks why did they cal him in urgency. Shiva informs that Paragi found school’s CCTV footage. Mayank gets tensed and says he messed up with 2 IAS officers and may lose his job. Chanda returns home and seeing Mayank asks when did he come. He touches her feet and says he came just now. She asks if he was talking about losing his job. Mayank says he was talking about his friend’s job. Shiva asks Chanda to control her daughter as she went out at this time. Paragi returns home holding envelope and says soon everything will be clear. She goes to her room. Shiva plans to steal the envelope.

Sushma insists Vinod to meet girl’s parents. Vinod denies and says she should tell them that boy’s father is dead. Sanjay with Pramod walks in. Baby shows girl’s pic and asks him to meet her once. Vinod asks Sanjay to reject this alliance. Sanjay denies. Sushma asks Vinod not to ruin Sanjay’s happiness for Paragi. Vinod walks away.

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